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Supplemental Marriage Records, 1882-1900~O

To the left you will find links to the information found in the WPA supplemental marriage index. The information is listed in this order: Bride or groom's name, father's name/ mother's name, sex, race, age at next birthday, date of marriage, book, page. Typed by Marsha Bryant.

Oatley, Mabel: C. L./ Belle C. Huston, FW25, 5/9/1888, H-24, 100
Odell, William: Charles/ Sarah Brammer, MW36, 5/5/1889, H-24, 112
Oestreicher, William: E. S./ Minnie Lennie, MW22, 5/25/1899, H-26, 32
Oglesbee, E. D.: John/ Muria Decimann, MW25, 11/24/1898, H-26, 25
Ohming, F. K.: F./ ---Boeds, MW32, 6/4/1891, H-24, 142
Ohning, Henry: John/ ---Burgjore, MW55, 9/8/1899, H-24, 117
OLaughlin, Henry: Martin/ Mary Baldwin, MW23, 9/21/1886, H-24, 74
OLaughlin, Jas: Martin/ Marcy Bolen, MW22, 1/25/1898, H-26, 20
OLaughlin, John: Martin/ Mary Bolin, MW26, 10/20/1886, H-24, 76
Olaughlin, Thomas: Martin/ Mary Balier, MW26, 8/22/1891, H-25, 2
Olden, Emma: James/ Emaline Fort, FW25, 11/8/1899, H-26, 34
Olin, Chauncy M.: Townsend/ Margaret Seely, FW31, 6/18/1896, H-26, --
Oliver, John T.: Albert/ Margaret Tucker, MW35, 1/23/1890, H-24, 124
Oliver, Rosa B.: John/ Mary Ann Moffit, FW17, 5/3/1899, H-26, 30
Ollenbruck, Ferdinand: Henry/ Sophia Leonharde, MW26, 11/6/1899, H-26, 34
Olley, John L.: Gus/ --- Hank, MW21, 1/7/1892, H-25, 6
Ollinger, Jacob C.: Jacob/ Nancy Persinger, MW32, 4/22/--, H-24, 127
Oloughlin, Mary: Martin/ --- Bolin, FW21, 6/19/1892, H-25, 10
Ommert, Rosa G.: Melchior/ Caroline Brinkman, MW23, 3/8/1900, H-26, 38
Oneil, J. A.: Patrick/ --- Carter, MW27, 3/25/1892, H-25, 7
Oniel, Mame: Patrick/ ---, FW19, 2/18/1886, H-24, 65
Onmart, Maggie: Melchior/ Caroline Birkmann, FW20, 3/23/1899, H-26, 29
Orsborn, E. J.: Samuel/ Anna Archir, FW20, 3/21/1884, H-24, 36
Orvin, Agnes: S. B./ ---West, MW21, 10/1/1900, H-26, 43
Osband, Lidia: ---/---, FW34, 8/29/1886, H-24, 73
Osborn, Alice: James/ Eliz Simpson, FW19, 8/18/1886, H-24, 73
Osborn, B. T.: P./ Larassa Scales, MW24, 5/8/1882, H-24, 4
Osborn, Benton W.: James/ Elizabeth Carter, MW26, 12/31/1899, H-26, 36
Osborn, Dora: L. A./ E. L. Brown, FW19, 12/22/1900, H-26, 45
Osborn, Mary Ann: John/ Elizabeth Carter, FW21, 3/4/1887, H-24, 85
Osborn, Nelly F.: Theofore/ ---, FW22, 4/6/1898, H-26, 24
Osborn, Nora M.: Levi/ Louse Brown, FW17, 8/2/1894, H-25, 28
Osborn, William F.: James/ --- McCarty, MW41, 8/8/1896, H-26, 6
Osborne, E.: J. T. Clark/ L. Masters, FW49, 3/-/1884, H-24, 36
Osborne, Lydia: James M./ Julian Hockworth, FW43, 8/9/1899, H-26, 31
Oskins, Absalem: John/ Fannie Oskins, MW33, 3/18/1883, H-24, 18
Oskins, Anthony: P. R. Naney/ S. P. Hill, MW38, 10/12/1887, H-24, 92
Oskins, Claude: Thomas/ Bell Orley, MW20, 12/21/1900, H-26, 45
Oskins, John W.: Jacob/ C. Oskins, MW21, 12/4/1894, H-25, 32
Oskins, Nattallie: John W./ --- Jones, FW-, 8/19/1891, H-25, 2
Oskins, R. E.: W. J./ --- Phillips, MW21, 5/22/1892, H-25, 9
Oskins, S. C.: W./ --- Philipey, MW30, 5/18/1900, H-26, 39
Oskins, Sewart Jr.: William/ P. Phillips, MW19, 10/7/1888, H-24, 102
Oskins, Wayne: William/ Rebecca Phillips, MW22, 4/9/1897, H-26, 10
Osten, Sarah E.: Mathew/ Hannah Gentry, FW16, 10/24/1882, H-24, 11
Ostermon, Elizabeth: Joseph/ Catherin Berns, FW19, 9/27/1895, H-25, 38
Overlan, William: Charles/ ---Rose, MW23, 4/12/1891, H-24, 141
Overlin, Gifford H.: William/ Rebecca Barley, MW28, ---, H-24, 58
Overlin, Leander: William/ Bell Crowder, MW24, 12/29/1896, H-26, 13
Overlin, Kuvenia: William/ Martha B. Cooper, FW17, 8/3/1895, H-25, 39
Overlin, Mattie M.: William/ --- Crowder, FW17, 3/17/1892, H-25, 7
Owen, James M.: James M./ A. E Jones, MW24, 5/25/1897, H-26, 14
Owen, Martha J.: Thomas/ Elizabeth Campbell, FW18, 8/17/1890, H-24, 130
Owen, Martin E.: Henry/ ---, MW20, 3/28/1889, H-24, 110
Owens, Benjamine J.: Daniel/ --- Hoopper, MW33, 10/3/1897, H-26, 14
Owens, Charles: Granul/ Nete Phrofet, MW29, 12/27/1897, H-26, 19
Owens, Dora E.: Benjamin/ Irene Hall, FW18, 7/14/1895, H-25, 37
Owens, Ella M.: James T./ ---, FW20, 3/13/1890, H-24, 125
Owens, Everett: Benjamin/ Irene Hall, MW21, 3/3/1889, H-24, 109
Owens, John F.: Danuel/ Martha Hopes, MW31, ---, H-24, 57
Owens, Josie: B. F./ Irene Hall, FW19, 1/23/1899, H-26, 28
Owens, Martha: Benjamin F./ Irene Hall, FW19, 5/13/1883, H-24, 9
Owens, Minnie: Benjamin F./ Irene Hall, FW20, 3/2/1892, H-25, 7
Owens, S.: J. T./ --- Martin, MW25, 6/10/1891, H-24, 142
Owens, Thompson J.: Benjamin F./ Irene Hall, MW24, 9/4/1889, H-24, 116
Owens, Van: Daniel/ Martha Hopper, MW35, 12/27/1893, H-25, 22
Owens, William E.: Daniel/ Mollie Harper, MW25, 9/12/1889, H-24, 117
Oxley, Missina: Augusta/ Isabell Hanks, FW21, 10/26/1882, H-24, 11
Oxley, Sarah E.: Augusta/ --- Hanks, FW22, 3/5/1891, H-24, 139 



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