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Veterans ~ U-V

This list was donated by Jerri Houston. Please use it only as a start for your research. Jerri stated there were many different dates and regiments for the same men.

Umback, Karl  22 IN Inf., Co. A, Mar 28, 1838-Dec 1, 1912, Zion Evangelical Cemetery
Vails, Levi Ohio Twp., 42 IN Inf., Co. B
Vanada, George H. 25 IN Inf., Co. I, 1844-1928, Bates Hill Cemetery
Vanderscher, Chas. Ohio Twp., 53 IN Inf., Co. C, Pvt.
Vandeveer, John W. Pigeon Twp., 91 IN Inf., Co. B, Sgt., Sep 11, 1837-May 13, 1908, Selvin Cemetery
Vannada, George Anderson Twp., 25 IN Inf., Co. E, Cpl., died Jan 8, 1928
Vannoy, John R. 11 KY Inf., Co. H, 1836-1893, Bethabara Cemetery
Vanwinkle, ? Pigeon Twp., 12 MO Inf., Co. A, Pvt.
Vincent, John Jordon Boone Twp., 120 IN Inf., Co. E
Vonderscher, Charles 53 IN Inf., Co. C, Rose Hill Cemetery
Vote, Clyde 16 US Inf., Co. H, Maple Grove Cemetery
Vote, Isaac Boone Twp., 65 IN Inf., Co. H, Pvt., died Jun 11, 1904, 58 yrs, Maple Grove Cemetery
Voyles, Levi Ohio Twp.,42 IN Inf., Co. D, Cpl., Mar 29, 1829-Sep 26, 1902, Rose Hill Cemetery




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