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1886 Newspapers

Boonville Enquirer & the Boonville Standard News

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Saturday, January 9, 1886

A family reunion was the order of the day, at Aunt Pope Shrode's on Christmas. All of her children, her father, step-mother, brother, and family, and several others, were present. The day was spent in the usual way, eating and story telling.

Marriages - On Sunday, December 27, 1885, Mr. William Rostron, and Miss Abigail Brammer, daughter of Mr. James Brammer.

Mr. Marion Bennett, and Miss Caldwell, of Mt. Zion, were married Wednesday, December 23, 1885.

Mr. Edward Veek, and sister, Mrs. Elijah Scales, of Evansville, visited their parents, during the holidays.

Mr. Jesse Link, and wife, visited their daughter, Mrs. Dr. B. F. Hatfield, at Wheatonville, during the holidays.

Saturday, January 16, 1886

Mrs. Lillie Taylor, wife of John Taylor, who is at present lying very ill of typhoid fever, at the home of her father, Mr. Richard Gaffing. Her recovery is doubtful.

Saturday, January 23, 1886

The residence of George W. Cherry, 2 miles North of Boonville, on Lynnville Road, was destroyed by fire, on Saturday evening. Mr. Cherry, was in town, and his wife, at her daughters, Mrs. Will Hargrave, an adjoining neighbor.

Saturday, January 30, 1886

Cards of invitation are out for the marriage of Miss Dola Shrode, to Mr. William L. Bryan, which takes place in the M. E. Church, at Eby, this Saturday night, immediately after the preaching. Miss Dola, is the accomplished daughter of Mrs. Mary Shrode, of the postmistress, of that place. And Mr. Bryan, one of the first class teachers, in our schools.

On Friday morning, January 22, 1886, Jacob Franz, Sr., was ill, and died of pneumonia, at his residence in Boonville, aged 39 years, 1 month, and 22 days. Mr. Franz, was born in Henderson, Kentucky, on the 2nd day of December 1853, and soon after, was brought to this place. His father, Andrew Franz, preceded him in death, only a little over a year ago, leaving him a large estate, including the St. Charles Hotel. Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, with Rev. Father Conrad, officiating.

On Tuesday, January 26, 1886, died of paralysis of the brain, Margaret, consort of John Stephenson, County Treasurer, aged 62 years. An invalid for several years, yet death was unexpected. Her remains were taken to Tennyson, on the train, Wednesday morning, burial in family burying ground, in Skelton Township, the Garrison Cemetery.

Saturday, February 6, 1886

Newburgh item: Mrs. A. J. Lewis, is spending several weeks with her daughter, Mrs. India Hochhalter.

Uncle John McKinney, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Eliza Seigel, of St. Wendel.

Saturday, February 13, 1886

Deceased last Friday, Mr. Frank Peddicord, son in law of E. P. Madden.

Saturday, February 20, 1886

Uncle Mark Taylor, of Pleasantville, visited his children, at this place last week. He soon will be 81 years old, and is looking well.

Saturday, February 27, 1886

Died February 19, 1886, in Boonville, Mary L. Metcalf, wife of George Metcalf, aged 31 years, of consumption. Leaving a husband, and son. She is buried in Clay Township, Spencer County, and interred in Little Pigeon graveyard.

Saturday, March 6, 1886

Mr. Nicholas Riley, an old and highly respected citizen of Barton Township, Gibson County, died at the residence of his son, Abraham Riley, last Sunday night, having come to this county when it was wilderness. Buried at Barnett cemetery, in Greer Township.

Sprinkle, Michael
March 20, 1886 Boonville Enquirer

DEATH OF A PIONEER - Michael Sprinkle died in the county jail at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning, the 16th inst., where he has been confined for the last six or seven years, a county charge on account of being demented, occasioned by extreme old age, aged 84 years. He was one of ten children of John Sprinkle, the first white settler in Warrick county, who located on the site where Newburg is now situated, in 1803. He leaves a number of children living in the county. His remains were interred in the family graveyard in Anderson township.

