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1894 Newspapers

Boonville Enquirer & the Boonville Standard News

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April 20, 1894
Bert Rice and Della Johnson were married at Shiloh Church Sunday night, by Rev. Jas. Hart.

John Stambush, who died near Lynnville, was buried here Sunday. Funeral preached by Rev. Houpt, Lynnville circuit.

Tennyson-Son born to Mr. James Byres, Jr.

John J. Stambush died April 13, 1894, after an illness of 43 days. Not quite 42 years. Leaves a wife, and 6 children. Buried at Wilson graveyard in Owen township by I.O.O.F. Service by Rev. J. W. Houpt, and Jas. Ferguson.

There are 499 ex-soldiers, and 114 widows of ex-soldiers in the poor house of Indiana.

Mrs. George Small died last Friday at her home, 3 miles Southeast of Boonville. Buried on Sunday.

Dr. T. M. Howard, Secretary of the County Board of Health, repors that since January 1, 1894 there were 82 births, 31 deaths, 51 marriages.

Charles Bracher, age 36, fell dead in his wagon last Saturday on his farm 6 miles Southeast of Boonville. Funeral Monday.

Miss Eunice McCool, youngest daughter of the late Elizabeth McCool, of Boonville, died Friday April 13 at the home of her sister Mrs. Robert H. Kirman, in Neponset, Illinois, aged 20 years, 9 months and 19 days. Funeral Sunday by Rev. Adams of Neponset.

Jesse Jones, son of Charles Jones, a prominent farmer, in Luce township, Spencer County, is under sentence of death in Paris, Arkansas, charged with murder of 2 men for whom he worked. The evidence is purely circumstantial. It is claimed he killed the men, then burned the house. The young man, belongs to one of the best families in Spencer County. He attended the Normal School here last summer and always bore a good reputation.

Marriage - Mr. Frank H. Hatfield, and Miss Herritt Leas, took place Bloomington, Indiana at the College Avenue, M.E. Church Wednesday. Mr. Hatfield is son of S. B. Hatfield, Attorney of this place.

Real Estate Transfers:
H. Gossar to P. Hamby, Lane Twp., 10a - $130.00
P. Bruce to L. Robinson, Pigeon Twp., - $200.00
Lydia Downs to Harriet Fisher, Boonville - $600.00
G. Cherry to A. Goad, Boon Twp., 65a - $3,000.00

Marriage Licenses:
James Langford to Emma Rice
Burton Rice to Adella Johnson
Lyman Alexander to Mary Frederick
Mark Houghland to Anna Geyer

George Jackson, a nephew of Mrs. T. M. Howard, died yesterday at Louisville, of consumption, 19 years.

George DeBruler who shot and killed George Campbell, in a saloon at Otwell about 4 months ago, was acquitted by the jury, as an act of self-defense.

Friday, April 27, 1894

The remains of Zachary Johnson, of Center City, Kentucky, were brought here and buried at the Johnson Cemetery, on Saturday, April 14th.

State News - Grave Robbers have been at work near Rockport.

Marriage Licenses:
Andrew J. Garrison to Minnie Hall
John T. Gardner to Rachel Donaldson
Thomas Dimmett to Emma Skelton

At Mt. Vernon, Indiana last week, lightening struck a house on the farm of E. M. Spencer, instantly killing James Jennifer, (colored) and severely shocking George Kirk.

Body snatchers stole the body of James Lowery, from Rockport cemetery last week. Lowery was a colored man, and had been buried a short time.

Notice of Adm. App't. of estate of Catherine Boos, deceased. Constantine heim, Adm'r - Hatfield & Hemenway, Attorneys.

Friday, May 4, 1894

Folsomville - A daughter born April 24th to Jackson and Kittie Gammon.

Mrs. Sarah Leslie, wife of Elijah Leslie died April 26th, of consumption.

Elberfeld - Wednesday, April 25th, at residence of Jno Burke, 4 miles west of Haubstadt, Miss Alice Burk, and Dr. Sylvester Gwaltney, marriage was solomnized by Rev. Cockrum, of Boonville. Daughter of Jno Burk. They will reside at this place.

Dickeyville - Infant child of J. Hodges, died Sunday, and was buried Monday, at the Gentry graveyard.

A 10 lb. son born to W. E. Phillips.

Mrs. Jospeh Schoenfeld, died Sunday, April 22, at Rockport, of an overdose of morphine, accidentally taken.

Local Items - Only 1 marriage license issued: John G. Quiatt to Liddie Baker.

Funeral sermon of late James Hinman, who died several weeks ago, will be preached at Wesley Chapel, on Sunday May 20th, by Rev. Cockrum, and Rev. Houpt. Deceased was aged 93 years.

The M.E. church, at Center, West of Boonville, was crowded Thursday April 26th, at funeral of little Pearl, daughter of Ovland and Emma Tweedy, age 8 years, the only remaining child of Rev. Raaf.

Death of John B. Hudspeth, formerly of Boonville, died of Bright's Disease, Friday, April 27th, at his home in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, aged 70 years. He was born 1824 in Boonville, moved to Evansville 1864, then to Mt. Vernon in 1885. Married May 6, 1854 to Miss Mary D. Denny, of Bloomington, who survives him. This union, 3 children, still living, Mrs. F. M. Barbour, & Miss Birdie, Mr. Eugene Huspeth, the only son, in Louisiana.

Mrs. Margaret Westfall, celebrated her 82nd birthday, at her home in Boonville. 40 friends and relatives attended.

Friday, May 11, 1894

Canal Items - Remains of Mrs. Carrie Kirsch, of near Boonville, were taken through this place Monday and were buried in the Freudenberger Church yard. A daughter of Jacob Arend, Sr., deceased.

Selvin - a 7-1/2 pound boy, born to Thomas C. Haville.

Bullock - John Q. Hopper, and J. A. Bullock, have purchased a saw mill.

John A. Bullock, lost a valuable mule last Saturday.

Dickeyville - Sorry to hear of the death of J. C. Reed. Several people from here, attended the funeral on Monday.

Next Sunday, there will be a basket dinner, and the funeral of old Moses West, at Shiloh Church.

Folsomville - Jno C. Reed, of your place, died here May 5th, was interred at Reed Cemetery, Southwest of Folsomville, on the farm he was born.

Neighborhood News - John Null, of Somerville, died last week of consumption, aged 25 years. Funeral next day.

Local Items- Infant son of John Kelly, died Monday, and was buried Tuesday, at Maple Grove Cemetery.

Mrs. Carolina Kirsch, south of town, died Saturday, May 5th of consumption, aged 21 years. Interred Monday at Wagener cemetery, west of Canal.

Mr. William Powell, a farmer living South of town, has been granted $1,650.00 in back pension money, and $24.00 per month in the future. He was a good Union soldier, and was badly crippled in battle in the late war.

Death of John C. Reed, ex sheriff of Warrick County, died last Saturday afternoon, of congestion of bowels. He was taken ill at Folsomville, Saturday, April 27th, aged 47 years. Born on a farm near Folsomville. A Union Soldier, a member of G.A.R. and I.O.O.F. Leaves a wife, grown son Robert, and 2 married daughters. Funeral Monday at Reed graveyard, Northeast of Boonville, on farm where born.

Marriage Licenses:
Eugene Dixon to Rhoda Robinson
Lewis Ashley to Mary Reed
William Hussey to Lucretia McWilliams

Real Estate Transfers:
H. Hudson to J. Derr, Boonville - $100.00

Friday, May 18, 1894

Folsomville - Flora West, age about 12 years, daughter of Elijah West, died of consumption Sunday. This is the 2nd daughter, together with their mother, that has died of consumption.

Henry Leslie, son of Peter Leslie, died May 11th of consumption.

Folsomville - After a courtship of 11 years, Mr. M. F. Walker, a bachelor, and Abbie Gentry, were married May 7th by T. E. Reed.

Dickeyville - Married Sunday by Rev. James Hart, Mr. Frank Gentry to Mrs. Elvira Beckwith.

Degonia - Mr. Andy Sartory, formerly of this place, now of Evansville, was married Wednesday at Evansville. On Sunday, he brought his bride to meet his father.

