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1878 Newspapers

Boonville Enquirer & the Boonville Standard News

This information was donated to the site by Tamara Kincaide, Susie Rose, Judy Featherstone, Lisa Rogier, Holly Vonderohe & Karen Nance.

The Boonville Standard
Saturday, Jan 5, 1878
That beautiful snow is here at last. The wheat crop looks nice and green.
The family of Joseph Price is to be sent to Texas at the expense of the county.
Counterfeit silver half dollars bearing the date of 1877 are in circulation in Boonville.
Dr. Hargarn was awarded the pauper practice for Boon Township at $250 for the ensuing year.
Christmas passed off quietly in this place. There were but few drunk. The boys behaved themselves tolerably well on Christmas Eve and beyond ringing the bells, but little mischief was done New Year's Eve. The weather was dull and wet which no doubt kept many people off the streets The balls were well attended, considering the bad weather, and altogether, Christmas passed off quietly and orderly. 
Miss Anna Masters, age 24, died New Year's eve.
Miss Mae Oatley leaves next Monday for New Albany, where she will attend school at the Depauw female college.
Taylorsville: A protracted meeting is being held at Pleasant Hill, some three miles south of town.
Sol. Boyer has returned from his trip to Ohio and Kentucky and looks greatly improved by the trip.
James H. Tilman, the village blacksmith is constructing himself a new dwelling.

Gordner, John
February 2, 1878
Boonville Enquirer

Mr. John Gordner, a German cabinet maker of this place, died last Tuesday night from what was supposed an overdose of morphine. Early Tuesday morning, Mr. Gordner complained of feeling unwell, but went out to feed his cow. When he returned he said he felt worse, and concluded that he would go to bed. His wife, Mrs. Gordner, thinking he was not seriously ill, left the room for a few moments, and when she returned, her husband was laying in bed. She noticed that his face was very black, and that he breathed only three or four times to the minute. She became alarmed and sent for medical assistance. Upon the arrival of Drs. Barker and Dailey, they discovered that Gordner was suffering from poison. They worked with him until about noon, when they succeeded in bringing him back to consciousness for a short time, and immediately began plying him with questions. They asked him if he had taken any morphine, and he said yes. They then asked him how much he had taken-if a tablespoonful-and he answered yes. The doctors did all they could for him, but he died between eight and nine o'clock of the same evening. It is supposed that when he was out feeding the cow that he took the morphine. A cork and the paper wrapper off a morphine bottle was found in his pocket, but no bottle could be found. He has been having some financial trouble of late, having just lost a suit in court, which lays his property open to executions; he also lost his house by fire last spring, and it is supposed that he took the morphine intentionally on account of these troubles. Mr. Gordner is the brother of Peter and Charles Gordner, well known livery men of this place. He leaves a wife and several children. He was buried Wednesday at the Maple Grove Cemetery. The deceased was about forty years of age and has an insurance in the Odd Fellows Mutual Life Association of about $2,400.

Siegel, Peter
February 2, 1878 Boonville Enquirer

DEATH OF MR. PETER SIEGEL - In the death of Mr. Siegel, which occurred at his residence, at 9:15 o'clock, Sunday morning, this community has sustained an irreparable loss. Mr. Siegel was one of our leading German citizens, and has held the office of Justice of the Peace about twelve years. He was a member in good standing of the German Methodist Church, and enjoyed the respect of all who were acquainted with him. The deceased was born in Germany in the year 1820, and in the year 1847 emigrated to this country, and came to Warrick county, and has lived in this county about twenty-five years, having been a resident of Newburg five years. Mr. Siegel had been sick but a few day of pneumonia, and but few of our citizens knew of his illness. He leaves a wife and eight children, three of whom are grown, the others ranging from two to sixteen years of age. He leaves an estate worth $12,000 or $13,000. The burial took place Monday afternoon at two o'clock at Maple Grove cemetery.

Boonville Enquirer
Friday March 23, 1878
The wife of Charles Dickerson, of Yankeetown, died of pneumonia on the 14th inst. aged 31 years. Leaves four children. 
Also, Jas. Lee, near the same place, on the same day and of same disease, aged 30 years

On the 16th inst., James Hall, living near Yankeetown, of pneumonia, aged 45 years, he leaves a wife and three children.

John G Roberts, one of the deputy constables of Boon township, died at the residence of his brother, Mr. George Roberts of Boonville, last Friday night after an illness of eight days of lung fever; aged 24
years. The remains were taken to Folsomville, last Sunday for interment.

On last Saturday night, Bertha, the infant twin daughter of S W and Viola Hart, died of congestion. 

On the 14th inst., Uncle Billy Webb died of pneumonia, aged 65 years, The deceased has been a resident of this county for many years. He was a devoted Christian and a preacher in the Methodist Church for many years and when the Lord said "come up higher" he went to join that innumerable host of spirits of just men made perfect who worship the throne. He was highly esteemed by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. His remains were taken to Asbury grave yard for interment.

Potter, Jacob
July 27, 1878 Boonville Equirer

Jacob Potter, one of our most respected and worthy citizens, died at his family residence in this township on the 14 inst. In the 14th year of his age he became strongly convinced of the obligations he was under to his Maker, to love, obey and serve Him, and hence he at that age, became convinced and joined the M.E. Church, of which he remained a consistent member to the day of his death.. Although clouds would naturally intervene at times his conversion was so strong that he never had any doubts of its genuiness, and when the hour came for his departure he expressed himself as ready and willing to cross the cold Jordon of death, where he would be forever at rest. After the funeral sermon was preached by Rev. A. Godey, of Taylorsville, his tenement of clay was consigned to the tomb in the Mt. Zion cemetery to await the resurrection of the just.

