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Garrison Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Highway 161 Skelton Township Tennyson, Indiana.

It is not the same cemetery as Garrison Chapel Cemetery, which is located about 5 miles North of Tennyson and past this cemetery on Highway 161 Pigeon Township.

If you have any names you would like to add, please send them to me. You can view a partial listing with names and tombstone pictures at Susie Rose's site: Garrison Cemetery. Images by Don Dyer unless otherwise noted.

Bruce, Matilda Jan 26, 1842 - Aug 7, 1870, wife of G. D. Bruce

Byers, James A. Oct 9, 1841 - Apr 7, 1910, shares stone with Nellie

Byers, Nellie Aug 14, 1843 - NC

Edwards, Catherine Jarvis 1813- 1888, wife of William

Edwards, Nancy Jane Jan 25, 1789 - Mar 20, 1864, born in Ireland

Edwards, Joshua Jul 10, 1779 SC - Jul 11, 1862

Edwards, William 1810 - 23 Oct 1882, husband of Catherine

Simpson, Benjamin T. H. Jun 7, 1826 - May 8, 1888, shares stone with Polly (Mary Ann) and J. W.

Simpson, George W. 1857-1929

Simpson, J. W. Apr 2, 1832 - Sep 8, 1883, shares stone with BTH and Polly

Simpson, James Apr 27, 1821-Aug 19, 1885

Simpson, Louisa Jane Nov 14, 1837-Apr 3, 1875, wife of J. M., dau of W. G. Edwards

Simpson, Polly Aug 18, 1830 - Dec 15, 1910, (Mary Edwards Simpson)



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