Yankeetown - Ed Buickle, died Monday, May 14th at his home, North of town. Funeral preached by Rev. Bowman of Tennyson. Buried in Frisbie burying ground.

Alpha Buickle, who attends State Normal was called home Saturday on account of the illness of his brother.

Lynnville - 2 births, 2 deaths and 2 marriages last Thursday. Mrs. E. T. Carnahan gave birth to twin girls, but both only lived a short time. William Hussey, Esquire, and Miss Jane McWilliams were married at residence of Mrs. Nancy Hussey's, by Rev. G. H. McKinney. Roe Burris, was also married to Miss Lena Mitchell of Spurgeon.

Neighborhood News - William Gray, who served 4 years in Union Army, a member of 25th Ind., died on the 4th of May, in Spencer County poor house, after a long illness of consumption.

William Artman, who recently killed his wife and children, near Tell City, made an attempt to break jail at Cannelton.

Local News - A daughter born May 10th to Mrs. William Taylor.

Mr. Perry Walker, was married last week in Evansville, to Miss Kate Schmidt.

Claude Hoover, well known here, died at Green Castle Monday, of an abcess, aged 19 years. Was interred at Union, Pike County. A nephew of Dr. P. N. Hoover, of this place.

Marriage Licenses:
Edward Rough to Marian Withers
Francis Gentry to Elvira Beckworth
William Burns to Florence Westfall

Real Estate Transfers:
L. Hopper to D. Duckworth - Owen Township, 20 Ac. - $300.00

Personal Notes - L. D. Padgett, Dr. Aust and J. L. Posey of Tennyson were on our streets last Saturday.

Friday, May 25, 1894

Folsomville - The funeral of Mrs. Martha (Folsom) Kelley, will be preached at Bethaba, June 3rd, it was put off, due to bad weather.

Bullock-Hopper & Bullock have moved their saw mill to farm of Charles Bullock.

Canal - William Willis, and Janie Jenkins, were married Sunday, by Rev. Raaf, at his residence in Chandler.

Marriage Licenses:
Roe Calvert to Seeley Batts
William Willis to Jane Jenkins
William Schumacher to Amelia Tyring

Mrs. Stewart, 4 miles North of Oakland City, was notified of a pension allowance, as a widow, and while preparing to go to Petersburg, for her check, died suddenly, May 10th.

Friday, June 1, 1894

Heilman - Richard Stevens, Dr. Brown, and others, of this place attended the funeral of Mr. Adams, of Gentryville, Sunday.

Degonia - Several from here, attended the funeral sermon, of the late P. P. Carlisle, last Sunday at Otter Creek Church.

Marriage License:
James H. Hart to Nancy E. Barton

Died - Charles B. Knowles, formerly of Millersburg, died in Clinton, Indiana, last week, buried in Evansville.

Died - Warren H. Garwood, died Wednesday, of consumption, at home of his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Garwood, on his 36th birthday. Remains buried yesterday at Maple Grove Cemetery.

Personal Notes - Honorable F. B. Posey, passed thru town Wednesday enroute to Lynnville, where he delivered the Memorial address.

Friday, June 8, 1894

Bullock, Hopper & Bullock have secured the contract to furnish the lumber for building of New Hope Church. Work will begin in the near future.

Degonia - Viola, 17 year old daughter of Isaac Royer, living at edge of Spencer County, died Friday, and will be brought here, for burial, Sunday.

Elberfeld - A little daughter of Robert Ahrens, of near Millersburgh died. The remains were interred in the cemetery of this place, Rev. John Mundorf, officiating.

Selvin - Mrs. George Frakes, died morning of June 1st.

Marriage Licenses:
Homer Robinson to Nancy Lewis (colored)
Louis Wolfolk to Alice Phillips (colored)

Gen. Veach and wife celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary Tuesday at Rockport. The Gen. is now 74 years old.

Court Notes - The Ben Norris murder, continued to September.

The Nick Gentry murder case set for June 14, the principal witness, Kate Gentry, who 'skipped' several months ago is still missing.

Elizabeth Atkinson, secured a divorce from her husband William, and maiden name of Fisher, restored - Drunkness.

Rhodes, vs Finis Boiling, Lane Township, divorce granted.

John, Vs Effie Riley, Hart Township, divorce granted.

State, vs William Hall, Owen Township, deserting wife; plea of guilty, fined $100.00 and sent to jail on default.

Friday, June 15, 1894

Bullock - Rev. James Hopper, of Lynnville, spent Sunday visiting his brother John Q. Hopper.

Canal - Uncle John Barnes, becoming tired of loneness, went to Evansville Thursday and rought home his sixth wife.

Selvin - John N. Morris, an old soldier of Co. E, 25th Regiment, Indiana, of Huntingburg, visited friends here Monday.

Heilman - Rev. Charles Stevens, a happy father of 4 pound daughter.

Scalesville - George Hopper is boarding at Levi Scales'. A missing watch, at Somerset, KY., tells the tale.

Local - J. L. Posey, Joel and Thomas Skelton, of Tennyson, were on our streets Saturday.

Jacob Nester, a hotel keeper at Troy, was found dead in a spring of water about 2 feet deep on his farm near Troy. Supposed he had a fainting spell and fell into the water, and was drowned. He was a Union Soldier and a brother of John Nester, of Rockport.

Ward Humphreys, was run over by a train at Princeton last week, and was killed. He was intoxicated and an old man.

Friday, June 22, 1894

Degonia - Mrs. Elizabeth Woolsey, wife of John Woolsey, died early last Thursday morning, after a severe illness of several weeks. She leaves a husband, and 4 children. Aged 40 years. A member of M.E. Church, of this place, where she was buried.

Selvin - A. B. and J. W. Wood, were called to Grandview Monday to attend the funeral of their sister, Mrs. Jackson Campbell, who died Sunday.

Stanley - Mrs. Harding, died Monday evening.

Scalesville - Thursday, June 14th, 5 babies were born: A son to Jeff McGown; a son to Mr. Wilder; a daughter to Mr. Herndon; Twin sons to Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Irvin. Mrs. Irvin has given birth to 17 children. These births all occurred on one peddling route.

Roy Cox and Mrs. Dell Chapman, were married Sunday. It was the 2nd for the groom and 3rd for the bride.

On the same day, Sunday, Sam Wallace, and Miss Nora Taylor were married.

Local - Rev. Ashcraft married last Sunday, Miss Carrie Neely, and Mr. Ed S. Rinker, of Princeton, at home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Aaron Wood.

Deaths - Thomas B. Richardson, died Monday morning of congestion of the stomach, at residence of his son in law, Clark Thomas. Aged 64 years. Funeral at Mt. Gilead Church, with Rev. Cockrum. Burial at Mt. Gilead Cemetery.

W. L. Summers, died of cancer of the stomach, Sunday at his farm home, 4 miles N. E. of Newburgh, aged 62 years. Buried Monday at Rose Hill Cemetery, in Newburgh.

Marriage Licenses:
Samuel Wallace to Nora Taylor
Samuel Cox to Cordeleia Chapman
Ed S. Rinker to Carrie Neely
Zachariah Sibrel to Hannah Simpson

Orange Blossoms - Mr. L. J. Miller, was married Sunday to Mrs. Annice Goad of Missouri. A daughter of Jacob McCool, at home near Opolis, Kansas. They are expected home here, this week.

There are 119 soldiers, buried in cemetery at Princeton.

Friday, June 29, 1894

Canal - Mrs. Clark, was buried in Phelps graveyard Sunday.

Rev. Isiah Hay, attended the funeral of Mrs. Harding, at McSwane graveyard Sunday.

Newburgh - Mrs. Si Angel, living a few miles below town, died Sunday and was interred at Oak Hill Cemetery.

Bullock - J. A. Bullock, and John Hopper, made a business trip to Evansville last week.

John Hopper, wife, and family spent Sunday with Jasper Husk.

Local - Wilson Rainey, an old soldier, died at Lynnville last week. While on his death bed he received notice that his pension had been increased to $50.00 per month.

Marriage Licenses:
M. E. Bullock to Ella Powell
Conrad Hemenway to Helena Westfall

Neighborhood News - Judge David Laird, of Rockport, is at point of death, and cannot survive.

William Hendricks, ex-coroner and 1st white child born in Posey county, died Thursday, aged 83 years. He was born in a house where the waterworks building, in Mt. Vernon now stands.

