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This list was donated by Jerri Houston. Please use it only as a start for your research. Jerri stated there were many different dates and regiments for the same men.

Faas, Sam Lane Twp., 55 IL Inf., Co. F. Pvt.
Faass, Samuel Flag on Grave, Oct 18, 1825-Jun 14, 1900, Folsomville Cemetery
Farr, Frank Ohio Twp., 10 IN Cav., Co. A., Epworth Cemetery
Fay, Edward P. 65 IN Inf., Co. E
Feagley, John Lane Twp, 65 IN Inf., Co E.
Feagley, Mark W. Greer Twp., 65 IN Inf., Co C, Cpl., apr 6, 1838-Mar 21, 1914, Barnett Chapel Cemetery
Feagley, Samuel Campbell Twp, 44 IN Inf., Co. D., Pvt. Feb 24, 1834-Mar 25, 1912, Feagley Cemetery
Fellows, Doras Ohio Twp., 25 IN Inf., Co. F, Capt., died Jan 22, 1862, Myrtle Ridge Cemetery 
Felts, Isham D.65 IN Inf., Co. E, Jun 22, 1842-Sep 27, 1873, Feagley Cemetery
Ferguson, John Boone Twp., 1st IN Cav., Co. A., Chaplin
Ferguson, John Boone Twp., 28 IN Inf., Chaplin
Ferguson, Thomas L. Hart Twp, died Apr 19, 1879, 39 yrs, 5 mo, 6 days
Ferguson, William Boon Twp., 35 KY, Co. I, 1846-Sep 13, 1931, Maple Grove Cemetery
Fields, James Boon Twp., 65 IN Inf., Co. E, died Feb 10, 1864
Fielts, John D. Campbell Twp., 65 IN Inf., Co. E, Pvt., Jun 22, 1842-Sep 27, 1873
Finney, Joseph Ohio Twp., 60 IN Inf., Co. F, died Jan 16, 1869, Myrtle Ridge Cemetery
Fish, Adonaran J. Boone Twp, 25 IN Inf., Co. I, Pvt.
Fisher, Marion Gaines Owen or Lane Twp, 143 IN Inf., Co. D, Pvt., Dec 12, 1846-Jul 1, 1906
Fisher, Thos. Boone Twp., 91 IN Inf., Co. F, Pvt. Feb 12, 1838-Jan 17, 1922
Fisher, William Boone Twp., 143 IN Inf., Co. D, Pvt., Oct 23, 1847-Aig 1-. 1886, Mt. Gilead Cemetery
Flack, Greer Twp, 44 IN Inf., Co. D, Pvt.
Fleming, Jesse L. Boone Twp., 28 Reg. Vol. Cav. Co. G, died Sep 1, 1864
Fleming, Lot Harper Boone Twp., 143 IN Inf., Co. D, Pvt., died Sep 17, 1927
Flinn, Daniel Hart Twp, 91 IN Inf., Co. F, Pvt., mar 21, 1836-Jan 25, 1928
Floyd, F. M. 136 IN Inf. Co. F, Old Boonville Cemetery
Floyd, Geo. W. Owen or Hart Twp, 42 IN Inf., Co. K, Pvt., Mar 21, 1836-Oct 10, 1904, Lynnville Cemetery
Folden, Frank Ohio Twp, 23 VA Inf., Co. K, Pvt.
Folsom, James Court House, 53 IN Foot Co. I, May 22, 1824-Jul 6, 1865, Bethabara Cemetery
Force, Joseph Ohio Twp, 43 PA Inf., Co. G, Pvt.
Forston, Samuel G. Pigeon Twp, 65 IN Inf., Co. D, Cpl., died Mar 9, 1893
Forston, Silas H. Owen Twp., 42 IN, Co. K, Pvt.
Forston?, Silas G.Pigeon Twp, 65 IN, Inf. Co. D, Pvt.
Fortune, Henry Boone Twp, 53 IN Inf., Co. F, Pvt.
Foster, William Campbell Twp. 37 IN Inf., Co. B, Pvt.
Foster, Wm. R. Hart Twp, Unassigned, Pvt., died Dec 31, 1873, 47 yrs.
Fowler, James Ohio Twp., 58 IN Inf., Co. K, Pvt. Nov 27, 1842-1913
Fowler, William L. Hart Twp, 91 IN Vol., Co. B, Cpl., Dec 8, 1844-May 25, 1907, Lynnville Cemetery
Frakes, Geo. Pigeon or Lane Twp., 91 IN Inf., Co. E, Sgt.
Frances, Elizabeth Campbell Twp, 91 IN Inf., Co. F, Pvt., widow of John
Frank, Frederick Ohio Twp, 25 IN Inf., Co. I, Pvt., Oct 21, 1840-Mar 31, 1863
French, Wm. Hart Twp, 14 US Inf., Co. D, Pvt.
Frick, William Ohio Twp., 91 IN Inf., Co G, Pvt.
Fritts, Volney O. Boone Twp., 134 IN Inf., Co. D, Pvt.
Fuller, Benjamin Boon Twp, 53 IN Inf., Co. I, 1st Lt., died Jan 29, 1908, Maple Grove Cemetery
Fuller, Perry Ohio Twp, 25 IN Inf., Co. I, Rose Hill Cemetery
Fuquary, Elial C. Ohio Twp., 136 IN Inf., Co I, Pvt.
Fuquary, Wm. Ohio Twp, 65 IN Inf., Co. C, Pvt.
Fuquay, David N. Ohio Twp, 136 IN Vol., Co. I, Pvt., Jun 30, 1843-Oct 16, 1909
Fuquay, James 25 IN Inf., Co. H, Ellis Cemetery
Fuquay, William 65 IN Inf. Co. C, Rose Hill Cemetery




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