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Day Cemetery at Fisher Farms...

This is a partial listing of this cemetery submitted by Marsha Bryant. If you have anything additional you would like to add or better yet the full cemetery listing, please let Marsha know.

Bates, Nancy A.   d. Jan 23, 1913, 47 yrs 1 mo 3 days

Day, Benjamin F.   1845-1908

Day, Druzilla H Smith    1814-1876

Day, Oliver S.   1838-1912

Day, Mary Jo   1848-1900

Day, Thomas    1798-1860

Hartley, Johanna Baldwin Day   1831-1912

Hartley, Robert   1832-1907

Hartley, Virgil M.    1864-1866, also listed in Davis- Youngblood Cemetery

Watkins, Hester A Hartley    1856-1927

Housman, Winnie M Hartley   1874-1939

Robertson, Gilbert D.   1836-Mar 8, 1871, age 35 yrs, husband of S. J.

Robertson, Willie D.   d. Jan 9, 1871, 1 yr, 4 mo., Son of Gilbert & S. J. Robertson

Roby, Alice Louise Hartley    1869-1913

Youngblood, Martha Ellen Hartley   1858-1948



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