The remains of 883 persons lie in the cemetery at Paoli, a greater number than now living in corporate limits of town. The oldest grave is that of Zachariah Hopper, who died 78 years ago.

Friday, July 6, 1894

Selvin - Infant son of John N. Taylor, died July 1st.

Eby - Joel Cabbage and Miss Della West, were married Sunday.

Tennyson - An 8 lb. boy, born July 3rd to Harris Davis.

Lynnville - On Saturday last, Mrs. Minnie Ward had a child to die. She was visiting her father's family (Dr. Hunt's).

Andrew Warner adn James Julian, both had children to die, last week.

Local News - Infant child of John Felwisch died Tuesday.

Marriage Licenses:
Wiley Gunn to Amanda Hudson
William Moore to Ora Lamar
Joel Cabbage to Della West
Samuel Allen to Indiana Woods
Mack Estes to Ida McCamish
Charles Thompson to Flora Wood
Fred DeMoss to Savannah Fluhrer

Friday, July 13, 1894

Newburgh - Mrs. John Nelson died Sunday at her home in Evansville and was brought here for burial Tuesday. Services conducted by Rev. Gould.

Elberfeld - Cards are out announcing the marriage of A. W. Severitt to one of the belles of Mackey Station.

Twin sons, born to Fred Hebbler. Twin sons to Mr. Chetnam.

Heilman - Tena Lamar, is very ill, at this writing.

Folsomville - Infant children of John Leslie, and Silas Forston died last week.

Canal - The remains of Mrs. Mary Hitch were brought from Evansville and interred at Crossroads graveyard last Saturday.

Funeral of little son, of Hatman Leatherman, at Lutheran Church, last Saturday.

Chandler - Lee Armstrong, of near Stephenson, died June 30th and was buried Sunday, July 1st at Woods graveyard, Southwest of Chandler.

Died - July 4th, little child of Sherman Pancake, buried Woods graveyard, Southwest of town.

Died, July 4th, Mrs. Charles Dimmett, buried Woods graveyard.

Marriage License:
Coleman Maxey to Arzella Kinder

Mrs. Sarah M. Camp, ex-postmistress of Lynnville, died Thursday, July 5th of cancer of the stomach, aged 62 years.

Charles Wasmond, and Miss Lizzie Clark, of Evansville, drove here Tuesday, with intention of getting married, but clerk refused to issue a license, as lady had not resided in county for 30 days.

Friday, July 20, 1894

Tennyson - Married Sunday, by Squire I. W. Hunt, Mr. W. S. Ashley to Miss Sarah Hart.

Selvin - Bery Spradlin, who was several years in insane hospital, at Evansville, died July 12th, and brought to Selvin cemetery and buried.

J. B. Vandeveer, lost a fine horse last week.

John S. Norris, says picking blackberries pays him better than arguing politics.

Lynnville - Not long since Bryant McKinney, had a child to die, and last Friday, his brother Abe, also lost a child.

Heilman - Andrew Lamar, a 10 lb. daughter.

A daughter born July 15th to Mrs. George Harry.

Elmer Moore and Miss Ora Lamar were married Sunday.

Bullock - Mrs. Sarah Owens, of Evansville is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jasper Husk.

Last Saturday evening, while Coleman Hopper, and Miss Mary Bullock were returning from church, the horse got frightened and overturned the cart, luckily neither was serious hurt.

Folsomville - Mrs. Hattie V. Roberts, celebrated her 24th birthday, by presenting her husband, John W., with a 7-1/2 lb. daughter on July 12th.

Mrs. Della Lamar, gave birth to a 10-1/2 lb. daughter July 13th.

Born to Mrs. George Harry, a 8 lb. girl, on the 14th.

Died - Rosa Brown, daughter of Uncle Robert Brown, died Monday, buried Tuesday at 11 A.M. at Folsomville cemetery.

Yankeetown - Infant daughter of William Jeffers, died July 14th, was buried at Day burying ground 15th, by Rev. S. L. Purdue.

Local - Infant child of James Hemenway, Jr., died last Saturday.

Mr. George W. B. Mutchler and Miss Dollie Pease, were married Wednesday 6 P.M. at home of George Shelton, by Rev. M. C. Cockrum.

Mrs. M. Lillich, Sr., died last Saturday, at old homestead, in Boonville, aged 68 years. Funeral Sunday, conducted by Rev. L. Miller. Burial in Maple Grove cemetery.

Caleb Lindsey, aged 73 years, was run over by a train, at Tennyson, by the early morning freight train and killed.

Henry Koutz, living SW part of town, was killed instantly Wednesday, by a bolt of lightning. He was loading hay on the Williamson farm, about 5 miles NW of town. Aged 55 years, has a family, of a wife and children. Buried Maple Grove cemetery.

Marriage Licenses:
William S. Ashby to Sarah Hart
John S. Moore to Mary Jones
George Miller to Elizabeth Griffey
George Mutchler to Dollie Pease
Charles Miller to Margaret Shoulders

Rockport Journal - Mr. John F. Heinzle and Miss Kate Nester, were married Sunday, July 8th, at home of bride's parents, John Nester, by Rev. Seybold.

The body of George McAdams, of Troy, who fell into the river, and drowned, from the Judelle Steamer, returning from an excursion party, from Rockport, July 4th, was found floating in the river, just above Rockport.

Chrisney Sun - James E. Chinn, visited his daughter, Mrs. Julia E. Graves, at Henderson, Kentucky last week, whom he had not seen for 28 years. His daughter had a picture of him, in his soldier's uniform, and b this the thought came to her to write to the Pension Department and if a pensioner, and alive, she had a chance of once more seeing her father. The department answered at once, giving her the desired information, and on Decoration Day, last, Mr. Chinn received her letter. He was greatly surprised and shocked, when he saw the letter was from his daughter, whom he had not seen since childhood, although separated by a distance of only a few miles.

Mr. Will R. Brown, and Miss Pearl Vaught, both of Evansville, eloped to New Albany, yesterday and were married.

Friday, July 27, 1894

Eames - Last Thursday morning, while crossing the R. R. bridge between this place and Tennyson, Uncle Caleb Lindsey, was struck by the east bound freight train, and knocked him off the bridge. He died from his injuries, within the hour. The funeral was Friday, at Tennyson, conducted by Rev. Ferguson, Rev. Kiper, & Cabbage.

Little child of John Royer, died Monday, buried at Midway.

Scalesville - The 3 mos. old child of John Hamby, was interred the 24th at Ebenezer.

Mrs. Louis Taylor, will lose one finger, trouble from a spider bite.

Eby - Hiram Langford, and Miss Ollie Jenkins, were married Thursday, at Princeton.

Folsomville - Mrs. Anna Zint, is near death's door, having consumption.

Grandma Johnson, mother of Quincy Johnson, died July 11th, and was buried net day, at Little Zion.

Bullock - George Miller, and Miss Elizabeth Griffey, were married on the bridge across Pigeon last Saturday evening, by Rev. Granger.

Rockport Journal - John Keller, aged 74 years, of Harrison Township, was found dead, at his home of his son, Henry, with 2 gashes on his arm, and bruises on his head. Probably cut him self with a razor, and used a hatchet on his forehead.

Dr. John A. Newton died last night.

Marriage Licenses:
Reuben Gaines to Mary May
D. B. Harper to Amanda Polk

Mr. Will Ficher and Mrs. Van Houghland, was married at Mt. Vernon yesterday, in a synagogue of the Reformed Jewish Church. They will live in Evansville.

Friday, August 3, 1894

Folsomville - A 11 lb. daughter born to John B. Thompson

Degonia - Mrs. Peter Fake, died Saturday, July 28th, about 70 years. Was married 49 years, mother of 9 children, all but 1 living. Buried at M. E. Church, by Rev. Miller. Leaves a husband, and 8 children. (A son, Jacob Fake, of Folsomville).

Stanley - Mr. Lewis Burnett and Miss Carrie Williams, were married Sunday last.

Henry Mason's 5 year old child, buried Tuesday last, at Barnett graveyard.

Local - A daughter born Saturday, July 28, to Frank Richardson.