Veeck, Charles
July 29, 1878 Boonville Enquirer

This community was shocked last Saturday by the sad intelligence that Mr. Charles Veeck, living a few miles from Boonville, had met with an accident which caused his death. The facts, as we learn, are that while Mr. Veeck was engaged in adjusting a hay fork in the comb of his father's barn, the ladder upon which he was standing broke, precipitating him to the ground a distance of about twenty-six feet, crushing his head in such a manner as to cause his death in about six hours. The deceased was a young man about twenty-three years of age, of steady and industrious habits and was of one of our leading German families. He was well and favorably known in Boonville, having once held the position of salesman in the store of Gast & Gerhart. He was to have been married in a few weeks to a young lady from Chicago, Miss Hubb. The funeral took place Sunday morning.

Boonville Enquirer
Dec 18, 1878
Mrs. H C Wagner of Jackson Twp in Spencer Co., Indiana committed suicide by drowning last week. Her body was found in a creek near the house.
The occurrence took place 2 miles south of Gentryville.
The deceased was aged about 75 years and was thought to be insane, Elijah McCoy of Rockport with a jury held a inquest and a verdict of insanity was rendered.

Boonville Enquirer
Dec 19, 1878
Merrick, the wife and child murderer has been sentenced to be hung at Indianapolis. The Tribune suggests that the body be given to Dr. Billy with whom Merrick attempted to negoliate the body of his wife.

Boonville Enquirer
Dec 26, 1878 
Isaac Wamsley met with terrible misfortune Monday night, Himself and family were visiting a brother in law Albert Houghland who lives 2 miles from Boonville, When upon awaking on Tuesday morning Mr. Wamsley found his wife dead and stiff by his side. They had been married but a few months.
Mrs. Farmer living in Skelton Twp of Warrick County while riding horseback and smoking a pipe had her clothing take fire. She ran 100 yards and jumped into a creek and was rescued but badly burned. Her recovery is doubtful.
Died- Mrs. M. E. (Margaret E.) Jones, wife of Jacob Jones, and daughter of M. Dick Smith, Esq., she was at the time of her death, 23 years old. She died on Monday the 4th inst. of typhoid fever, and was buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery on Tuesday the 5th Funeral was preached by Rev. A. A. Godby, of Otwell.
Folsomville- A small child of Wm. N. Hardin, died Saturday, Aug 7th near Loafer Station.

December 19, 1878 - Boonville Standard

Merrick, the wife and child murderer, has been sentenced to be hung at Indianapolis. The Tribune suggests that the body be given to "Dr. Billy", with whom Merrick attempted to negoliate the body of his wife.

Bill Allen's is the place to buy coffee, you get 9-1/2 lbs., for that's the only number he thinks about. It's a gal, and Bill's happy.

Mrs. H. C. Wagner, of Jackson twp., Spencer Co., committed suicide by drowning, last week. Her body was found in a creek near the house. The occurrence took place 2 miles South of Gentryville. The dec'd was aged about 75 years, and was thought to be insane. Elijah McCoy, of Rockport, with a jury, held an inquest, and a verdict of insanity was rendered.

It may be a comforting thought, to Boonville old maids, to know that Edward Ketchum, a bachelor, aged -- years, living in Amityville, married last week, to Miss ___ ___nser, aged 91 years.

Thursday, December 26, 1878 - Boonville Standard

Mrs. Farmer, living in Skelton Township, Warrick co., while out riding horseback, and smoking a pipe, had her clothing take fire. She ran 100 yards, and jumped into a creek. She was rescued, but badly burned. Her recovery is doubtful.

Ben Sainly, was the pop, of a brand new baby, last week....And- is yet.

Isaac Wamsley, met with a terrible misfortune, Monday night. Himself and family, were visiting a bro-in-law, Albert Hougland, who lives about 2 miles from Boonville, and upon awakening Tues. morning, Mr. Wamsley found his wife dead, and stiff, by his side. They had been married but a few months.

The trial of Albert Fischer, for the murder of John Scantlin, is going on in Evansville.

John Y. Cavin, died Sunday morning of consumption, aged 50 years, 1 mo. and 14 days. Mr. Cavin has been a sufferer with the disease of which he died, for 6 years or more. He was well known and highly respected.

Mrs. Phoebe Parker, wife of David Parker, at her home in the Parker Settlement, Friday morning, at 2 o'clock, of pneumonia. Aged 62 years.

John Ferguson, at his residence in Clay Twp., Dec. 16th, at 2 A.M. The deceased was a good man, and one who will be greatly missed.

Enos Feltman, of heart disease, at home near Enterprise, a few days ago. We have not the exact date of the later, and no reliable particulars. Since the above was in type, we learned that the young man fell in the fire, during the momentary absence of his mother, and was severely burned. The boy had been for years, a subject to heart disease, and it was especially unfortunable that he was suddenly attacked at a moment when no one was near to help him. Mrs. Feltman has the sympathy of the community in her bereavement.

Ephraim Hale, at his home in Grass Twp., Friday morning last, at 2 A.M. Aged 83 years. Mr. Hale was one of the oldest residents of Spencer Co., and has always been esteemed highly, by all who knew him (Rockport Journal)

Last Sunday evening, at the M. E. church, the Rev. Mr. King united in the hold bonds of wedlock, O. J. Taylor, and Miss Lizzie Hudson, all of Boonville.

On Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock at Squire O'Gradys, Rev. Mr. Williams united in holy bonds of pad___ wedlock, we mean, Henry Adams, and Catherine McKinsey.

At the residence of T. Z. Barton, of Boonville, on Tuesday, by Rev. Mr. Williams, Robert Gough, and Miss Sallie Clark, all of this burg.



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