Saturday, March 27, 1886

Mr. Oatley, was born on his father's farm, West of Zanesville, Ohio, November 14, 1835. He lived with his father until he was 17 years of age, and was offered his choice, an education for proffession, or opportunity to learn a trade in some branch of mechanical industry. He chose the latter, and selected the trade of miller, for his life's work. He was married to Miss Bell G. Houston, of Zanesville and shortly after their marriage, they left Zanesville, and went to Sterling, Illinois, to make life's start. He moved to Boonville in 1859. He at this time engaged himself to Seitz and Seigel, who were in the milling business, at this time, remaining with them until 1861, when he went to Taylorsville, and there he bought a half-interest in the mill of McLaughlin and Day. (Later after McLaughlin retired, it was continued under the firm name of Day and Oatley). After some years, Mr. Oatley sold his interest to Mr. J. F. Katterjohn, and moved his family to Bermington, Edwards County, Illinois, where he bought a saw mill and grist mill, remaining in this business about a year and a half, when he sold out, and again moved to Boonville, where he purchased of Messrs. Branick Wilkerson, and Benoni S. Fuller, one-half interest in the Elkhorn Mills, the other half interest being owned by Messrs. Brenton and Whitman, who afterwards sold out to T. J. Downs. Mr. Oatley, died after an accident on the 12th inst., living until the 18th inst. He leaves the companion of his youth, and an only daughter, Mabel, who had been visiting in Kansas, for 9 months, and arrived in Boonville, on Friday morning, after her father's death. Burial Saturday in Maple Grove.

Aunt Patsy Pyeatt, still lingers at the home of her son, Hubbard Pyeatt. She is the relict of Uncle Nathan Pyeatt, and one of the pioneers of this county.

Saturday, March 30, 1886

Michael Sprinkle, died in the county jail, at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning, the 16th inst., where he has been confined for the last 6 or 7 years, a county charge on account of being demented, occasional by extreme old age, aged 84 years. He was one of 10 children, of John Sprinkle, the first white settler in Warrick County, who located on the site where Newburgh is now situated, in 1803. He leaves a number of children, living in the county. His remains were interred in the family graveyard, in Anderson township.

Veeck, Mrs. Philip
April 1, 1886 Boonville Standard

The wife of Philip Veeck, died at the family residence six miles east of Boonville, on Friday, 26th inst., at 9:30 p.m., aged 31 years. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Lukenmyer Sunday morning at 10:30, and burial at Ebenezer Cemetery at 12.

Wingartner, Katy
April 1, 1886 Boonville Standard

Katy, the daughter of John Wingartner, died Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock, after an illness of about six months, from a cancer in the stomach, aged nearly 28 years.

Saturday, April 3, 1886

Adam Feller, of Campbell Township, died Wednesday morning.

Richard Parrett, son of Judge Parrett, died in Evansville, last Tuesday, aged 23 years. (March 30, 1886).

Miss Katherine Wingertner, daughter of John Wingertner, died last Wednesday (March 31st), evening at the residence of her father in Boonville, aged 26 years, 10 months and 15 days.

Mrs. Lena Veek, nee Roth, died on the 26th inst., at her home, 5 miles East of Boonville, aged 31 years, 2 months and 10 days. Leaving her husband, and 4 small children. Burial at Ebenzer, East of town.

Saturday, April 10, 1886

Born to Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McWilliams, last Thursday, a son, Grover Cleveland McWilliams.

Maggie Walls, colored, died on the 6th inst., age about 18 years. Burial in old cemetery.

John Saberton, died on the 8th inst., at his residence in Boonville, age 51 years. Burial at old cemetery. Leaves a wife and several children.

Charles Rowe, died on the 5th inst., at his late residence in Boonville. A pioneer citizen, about 80 years, he leaves several children.

Mrs. Edward Willis, died on the 7th inst., at the Farmer's House, in Boonville, aged 25 years. Burial and funeral at Lynnville cemetery. Leaves a husband and 2 children.