Mrs. Veeck, age 70 years, died last Saturday at her home 4 miles East of Boonville. Buried Monday at Ebenezer Cemetery.

Remains of Dr. John A. Newton, aged 54 years, were interred last Saturday afternoon, at Maple Grove, no religious services, upon request of the deceased.

Local Items - Invitation cards are out for marriage of Mr. Charles Bohannon to Miss Maggie Johnson, both of this place at Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Monday, August 13th.

John L. Gentry, was pardoned last week, out of Jeffersonville Penitenary, by Governon Matthews, on account of ill health. Gentry killed Dr. Cicero Ageee, of Scalesville in 1886. (Agee, of Pike County). Gentry returned home near Folsomville.

Dale Reporter - James Barnett, formerly of here, and a Miss Nancy Kemp, of this neighborhood, married, then was arrested by Marshall Thacker, of Huntinburg, at home of Lewis Kemp, 3 miles North of Dale, and later turned over to Kentucky officers, to be taken back to Hawesville, on a murder charge.

Joseph Malter, aged 18 years, lost his life last week, in a coal mine explosion, at Dale, Spencer County.

Judge David T. Laird, died Friday evening, at his home in Rockport. He was born February 18, 1816, Lawrenceburg, IN. He had been married 2 times; 4 children survive: 3 daughters and a son, C. B. Laird, of Rockport; and a gr-son. Lived in Rockport 34 years.

Marriage Licenses:
Louis Burnett to Carrie Williams
James Chandler to Nora Osborn
Jno A. Bullock to Mary Warren

Koutz, Henry
August 3, 1894 Boonville Standard

KILLED BY LIGHTNING - Henry Koutz, a well-known laboring man living in the southwestern part of town was killed instantly Wednesday, noon by a bolt of lightning. He was baling hay on the Williamson farm, about five miles northwest of town, when a rain came up, and Koutz, with his son, Charles, Gussie Bohn and a colored laborer, took refuge under a tree. The rain had abated and Koutz stepped up to the tree reaching for his coat, which was hanging on a limb, when a flash of lightning struck the tree, killing him instantly. The three others were shocked by the flash. Koutz was 55 years of age and has a family of wife and children, the latter mostly grown. The body was slightly discolored, but not maimed. The rim of the hat worn by the unfortunate man was burnt and torn off by the bolt of lightning. Coroner Lutz held an inquest in the case, and returned a verdict in accordance with the facts. The remains were buried yesterday at Maple Grove.

Friday, August 10, 1894

Eby - Henry West, and Miss Carrie Gee, were married Sunday, by Rev. D. A. Bohannon.

Selvin - Last Saturday, while thrashing wheat at J. B. Vandeveer's and hauling wheat from a field, Alvy Jones, drove up with a wagon load of wheat. It caught fire, burned both the wagon and wheat, belonging to Levi Young.

Bullock - Henry Harger's infant child, died last Sunday. Buried Monday, at Brown's Chapel.

Lynnville - Mrs. Harriet Simpson, gave birth to twins, a short time ago, one dead, the other not expected to live.

Mrs. Nannie Green, wife of Morris Green, and daughter of Emory Dimmett, died July 31st, age 21 years. Leaving a husband and infant son.

Jackson Cash, and George Simpson, each had a child to die last week.

Mrs. Cynthia Stambush, widow of late John J. Stambush, has purchased farm of George Ashby, on North line of Owen Twp. (70 ac. - $1,200.00) and will move to it soon.

On Monday, July 29th, Mr. Wash. Rice had a leaden ball taken out of his left side of his face, and one from his side, which he received at Wartrace, TN, April 11, 1862, at which 4 companies of the 42nd Ind. Vols. were doing guard duty. So you see, the old boys who wore the blue, are still shedding their blood to cement this union.

State News - Norman Fisher, Jr., of Huntingburg, walked into an establishment in time to meet the flying fragments of a burst emery wheel. One piece struck his arm above the wrist, breaking both bones, and then bounded upward striking the same arm, near the shoulder, again shattering the bone.

Local Items - A son, born Aug. 4th to James Miller.

Married, Thursday 9th, at home of bride, near Degonia, Mr. Wesley Heugle, of Spencer County, and Miss Jessie Marshall.

Invitation cards are out, announcing marriage of Mr. Andrew J. Roth and Miss Lula M. Slaughter, at C. P. Church, Tuesday evening August 24th.

Died - Thursday August 2nd at her home in Boonville, Miss Sadie Goad, the adopted daughter of Marion Goad, age 18 years, of consumption. Buried Maple Grove Cemetery.

Marriage Licenses:
Henry West to Carrie Gee
Clarence Johnson to Mary Whittinghill
James Hughes to Rosa Maloon
Franklin Ashby to Mattie Aust
Luther Harger to Ida Jones
Edward Hunt to Mary Schick
Wesley Heugel to Jessie Marshal

Herbert Williams died yesterday noon, of consumption. Age 19 years. Eldest son of Robert and Lizzie Williams. Funeral at Maple Grove cemetery, tomorrow.

Mr. Charles Denby, Jr., and Miss Martha Orr, of Evansville, have announced their marriage engagement, to be next Spring.

Friday, August 17, 1894

Selvin - John Oxley, was arrested last Sunday, by Sheriff Scales, at Stendale, accused of killing John Lewis Bethell, of Lane Twp., 10 years ago.

Heilman - Thomas Summers, met with a severe accident last week, while working at a sawmill. The axe came off the handle and cut his leg to the bone.

Stanley - William Smith, died last Sunday (a young man). Burial was at St. John's cemetery.

Isaac Wright, of Spencer County, was killed at Rockport, last week, being run over by a train while crossing a track, in a buggy.

Local Items - J. W. Stewart, died Wednesday at Tennyson, of congestion of the stomach, aged 75 years.

Post office at Eames, moved to Tennyson.

Albert Stone, 13 year old son of Scott Stone, drowned in the river Sunday at Evansville, while bathing. Body found next day.

Oxley, not a murderer. Sheriff Scales went to Stendale, Pike Co., last Sunday, and arrested John Oxley, age 23 years on charges of murdering John L. Bethell, 10 years ago, near Selvin. Oxley, being a braggart, and alleged to have boasted of killing Bethell. He was brought here, Monday, for trial Tuesday, before Squire Scales. It was proved several times that Oxley was not in the vicinity, when the murder was committed. He was set free. Bethell was riding horseback several miles Northwest of Selvin in July 1884, when he was shot with a shot gun.

Bohannon-Johnson - Mr. Charles Bohannon and Miss Maggie Johnson were married at C. P. church, Monday night, by Rev. M. C. Cockrum. (Son of W. Bohannon; daughter of John Johnson).

Marriage Licenses:
William Conner to Rose Meridit
Henry Meyer to Elizabeth Bust
Charles Bohannon to Maggie Johnson
Ambrose Schmidt to Mary Bishop
John Beardsley to Rachel Chancelor
J. W. Davis to Mary Young
Everett Mellen to Alice Williamson
E. H. Lacke to Carrie Antes
J. A. Gentry to Christina Rauscher

Friday, August 24, 1894

Canal - Funeral procession of Mr. Lunsford Lockyear, of near Eby, passed thru here, Thursday, August 16th.

Linne, little son of Mike Fruedenberger, of Evansville, formerly of here, was drowned last week in Ohio River. The burial was Wednesday, in Asbury Cemetery.

Bullock - Hopper and Bullock sawmill was destroyed by fire, last week.

Last Sunday, returning from Richland, Coleman Hopper's horse became upset, and the cart overturned, throwing him and Miss Alice Wilson to the ground, neither seriously hurt.

Selvin - A picnic, next Saturday, at Posey Grove, near Selvin. Everyone is invited.

Degonia - Born to wife of William Walker, a daughter, Sunday. Bill says he only lacks 7 of having as many as he wants, and this makes 5.

Eby - Lunford Lockyear, died August 15th, funeral conducted by Rev. D. A. Bohannon, at home of deceased. Buried at cemetery, near Millersburg. Leaves a wife and 6 children.

Heilman- Tena Lamar, is on the sick list.

Hallock, 16 year old son of Andrew and Dove Kitchen, died August 16th.

Little daughter of Henry and Dezie Barr, died August 15th.

