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Bates, Daniel

Submitted by Tamara Kincaide

DANIEL BATES commanded the Warrick Legion. The Legion consisted of eight companies of men who defended Newburgh against attack by the confederates.
It was in his home formally owned by ABNER & MATHEW LUCE that Daniel and his men learned of the famous raid by ADAM JOHNSON'S guerillas in JULY 1862. It's reported that some sympathizers to the south tipped JOHNSON that there was an arsenal of weapons stored at the EXCHANGE.

It caused turmoil in the town and the men rounded up the three suspected sympathizers and hung them. One of these bodies was later taken down and brought to the home of DANIEL BATES by wagon and left overnight as a lesson to other southern sympathizers.
This house was also used as a convalescent home to wounded soldiers during the civil war. MR BATES arrived in Warrick County in 1815 from Rhode Island. He purchased land and then returned to Rhode Island for his wife FRANCES who was born in Massachusetts and three daughters.

Upon his return to the county he built a log cabin and cleared his land and cultivated a large farm. The effort was hindered when high water and storms devastated his crops. During this period his first son was born STEPHEN in 1820 who sadly died at age 4. One daughter who made the trip to Warrick from Rhode Island SALLIE also perished.

Daniel and many family members are buried in Bates Hill Cemetery.
DANIEL F BATES November 17 1790 to Aug 30 1870
FRANCES BATES March 5 1790 to July 23 1868
SARAH BATES August 4 1812 to July 5 1822 Sallie
STEPHEN S BATES July 8 1820 to September 9 1823
DANIEL F BATES Jr died December 25 1876 aged 50 yrs 11 mths 12 days
MARY BATES April 13 1827 to August 8 1860 wife of DF Jr
MARY ANN BATES TAYLOR June 29 1814 to January 21 1863 wife of Hubbard and dau to DF & FRANCES BATES
AMANDA BATES HORTON June 11 1816 to January 26 1889 wife of James and dau of DF & FRANCES BATES.



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