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Gerrick-Ditney Cemetery

Submitted by  Samantha Miley

Location: On New Harmony road between Trautvetter and Zoar roads. I did not put this cemetery in alphabetical order since there were so many broken stones and stones with just first names. 

Images provided by Tamara Kincaide.

From I-164 exit 15, go east on New Harmony Road. Turn left on Zoar Church Road. Turn left on Boonville New Harmony Road, a gravel road that becomes Gander Road. Go past the saw mill activity. Turn right and go up a hill on a short dead end road. Park in the turn around and walk a few feet up the hill. If you get to Saint John's Road, you went too far. Latitude 38.1118 Longitude -87.4514 Thanks, George Macke for the directions!

Photos: Cemetery Overview 1, Entry, Stones

Heart Stone - no names

The first 5 are not readable at all

Wright, Lettie E.  May 25,1885 - Jul 2,1885

Bell, Dora d/o W & S.E. Grim dates can't be read

Christensen, Gail L. Jan 8,1948 - Oct17,1997, Live Honestly & Do Well

Phelps, Julia A. w/o F. Phelps Feb 9,1817 - Jun 22,1893
76 yrs 4 mo 13 days

Phelps, ??? Aug 19,1813 - Sep 20,1869, 56 yrs 1 mo 1 day

Phelps, Robert Mar 4,1894, Son

Phelps, Benoni Apr 17,1850 - Sep1,1907 Father, shares stone with Martha A.

Phelps, Martha A. Aug 21,1854 - Nov16,1914 Mother

Not Readable

Wright, George W. Lee  ?? 14, 1851

Footstone I.W.

Phelps, Nancy w/o William Phelps Jul 1,1785 -  Mar 23,18??

Wood, Isaac Can't read dates

Moore, Mae 1877 - 1935 Daughter of Thomas L., shares stone with Thos. L.

Moore, Thomas L. 1843 - 1929 Father, CO. F 91st Reg IND VOL INFT

Moore, Thomas Jun 16,1812 - Apr 16,1852

Moore, Hannah w/o Thomas, unreadable

Moore, Hannah Marie w/o T.M. Moore, Jan 1, 1850-Feb 12, 1885

Not readable
" "

Bristow, Larkin Jun 10,1802 - Sep 25,1877




Wood, Joseph 1871 - 1897

Wood, Jacob CO. F. 91st IND. INF

Wood, Anna Dec 21,1846 -  Oct 24,1922

Wood, Sarah 1879-1938

Bethell, Mary d/o FM & M Bethell Can't read dates

Bethell, Henry B. Sep 8,1886 - Sep 20,1886 s/o FM & M Bethell

Bethell, Dillie J. w/o Francis M. Bethell Feb 17,1860 - Jun 4,1880

Bethell, Edmund W. Infant s/o Francis & Dillie Bethell Can't read dates

Brown, Flemin K. Jan 25,1852 - Nov 2,1878


Phelps, Mary A. Dec21,1850 - Jun 23,1930, shares stone with Wilson L.

Phelps, Wilson L. Mar 12,1846 - Jan 8,1914



Stubbs, Parthenia Mar 27,1833 - Sep22,1909

Stubbs, Miles Mar 22,1822 - Mar 17,1874


Kolle, Lillie w/o Henry Kolle Aug 26,1869 - Mar 17,1899


Phelps Really big headstone but old and cant be read


Florence Alice Aug 8,1881 Born & Died

Woodward, Elenora Nov 29,1877 --  Feb 12,1878


Youngblood, Squire Willis died Apr 1, 1861, 3 mo 24 days, son of Willis and Nancy Youngblood.



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