Laura Belle Young, wife of Frank Young, died August 15th.

Folsomville - William Brown and Miss Lucretia Hart were married last Saturday evening by Squire Hunt.

William Stephens little son, was buried last Friday, at Bethabra cemetery.

Frank A. Wright, age 68 years, died Wednesday August 22nd of inflammation of bowels and stomach.

Infant twins, of George Ellison, buried last Sunday.

Ditney - Miss Mary Sharp, of this place, and Jonas Grubb, of Oakland City, were married last Thursday.

County Recorder, B. Leming, of Dubois County, died last Thursday, August 16th, age 51 years.

Local - Mary, 5 year old daughter of William Kraft, living East of Boonville, died last Friday of malarial fever. Burial Sunday, at Ebenezer cemetery, with Rev. Miller officiating.

Mr. Andrew J. Roth, son of G. Jacob Roth, and Miss Lula M. Slaughter, daughter of Mrs. Mary Slaughter, were married Tuesday night at C. P. church, by Rev. M. C. Cockrum.

Marriage Licenses:

John Booker to Janey Rosten
Jonas Grubb to Mary Sharp
William Brown to Luena Hart
William Barton to Ada Hesson
Joseph Zimmerman to Frances O'Grady
Andrew J. Roth to Lula Slaughter


Mrs. Sallay A. Williams, died Tuesday afternoon, wife of Calvin Williams, now deceased, aged 73 years. Buried at Harpole graveyard, West of Boonville, Rev. Ashcraft, conducted services. Mother of Willam A., Robert and Simon Williams.

Irvin Latshaw, age 4 years, died last Saturday, of typhoid fever. Buried Sunday, at Maple Grove, by Rev. Ashcraft.

Friday, August 31, 1894

Lynnville - Mrs. Charley Parker, died last Monday evening, and buried Tuesday.

James Kennedy, died Thursday, August 23rd of heart trouble, and was buried at Somerville, by A. H. Cockrum Post of Oakland City. He was a member of Co. F, 42nd Ind. Vols. This makes 3 from same company who have died within a year.

Mrs. Elenor Embree, said to be the first white child born in Gibson County is dead. She lived at Princeton, was 91 years old. Elisha Embree, her husband, served as judge from 1835-1845 and was also a member of Congress. Her father, David Robb, was also a member of Constitutional convention of Indiana.

Joseph Lienhart, the brewer of Tell City brewery, died Friday, August 27th.

The 6 year old child of Joseph Miller was killed last week at Huntinburg, by a runaway horse.

Local - A son born Thursday, August 30th to Jocob Bennett's.

A daughter born Saturday, August 25th to Jacob Schmitt.

Marriage Licenses:

Cyrus Norris to Sirena Hull
Truman Hedges to Anna Eifler


John, 20 year old son of Co. Assessor James Sanders, died Sunday, August 26th, of typhoid fever. Buried at Rose Hill in Newburgh on Monday.

Mrs. Joel Gibbs, aged 43 years, living South of Boonville, died Tuesday of consumption. Buried Tuesday at Mt. Gilead.

Levi Hale, formerly of Warrick County, died August 20th in Spencer County, aged 77 years.

Friday, September 7, 1894

Folsomville - Mr. Quincy Williams and Varinda Easley died of typhoid fever, buried at Garrison Chapel cemetery.

Selvin - Mrs. C. F. Alvy (Aust), of Princeton, is visiting her father, Mr. c. c. Posey.

Chrisney - Hon. P. A. Atkinson and Miss Alice Beeler, were married at home of bride's parents, Joseph Beeler, of near Midway, Tuesday evening August 28th, by Rev. F. G. Ellis.

Petersburg - George Snyder, age 72 years was found dead on his farm, 5 miles West of town, about noon last Friday.

Local Items - Mr. John J. Wilson adn Miss Mary McCool, daughter of William McCool were married Sunday night at Mt. Gilead church, by Rev. Cockrum.

Mr. Daniel V. McClary, of this place, and Miss Hattie Simpson, of Memphis, Missouri, were married Wednesday, August 29th at the home of the bride. They will live in Selvin, where he will teach school the coming year.

Court Notes - George Lance vs. Harriet Lance, Lane Township; divorce granted.

Marriage Licenses:

Quincie Williams to Ada Dimmett
J. F. Phillips to Sarah Williams
J. W. Greer to Lucy Woods
John J. Wilson to Mary McCool
Gilbert Brown to Minerva Scales
Louis Robinson to Vina Barr
Isaac Figley to Effie Greer

Friday, September 14, 1894

Yankeetown - A son, born September 7th to Joel Siscel.

Brad Robinson, moved his family from Hatfield, Spencer County, to this place.

Eby - Miss Lida Carey, of this place, was married last Sunday evening to Mr. Martin Nicholson, of Ditney, by Rev. Gray.

Selvin - Mr. C. C. Posey, has sold part of his farm, known as the Isham Hale Farm, to Elijah McCoy for $1,300.00, and Mr. Posey says he has sold wheat for $1.00 a bushel, but gets only .48 cents cash.

Degonia - Messrs. Charles Schnepper, Austin White, Rudolph Hopper, and wife and Miss Sophia Klein, left last Saturday for Pittsburg, to attend G.A.R. encampment, and visit friends and relatives.

A son, born September 4th to wife of Henry Broshears.

Degonia - L. W. Haas, of this place, and Miss Fannie Gooding, of Spencer County, were married September 6th at Rockport.

Heilman - Deza Barr, wife of Henry Barr, died September 7th. She leaves a husband and a small child.

A daughter born September 6th to G. L. & Emma Voyles.

Bullock - Mrs. Mary Gemlish, died last Friday of typhoid fever. Buried at M.E. Church cemetery. She leaves a husband and 6 children.

Local - Infant child,5 weeks old of Frank Richardson, died Monday, buried Tuesday at Maple Grove cemetery.

Mr. U. S. Bateman and Miss Minnie Campbell, will be married Sunday, September 23rd at 7:30 p.m. by Rev. Cockrum.

Marriage Licenses:

Martin Nicholson to Lida Cary
William Howard to Luella Scales
John Hornback to Elizabeth McNeely

Friday, September 21, 1894

Folsomville - A 10-1/2 pound daughter born September 17th to G. W. Roberts.

Heilman - Alma, little daughter of Elijah and Sarah West, died September 10th.

Selvin - J. W. Vandeveer is on sick list.

Bullock - J. A. Bullock and J. D. Hopper made a business trip to Evansville last Thursday.

Ditney - Miss Dora Tooley, died last Tuesday morning, at 1 a.m., aged 18 years, 6 months, and 15 days. Funeral at Fletcher, Wednesday afternoon by Rev. Raaf. Buried at Crossroads cemetery.

Local - A son born September 15th to Philip D. Lutz.

Gentry Murder Trial - The Nick Gentry murder trial is now in progress. It will be remembered that Nick Gentry, shot and killed P. P. Carlisle, in Boonville, last November, 1893, for Carlisle's alleged relations with Gentry's wife.

Marriage Licenses:

John Bailey to Margaret Irvin
William Driscoll to Ollie Blake
Elza Hart to May Jarrett
Sherman Bridges to Ada Tremper
Elloiman Menke to Mary Nester

Oldest Voter in Indiana - Isaac Loveless, 98 years oldest inhabitant of Pike County. Born 1796 in North Carolina and came to Indiana with his father. His first vote was 1824 for John Quincy Adams.

Jasper Courier - George Segers was nearly killed Monday morning by a runaway team. His scalp was laid open 5 inches, and injured internally on Thursday morning. It is doubtful he will live. He is a member of G.A.R. and A.O.U.W.

Friday, September 28, 1894

Eby - Miss Winnie Campbell and Mr. U. C. Bateman were married last Sunday at 7:30 p.m. at Wesley Chapel.

Canal - Frank House and Ann Bright were married Sunday morning by Squire Briel.

Mrs. Henry Lettiman, an invalid, died Friday morning. Burial at Lutheran Church yard, Sunday.

Mr. J. E. Hart and Miss May Jarrett were married Wednesday, September 19th at home of bride by Rev. J. H. Gray.