Isreal Hemenway, died at his residence in Boonville, on the 7th inst., after a long and lingering illness, aged 76 years, 2 months and 17 days. He was born in the State of New York. His father emigrated to Vanderburgh County, with his family,
when Isreal was a small boy. Young Hemenway, grew to manhood here, and then settled in Boonville, where he has lived ever since, in the esteem of all who knew him. He was twice married. His 1st wife, was Miss Hattie Hall, sister of Rev. Benjamin Hall, of Iowa. The last wife, who survives him, was Mrs. Finch, sister of D. W. Ralston, of Evansville. I. O. O. F. funeral, and at C. P. church. Burial at family graveyard near the church, 4 miles West of town.

Saturday, April 17, 1886

On last Saturday, it being the 65th birthday of John T. Simpson, his brother, sisters, children and grand children, and friends took him by surprise, and came in unto him, with a dinner, of the goodies of the country, prepared by the ladies. There were 67 persons, besides the children, to partake of the repast. Mr. Simpson, was brought by his parents, from S. C., to this part of the stte in the year 1835. In 1845, he married Miss Rebecca Bradshaw, and immediately after their marriage, they settled upon the farm where they live, 1 miles West of town. Their children, 2 sons, have been married for a number of years.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kuebler, of Newburgh, celebrated their Silver Wedding yesterday, the 16th inst., and a large number of invited guests were present, from this and other places. Mr. Kuebler, was born in Alsace, January 19, 1835, and was the oldest of 12 children. At age 19 years, he emigrated to the U. S. and after traveling over various parts of the country, he finally located in Newburgh, and engaged int he tanning business. In 1861, he was married to Miss Philliphoena Franz, sister of the late Andrew Franz, by which union was born 13 children.

Saturday, April 24, 1886

Mr. John Hepp, and Miss Carrie Beiber, were married last Thursday the 15th, at DuQuoin, Illinois, by Rev. Siefreid, at the home of the bride's uncle, Mr. Phillip Ensminger.

We acknowledge the receipt of an invitation from Mr. and Mrs. D. Crommans, of Evansville, to attend the marriage of their daughter, Anna, to Mr. Henry D. Mursinna, of St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday, April 26th, 1886.

Saturday, May 8, 1886

James Coe, died on the 5th inst., at residence of Mr. Charles Koegel, aged about 55 years. He leaves 8 orphans, his wife having preceded him several years ago. Burial at Union graveyard, Thursday, near Newburgh.

Dr. O. F. Howard, and wife of Rockport, were called to town during the week, on account of the serious illness of his brother, Dr. T. M. Howard, who had another attack of neuralgia of the stomach.

Saturday, May 15, 1886

Jesse, the youngest son of James P. White, died at the residence of his father's, near Degonia Springs, of consumption, aged 20 years and 8 days. Buried at Midway, Spencer County.

Mrs. Wagstaff, of Arcola, Florida, and her 2 children, arrived in Boonville, Monday in response to the announcing fatal illness of her father, Mr. James Coe, but too late to see him alive, or attend the funeral.

Mrs. Esther Keith, and family, attended the funeral of her sister, Mrs. Perigo, at Perigo Station, on the Air-line Tuesday.

Mr. Peter Taylor, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Lilly, visited friends in Evansville, during the week.

Saturday, May 22, 1886

Mrs. Mollie Justice, and Mrs. Til Robinson, of Oakland City, were here on Monday, to see after the welfare of Nathaniel Chappell, the father of Mrs. M. H. Justice, who is lying at death's door.

Saturday, May 29, 1886

Nathaniel Chapell, died at home of Henry Floyd, last Saturday night, and his remains were taken to the Forsythe Chapel cemetery, on Monday.

Gordner, George
October 7, 1886 Boonville Standard

George Gordner, a German farmer who has been confined to his bed for some time with the typho-pneumonia fever, passed from the land of the living, and entered the solemn realities of the dead, last Wednesday morning at 8:30 o'clock, and his remains were entered at Rose Hill cemetery Thursday, followed by a large concourse of mourning friends.



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