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Revolutionary War Soldiers

The following is a list of men who served in the Revolutionary War and were buried in Warrick County. Copied from Revolutionary War Monument.

This monument was erected July 4, 1976 by Warrick County American Revolution Bicentennial Committee

Alexander, John Pvt., 1759-1842 NC & Va.
Baker, John Pvt., 1762-1835 SC
Brannon, Daniel Pvt., 1757-not carved, SC
Brant, Edward Pvt., 1759-not carved, PA
Campbell, William Pvt., 1759-1837, SC
Cook, Daniel Pvt., 1760-1846, NC
Frisbie, Jonah Pvt., 1763-1820, Mass.
Gray, Benjamin Pvt., 1759-1840, MD
Hargrave, Hezekiah Pvt., 1762-1827, NC
Hinman, Asabel Capt., 1742-1825, NJ
Hudson, Isaac Pvt., 1761-1834, Delaware
Knight, William Pvt., 1759-1838, NC
Lee, Samuel Pvt., not carved-1840, KY
Little, Charles Pvt., 1763-1852, SC
Morgan, Charles Capt., 1757-1832, SC
Musgrave, Samuel Pvt., 1747-1934, SC
Osborne, William Pvt., 1763-1835, NC
Reed, George Pvt., 1960-1855, NC
Richardson, Thomas Pvt., 1862-1840, Va
Taylor, John Pvt., 1749-not carved, NC
Williams, William D. Pvt., 1760-1846, Va.

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