Gentry a free man. Nick Gentry, who was tried last week for the murder of Pleasant P. Carlisle on November 2, 1893, was found not guilty. Both Gentry and Carlisle of Skelton township. Carlisle, a prominent farmer and had served as County Commissioner sev ral terms. He was 55 years and had been married 5 times. Gentry age 45 years, his wife had an illegitimate child by Carlisle quite a good many years ago.

Marriage Licenses:

U. G. Bateman to Minnie Campbell
Haynes Condict to Lucy Brown
Frank Howes to Anna Bright
J. H. Robinson to Katie Tuley
John Taylor to Clara Hunter
John Bell to Louisa Hunter
Arthur Small to Elizabeth Stephens
John Kirkman to Lucy Small
Henry Leslie to Mary Harry

Friday, October 5, 1894

Canal - Ivy, 4 year old child of Henry Weber, died Sunday, and was buried Monday.

Dan Perry, died September 26th. Burial Friday afternoon. Leaves a wife and 2 children, and an aged mother.

Heilman - John Robinson and Miss Katie Tuley were married Wednesday, September 26th at home of bride's father, by Rev. Ferguson.

Folsomville - Mrs. Anna Watson, died night of September 28th and was buried at I. O. O. F. cemetery, the 29th

Mr. Henry T. Leslie and Miss Mary A. Harry were married on eve of September 27th.

Degonia - A son, born September 26th to John and Lizzie Hochmeister.

Bullock - J. A. Bullock and Miss Mary Warren were married last Friday night.

A daughter born to Jasper Hull last Thursday night.

Jasper Courier - John Geier Sr., aged 73 years.

Deaths - Mary C., wife of John Elzer died September 27th of dropsy. Died at her home East of Boonville. Funeral Sunday, at Roth graveyard by Rev.'s L. Miller and John Ferguson.

Mrs. Malinda Jeffries, consort of Robert Jefferies, the local J. P., died Tuesday of flux, aged 60 years. Funeral Wednesday at Pleasant Hill cemetery. Services by Rev. John Ferguson.

Marriage Licenses:

Oliver W. Baker to Cora Potter
James B. Faulkner to Bertha Gumberts
John Bray to Nora Waters
William Huegel to Rachel Brown

Friday, October 12, 1894

Lynnville - William Julian, aged about 70 years. Buried last week.

Robert Raibourn was brought home from New Mexico last Thursday, and buried at the cemetery here, last Friday. Aged about 20 years, died of consumption. Leaves a mother, sister and brother.

Folsomville - Infant child of James Garrison, died October 4th, buried at Garrison Chapel Cemetery.

Mr. W. J. Husk, of Eames, died last Friday, and was interred in the I.O.O.F. cemetery here.

Bullock - Hugh Patterson, of Boonville, and Miss Nora Richardson of this place, were married last week.

Yankeetown - Son, born last Thursday, to Mr. Alpha Fisher's.

Local - Daniel Curry, the old Boonville shoemaker, died Monday, at Evansville, at an advanced age.

Mr. Frank Huber and Miss Alma Frazier, both of Chandler, were married last evening at parsonage, by Rev. Homer C. Ashcraft.

Newburgh - Last Thursday evening, Mr. Menke, of Elberfeld, and Miss Kate Nester, were married at the German Evangelical Church.

Dr. W. P. Ford, of Canal, and Miss Lucy Lowell, daughter of John C. Lowell, were married at bride's home, South of Boonville, last Wednesday by Rev. H. C. Ashcraft. On October 10th, was also 38th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lowell.

Mr. N. W. Montgomery of Eureka, Spencer County and Miss Lanie Hickerson of this place were married Wednesday night at residence of V. O. Pritts, who performed the ceremony. Only a few friends were present. Mr. Montgomery, is quite a wealthy farmer who owns most of French Island in the Ohio River.

William J. Husk, aged 61 years died last Friday at Eames. Funeral Saturday, interred at I.O.O.F. cemetery.

Mrs. John Wood, the second daughter, Annie of Patrick Simon, died Sunday at her home in Washington City, aged about 31 years, and left 3 children. Buried at Washington City.

Marriage Licenses:
J. S. Hodges to Rebecca McFadden
Josiah Shelton to Della Strickland
William Hausen to Maggie Feller
J. T. Sharp, Jr. to Ivy Wilson
Samuel Bogan to Bettie Kessler
W. P. Ford to Lucy Lowell
N. W. Montgomery to Lanie Hickerson
Frank Huber to Alma Frazier
Thomas Hurt to Nancy Chambers
E. E. St. Clair to Estella Richardson
Charles Goad to Nettie Richardson

Personal Notes - Cyrus Baker was called to Mt. Carmel, Illinois Sunday by the death of his aged mother.

Friday, October 19, 1894

Chandler - Mr. Andrew Huber and Miss Alma Frazier, both of this vicinity were married last week in Boonville.

The remains of Samuel Ross of Evansville were buried at Center Cemetery, last Saturday.

Heilman - Mrs. Fanny Posey, wife of Thomas, visited her mother, Mrs. Cohoon, at Tennyson, Saturday and Sunday.

Degonia - Our little village was a scene of a sad accident Saturday. Mrs. David Royer, of near Midway and daughter, Mrs. Kramer of Spencer County, came here Saturday on business, and returning home, a short distance from the hotel, the horse became frightened, suddenly turned and throwing both women out, hurting Mrs. Kramer and killing Mrs. Royer, breaking her neck. The deceased was about 80 years old. She leaves and aged husband and several children. Uncle David Royer and wife are probably as old as any couple living in Spencer County. Burial was on Monday.

Ernest M. Beeson, of Evansville, fell Thursday from the steeple of the new Catholic Church at St. John's, in Campbell Township and died 15 minutes later. Aged 33 years, married and had 3 children.

William H. DeForest, son of Dr. D. A. DeForest, of this place, died Thursday at Evansville Insane Hospital. He was born 1864, Newburgh. Age 30 years, married 1889 to Miss Katie E. Parsons. Funeral yesterday at Evansville. Buried at Oak Hill Cemetery.

Murder at Rockport - Robert Burr, shot and killed Samuel A. Williamson at Rockport, Sunday night. It was charged that Burr was paying illicit attentions to Williamson's wife. Both are about 27 years of age. Burr is in jail. Williamson buried Tuesday.

Thursday night last week, at home of Larkin Richardson, 2-1/2 miles Northeast of Boonville. Misses Estella and Nettie Richardson, were married respectfully to Elmer St. Clair and Charles Goad, by Rev. John Ferguson.

Marriage Licenses:
Francis M. Smith to Sarah Sharp
Lewis S. Sharp to Lear Evans
Charles Carnahan to Sarah Wallace
Fred Muller to Lillian Austin

Friday, October 26, 1894

Selvin - Elijah McCoy is having a saw mill set on his farm, that he bought from C. C. Posey, to have a barn pattern, sawed and build a barn.

Degonia - Dr. McVey and wife, were called to Midway last week by the death of his brother, George McVey.

Marriage Licenses:
S. P. Gunnell to Fannie Brenner
Hubbard Taylor to Lulu Matthews
Eckley Briggs to Lydia McDaniel
John Smith to Annie Bruner

Newburgh - Another drowning occurred here Saturday night, October 13th. James Robinson and 2 companions while attempting to cross the river in a leaky skiff, were compelled to call for assistance. Men from town got out to them as soon as possible, and got 2 of them, but Robinson, has never been seen or heard of since.

Friday, November 2, 1894

Bullock - Mrs. Ralph Warren, died last Sunday, and was buried Tuesday.

Abe Hopper and family, Charles Bullock and family, spent Sunday with Jasper Husk and family.

Thomas Hopper of Gibson County is visiting relatives here.

Eby - Jack Oliver, of this vicinity, died Thursday last week, was buried in Mt. Zion cemetery, aged about 50 years.

Selvin - Mr. C. C. Posey, was thrown off a mule one day last week and was badly hurt in the back.

Born, a son, October 19th to J. D. and Daley Taylor.

Marriage Licenses:
Louis Koegel to Annie Norton
Archie Hedges to Amanda Nickens
Elijah Lamar to Willie Husk
Jno C. Riley to Elphie Alcorn
Harvey Gentry to Laura Leslie

Mr. Louis Koegel and Miss Annie Norton were married by Squire Scales last Saturday night, at bride's home, East of town.

