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Veterans ~ A

This list was donated by Jerri Houston. Please use it only as a start for your research. Jerri stated there were many different dates and regiments for the same men.

Abshire, Daniel B. Court house, 25th In Reg. Inf. Co. B
Acker, Michael Campbell Twp, 44 IN Inf. Co. G., Pvt.
Addington, Davis Boon Twp, 42 IN Inf. Co. K, Pvt. Oct. 27, 1840 - Mar 3, 1930, Mt. Gilead Cemetery
Admire, Jacob V. 65 IN Inf. Co. E, Sec. Lt.
Admire, Squire Anderson Twp, 118 IN Inf. Co I, Pvt. died Mar 27, 1915
Ahrens, Augustus F. A. Campbell Twp, 44 IN Inf. Co G., Pvt., 1825-Jul 13, 1884
Aichle, John M. 143 IN Vol., Co. A, Jun 11, 1844- Feb 9, 1898, Morrison Cemetery
Akers, Albert L. Ohio Twp, 17 OH Inf. Co. I, 1845-1940 Rose Hill Cemetery
Akers, John W. Ohio Twp., 12 IN Inf. Co. F
Alexander, Bailey Boon Twp., 25 IN Inf., Co. H, Feb 26, 1839-Nov 2, 1861, Center Cemetery
Alexander, Homer: Boon, Twp., 25 IN Inf., Co. H., Pvt. 1836-1877, Center Cemetery
Alexander, Randolph, Jr. Ohio Twp., 136 IN Inf., Co. I, Pvt., Center Cemetery
Alexander, Samuel Ohio Twp., 25 IN Inf., Co D & H, Cpl., Nov 28, 1832-May 19, 1904
Alexander, Thomas B. Ohio Twp., 25 IN Inf. Co. H, Pvt. Aug 14, 1840-Dec 16, 1881, Rose Hill Cemetery
Alflultis, Michael Anderson Twp., 91 IN Vol., Co. E, Pvt., 1845-Jun 29, 1931 Red Brush Cemetery
Allen, Felix Boone Twp., 108 KY Inf. Co. A., Pvt.
Allen, Nicholas C. Boone Twp.
Allen, Rolley E.10 IN Cav., Co. F, died Feb 6, 1880, Selvin Cemetery
Allen, William H. Boon Twp, 136 IN Inf. Co. G, Pvt., 1844-May 21, 1922, Maple Grove Cemetery
Allen, Wm. H. Pigeon or Boon Twp., 91 IN Inf., Co. B, Pvt.
Ambrose, John Pigeon Twp, Battery KY Vol. Co. C, Pvt.
Anderson, Frances M. Anderson Twp., 7 or 119 IN Cav. Co. D, Sgt., Bates Hill Cemetery
Anderson, Pickney Ohio Twp, 25 IN Inf. Co. H., Rose Hill Cemetery
Angel, F. M. 25 IN Inf. Co. I, Angel Cemetery
Angle, John W. Pigeon Twp, 17 KY Inf. Co I, Sgt.
Antes, Jacob Ohio Twp., 53 IN Inf., Co. I, Pvt., Dec 10, 1833-Jan 6, 1888, Center Cemetery
Armer, Robert Court House, 63 IN Inf. Co. C
Armstrong, Charles W. Boone Twp., 12 KY Inf., Pvt.
Arnold, John Anderson Twp., 58 IN Inf., Co. I, Pvt.
Arnold, Nathaniel Boone Twp, 12 KY Inf., Pvt.
Arnold, William F. Ohio Twp., 26 & 60 IN Inf., Co. B, Pvt., died Jan 4, 1914, 84 yrs, Maple Grove Cemetery
Ash, David Anderson Twp., 1st IN Inf. Co. E, Pvt., died Mar 27, 1915
Ash, David C. Boone Twp, 1 MO Inf., Co H., Pvt.
Ashley, Alvis 42 IN Inf., Co K, Stone-Cutter Cemetery
Ashley, James M. Ohio Twp., 58 IN Inf. Co. K., Pvt.
Attwood, T. B. Pigeon Twp, Merrills Horse MO Inf. Co. A, Pvt.
Aust, Henry M. 10 IN Cav., Co. M, Dec 11, 1840-Feb 28, 1866, Selvin Cemetery
Austin, Ewin L. Hart Twp., 91 IN Inf. Co. B, Pvt. 1837-1917




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