Miss Nannie Tooley and Mr. Hooker Bateman are to be married Sunday evening, November 4th, at Fletcher Chapel, by Rev. M. C. Cockrum.

Friday, November 9, 1894

"Bud" Ellison, died Friday of old age, 80 years, at his home 4 miles Northeast of Boonville. He had but one son.

Marriage Licenses:
J. Hooker Bateman to Nannie Tooley
J. D. Roberts to Dora Brown

J. H. Bateman, living 5 miles Northwest of Boonville, was married to Miss Nannie E. Tooley, daughter of James Tooley, last Sunday, at Fletcher Chapel, by Rev. M. C. Cockrum.

Friday, November 16, 1894

Lynnville - Rev. T. W. Winkler, was not present Sunday, as he was called to attend the funeral of aged mother Hudson, near Fletcher Chapel. Rev. James Ferguson from Selvin was present.

Scalesville - Mr. J. D. Roberts and Miss Dora Brown were married November 4th at home of bride.

Paradise - Mr. Allen Ellis of near here and Miss Ollie Youngblood of Princeton, were married Sunday, November 4th.

Local Items - Dr. J. R. Tillan of Newburgh died Wednesday.

John W. Perigo, Jr., and Mis Rhoda York, of this place, were married Wednesday night by Rev. Whitted, at residence of General York, the bride's father.

Tennyson - Charles Lacer, and Miss Ella Tennyson, daughter of James Tennyson, were married Thursday night, November 15th.

Nick Spillman, editor of Oakland City Enterprise, died Wednesday.

Marriage Licenses:

Truman Cain to Rebecca Rhoads
W. D. Pursely to Nellie Jeffries
Franklin Massie to Mary Lanham
Charles Springston to Lucinda Ingram
John W. Perigo Jr. to Rhoda York
Albert Kirsch to Anna Benke
Charles Lacer to Ella Tennyson

Friday, November 23, 1894

Ditney - Mrs. Mary Hudson, died Friday November 9th, aged 67 years. She leaves 8 children.

Paradise - J. T. Stinson, of near here, died Sunday at 3 A.M. Funeral took place at John Taylor's. Buried at Ellis Cemetery.

Folsomville - Matthew Stephens, an old comrade and neighbor, got a report Saturday that his pension had been cut $4.00 on the month leaving only $8.00 per month.

A child of Marion Posey was buried at I. O. O. F. Monday.

Elberfeld - Mrs. Dr. S. Gwaltney died last Sunday.

Bullock - Melvina Hopper is sick at this writing.

Selvin - Dr. Charles Springston and Lucina Ingram were married November 14th by Rev. J. D. Kiper.

Rockport Journal - William Atkinson, son of Honorable Phillip Atkinson of Midway died last Thursday and buried Friday at Midway cemetery. Rev. Ellis officiating. Aged about 33 years. Leaves a wife and 2 children.

Local - A son born Sunday, November 18th to W. N. Denny.

James Young, colored, will marry Miss Ella Walts, colored, next Monday at Mt. Liberty Baptist Church, 7:30 p.m., by Rev. L. E. Hamilton.

Judge B. Handy has withdrawn from the law firm of "Handy and Armstrong" due to illness of his wife. Mr. Handy is the oldest lawyer in Boonville.

Tessie Kelley, age 19 years committed suicide yesterday by taking morphine. She died at 7:30 a.m. this morning. Dr.s. Beeler and Hoover worked all night trying to save her.

Mr. Simon Baker, living 3 miles Southwest of Boonville, was accidently shot and killed by his son in law, William Buickle in a hunting accident. Aged 57 years, leaves a wife and 3 grown children. Was a Union soldier of the 65th infantry Volunteers, Company E. Burial at Mt. Pleasant graveyard yesterday.

Mr. Carl Binder, the baker here, was married Thursday night November 15th to Miss Louisa Rapp of Gentryville, home of the bride.

Marriage Licenses:

John F. Martin to Anna Habbie
William F. Bell to Dora Veeck

Friday, November 28, 1894

Heilman - Uncle Thomas Bruce, erected a very nice monument to his wife's grave at Garrison Chapel cemetery last week.

A daughter born to Alvis Ashley's.

Truman Cain and Rebecca Rhoads were married by Rev. Stevens.

A daughter born Thursday, November 20th to W. S. Brown.

William Robinson and wife visited their son Andy, and family Sunday.

Selvin - Arena Spradlin, died November 21st, aged 90 years.

Ella T. Robinson, wife of P. S. Robinson, died November 25th.

Captain Finch, the pension attorney, has secured pensions of $2,600.00 for Mrs. Ladosea Spradlin, of Patronville neighborhood, widow of Jesse R. Spradlin, of 25th Indiana Volunteers, and draws back to 1879.

Grandview - Mrs. Martha A. Jones, an old lady, living about 1 mile West of Bloomfiels, was burned to death last Wednesday night, her clothing caught fire.

Local Items - Mrs. Amanda Banks, an aged lady living West of town, died last Saturday and was interred Sunday at Mt. Pleasant.

Mr. Edward Skelton and Miss Stella A. Pancake, will be married at Folsomville tonight, at home of the bride.

Tessie Kelley, who committed suicide last Thursday, was buried Saturday at Barnhill graveyard, 5 miles Northeast of Boonville, 19 years.

Marriage Licenses:

Joseph Langford to Mary McMurty
Edward E. Skelton to Stella A. Pancake
General Watson to Sadie Wallace
John Hampton to Francis Stokes
James Young, colored, to Ella Walts, colored
Charles Brown to Julia Dimmett

Dr. J. R. Tillman, born 1826 in Kentucky, died November 15th, 1894 at his home in Newburgh in his 69th year. He was the eldest child of 13 children. His parents moved to Indiana when he was 3 years old. He married Lucretia Rosley, one son, Sylvester, deceased, born to them. Funeral services at home of S. S. Penrod, remains taken to Rose Hill cemetery for burial.

Friday, December 7th, 1894

Heilman - Frank Lamar and wife visited the latter's mother, Mrs. Posey on Monday.

Rockport Journal - Saturday, November 17th, Mathia Bauer, age 78 years, left the home of his son George, in Harrison township, to visit his son, John, who lives in Huff Township on Thursday. His satchel, hat and cane were found near New Boston. Tuesday evening his body was found on the Hessig farm, in a ditch.

Local - James House, of this place, died Sunday of typhoid fever. Buried at Wesley Chapel on Monday.

Thomas Withers and Hattie Boyd were married last Wednesday at M. E. parsonage, by Rev. S. S. Penrod. Both of Newburgh.

Rosa, little daughter of L. H. Fisher died Thursday, of typhoid fever. Funeral held here, burial at Mt. Hebron, Wednesday.

Marriage Licenses:

Everett Smith to Harriet McVey
John T. Mitchell to Hattie Sanders
Robert A. Martin to Alma McVey
Everett Bell to Lee Collard
George D. Haas to Katie Roth
Jno O. Oskins to Fannie Schrader
W. T. Withers to Hattie Boyd
Wesley Scales to Susie Wells
John Ruth to Rachel Williams

John R. Masters and Miss Lucy Conner, of Evansville, were married Wednesday, November 28th at Kingsley Church parsonage, in Evansville, by Rev. H. N. King.

Friday, December 14th

Folsomville - Several parties of this community attended the funeral of Ben Cox's wife, of Lane Township.

Selvin - Hoke Smith, has cut down D. F. McLaughlin's pension from $8.00 to $4.00 per month. Mr. McLaughlin was a member of Company F, 91st Ind.

Tennyson - John Ruth and Rachel Williams were married Thursday night.

Degonia - George Haas, Jr., was married last Wednesday to Katie Roth, daughter of Jacob Roth.

Canal - Mrs. Elizabeth Rough, of Missouri was summoned to the funeral of her mother, Mrs. Anna Nicholson, who died Saturday.

Giles Gentry, 75 years old, living 8 miles West of Rockport, was accidentally killed recently by his son, who was shoveling corn into a bin. He was an old soldier.

Evansville Journal - J. G. Lowrance, "Pete" died December 5th of consumption. His father, James W. and mother, are still living. Also 5 brothers, a wife of 11 years (Miss Lula Summers), and 3 children.

Rudolph Gordner, and Miss Elizabeth Kelly were married Wednesday, at home of V. O. Fritts of the Baptist Church. Rudolph, son of Charles Gordner, Sr., and Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. R. Kelly.

Mr. John W. Mitchell and Hattie Sanders were married at the New Center Church, December 6th at 8 p.m. by Rev. Rawlins.

Lewis S. Denny, died at the old soldier's home, near Madison, Indiana on December 7th of pneumonia. He died suddenly, before his son, Charles and brother, Caleb S. Denny could get there. Aged 49 years. But they were present for his funeral on Saturday. It was his desire to be buried near his post, "Magnolia Post", No. 409, G.A.R. of Jonesboro, a town near the home. He was born Mercer County, Kentucky, a Union Soldier, Company E, 120th Regiment, Indiana Infantry, commanded by Captain Thomas Downs. He leaves 2 sons, Charles S. and Travis, 2 brothers, Thomas L. and Caleb S., and a sister, Mrs. Mary E. Hudspeth of Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

Marriage Licenses:

David S. Mills to Susan Moss
William A. Markee to Louisa Risley
William B. Evans to Maud McCool
William S. West to Rosa Phillips
Rudolph Gordner to Elizabeth Kelly

Eby - N. D. King, aged 58 years, a farmer living 6 miles North of Boonville, was found dead in bed, Wednesday morning, December 12th. He had a son and daughter. Buried at Barnhill cemetery.

Nicholson, Ann
December 15, 1894 Boonville Enquirer

Again it becomes our painful duty to record the death of an aged and esteemed friend, Mrs. Ann Nicholson, who was born in Kerry County, Ireland, A.D. 1811, aged 83 years. She was married to Mr. William Nicholson in the year 1838, and emigrated to this country in 1841 and settled in Greer township, Warrick county, where they lived one year and then they moved to Campbell township, where they still resided until her death. Five children blessed their union; all whom now survive her excepting one, James Nicholson, who was slain on the battlefield at Beans Station, Tennessee. Those surviving are viz: John, Joseph and William Nicholson and Elizabeth Rough. After administering the loving care of a good and faithful mother, she lay down to rest after being confined to her bed one week. She bore all her afflictions with much patience and endurance, but at last the cold hands of death came and took her, Saturday, December 8th, 1894. All the patient care of her children and physician was administered, but all seemed in vain. Her aged husband, three sons and her daughter-in-law and grandchildren and many friends stood by her bed in her last moments, and she knew all of them until the last moment of her life expired. She leaves an aged husband, three sons, one daughter, a host of grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and many friends to mourn her sad loss. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved family in this, their sad hour of bereavement, but would say to them, weep not for she is dwelling in realms of love where angels love to dwell. Her remains were taken to Barnett's cemetery on Monday for interment. "Dearest mother thou hast left us, And thy loss we deeply feel; For our Father has bereft us, But will all our sorrows heal."

Denny, Lewis S.
December 15, 1894 Boonville Enquirer

Lewis S. Denny was born in Mercer county, Ky., on the 7th day of April, 1845. He died at the Soldiers' Home, near Marion, Ind., December 7th, 1894. He was a private soldier in Co. E, 120 Reg. Ind. Inf. Vols., commanded by Capt. Thomas J. Downs. He was a member of Magnolia Post, No. 409, G.A.R. of Jonesboro, Ind., and was buried by the members of said Post on their lot at Jonesboro, on the 8th of December. He was one of eleven children of James H. and Harriet R. Denny, who died many years ago; and of said children only Thomas L. Denny of Lamar, Colorado, Caleb S. Denny of Indianapolis, and Mary E. Hudspeth of Mt. Vernon, Ill., survive. His son, Charles S. Denny and brother, Caleb S. Denny, were at the funeral. He had many friends at the Home, and at Jonesboro, who turned out to the burial.

Friday, December 21, 1894

Lynnville - Mrs. Mary Cox, wife of Ben G. Cox, died a short time ago, and was buried at South Fork Church.

Mr. Peter Irvin, also died about the same time.

Mr. William Ringer's wife, recently died, and in a few days, his mother, an aged lady, also died and was buried at Pleasantville.

Last Friday, Mr. David E. Hart of our town, died and was buried in Massie Cemetery.

Sunday, December 16th, Mr. Will Daub was married to Miss Lydia Fleener, at home of bride's father, James Fleener, Esquire.

Tennyson - Thomas Sibrel and Amanda Blackford were married December 18th. The old as well as the young get married.

Bullock - Eli Kirtland and Miss Anna Broshears were married last Tuesday.

Scalesville - Mrs. B. G. Cox, was interred at South Fork cemetery, December 9th. She leaves a husband and 3 little sons.

Wesley Chapel - Miss Phoebe Johnson, of this place and Mr. Cowherd, of Kentucky were married at the home of the bride Tuesday. They will return to Kentucky to make their home.

Local Items - Walter Wiler, age 15 years, son of Frank Wilder, living 3 miles West of town, died Wednesday of typhoid fever.

John Johnson, aged 66 years, died yesterday evening of cancer of the liver.

David E. Hart of Lynnville, age 54 years died last Friday.

Louis Schwinn, age 23 years, died of pneumonia Monday at Evansville. Son of Charles Schwinn. Funeral yesterday at home of C. Pelzer. Buried at St. John cemetery, east of Boonville.

Married at home of Joseph Trimble, North of Boonville, last Tuesday evening, Mr. John H. Cowherd of Louisville, Kentucky and Miss Phoebe A. Johnson, by Rev. Cockrum of Boonville.

William L. Barker and Mrs. Pinta Bethell were married Monday night at M. E. parsonage by Rev. H. C. Ashcraft. The bride is the only daughter of Judge J. B. Handy.

Mrs. Amanda Handy, consort of Judge John B. Handy, died Tuesday afternoon, aged 61 years. Funeral tomorrow at 2 p.m. at residence, Rev. Cockrum officiating. Burial at Maple Grove. Leaves a husband and 2 children, Charles Handy and Mrs. William L. Barker.

Marriage Licenses:

Woody Martin to Ida McVey
W. C. Daub to Lidia Fleener
R. B. Jeffries Jr. to Adda Fuquay
William L. Barker to Pinta Bethell
Thomas Sibrel to Amanda Blackford
John H. Cowherd to Phoebe A. Johnson
J. I. Kelley to Maud Miller
Thomas Wilder to Eliza Cain
Constantine Heim to Rosa White

Mr. James I. Kelley, of Evansville and Miss Maud Miller, of this place, were married Wednesday night at home of bride by Rev. V. O. Fritts. They will live in Evansville. James, only son of
ex County Recorder, Kelly. Maud, 4th daughter of L. J. Miller.

Friday, December 28, 1894

Canal - Louis Foster and Miss May Grimwood, were married at home of bride, by Rev. I. S. Hay, Sunday evening.

Will Rusden and Miss Sarah Flinn were married Sunday evening at M.E. church by Rev. Rawlins.

Selvin - William L. Bruner, died December 21st, aged 72 years. Buried Saturday, December 22nd at Chinn cemetery by the Masons.

Folsomville - Infant child of Charles Aust was buried at I.O.O.F. cemetery the other day.

Chrisney Sun - Members of Little Pigeon church, are making an effort to put an iron fence around the cemetery.

Elijah Ray, aged 62 years and Lucinda Cravens, age 60 years, were married at Cannelton recently. Bride from Spencer County.

John Gale, age 16 years of Chrisney, died December 17th of congestion of the brain, from over exertion of working on his hands.

Mr. Charles Nonweiler, Jr. and Miss Alma Metz, were married Wednesday, December 19th at home of bride by Rev. L. Miller.

Constantine Heim of Chandler, and Miss Rosa B. White of Degonia Springs were married December 20th by Rev. Cockrum.

Marriage Licenses:

Melvin Powers to Mary Bethell
William Ruston to Sarah Flynn
William DeWeese to Evaline McFarlin
Henry Rice to Stella Brooks
Louis Foster to Mary Grimwood
William Scales to Martha Hart
Chris Kissel to Katie Weyerbacher
George Mitchell to Nancy West
George Mattingly to Dora Miller
Benjamin Hall to Fradey Hall



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