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Supplemental Marriage Records, 1882-1900~N

To the left you will find links to the information found in the WPA supplemental marriage index. The information is listed in this order: Bride or groom's name, father's name/ mother's name, sex, race, age at next birthday, date of marriage, book, page. Typed by Marsha Bryant.

Nailes, A.: N./ ---, FC22, 1/25/1885, H-24, 47
Nailey, Sarah Jane: William/ Elvira Cookney, FC19, 12/25/1897, H-26, 21
Nancy, A. J.: Jo F./ Lucy Burdick, MW33, 7/18/1886, H-24, 72
Nancy, Kenton: Austin/ Charlotte Martin, MW21, 4/2/1899, H-26, 30
Nangy, Luella C.: James R./ Sarah Thale, FW31, 2/7/1886, H-24, 66
Nanney, Mary A.: J. T./ Lucy Berdick, FW23, 7/17/1884, H-24, 40
Nappina, Mary F.: John/ Ellen Nappina, FW20, 6/3/1883, H-24, 22
Naught, Robert L.: Thomas F./ Alpha A. Howard, MW21, 10/30/1884, H-24, 44
Navim, Georgia M.: E. W./ --- Nance, FW17, 6/31/1885, H-24, 53
Nead, Fredrick: Sebastirm/ Elizabeth N--, MW57, ---, H-24, 54
Neal, A.: R./ S. Kelley, MW37, 3/2/1884, H-24, 35
Neal, Cora M.: William/ Jennie Sims, FW17, 9/26/1883, H-24, 28
Neal, Salie C.: Joel B./ Elizabeth A. conom, FW32, 10/22/1890, H-24, 134
Neale, Francis: Israel/ Minie Snowe, FW24, 1/1/1899, H-26, 36
Neamire, John: John/ Margriet Jeigler, MW28, ---< H-24, 56
Need, N. E.: Leo/ E. Bradford, FW21, 4/7/1884, H-24, 36
Neely, Carrie L.: John L./ Eliz Ann Donjutz, FW27, 6/17/1894, H-25, 27
Negley, Hannah B.: Louis/ Mary E. Stanley, FC18, 3/26/1890, H-24, 125
Nehf, Henry W.: Andrew/ Catherine Booth, MW30, 12/23/1896, H-26, 12
Nelson, Sarah F.: William/ Sarah Holbrook, FW34, 8/2/1898, H-26, 24
Nemtus, Lewis: William M./ --- Woods, MW30, ---, H-24, 58
Nester, Charles P: Peter/ Christina Freund, MW23, 4/15/1897, H-26, 9
Nester, Mary: Peter/ Christina Freund, FW23, 9/27/1894, H-25, 29
Nester, Mary I.: Phillip/ T. Sensmeir, FC19, 1/1/1891, H-24, 137
Nester, William: Peter, Christine Frannd, MW22, 11/9/1899, H-26, 35
Nettleton, Edward: Wilson, Gertrude Burtis, MW20, 4/23/1890, H-24, 127
Newby, J. W.: J./ V. Powers, MW25, 3/6/1884, H-24, 34
Newhause, Ida: David/ Marie Banatte, FW24, 5/4/1890, H-24, 128
Newman, A. M.: L./ E. Ruthr, MW26, 10/14/1888, H-24, 102
Newman, Oscar: Levi/ --- Ritter, MW23, 4/3/1892, H-25, 8
Newton, Grant: J. A./ Jennie Baker, MW29, 9/23/1897, H-26, 15
Neyhouse, Alvin R.: Aaron/ Elisa Jeffcoat, Mw23, 7/9/1896, H-26, 6
Niblack, Ellis H.: L. A./ Julia A. Green, MW22, 5/29/1882, H-24, 3
Nichelson, James M.: John/ --- Fowler, MW25, 2/17/1892, H-25, 6
Nichols, D. W.: Eli/ Lucida Jones, FW22, 4/17/1893, H-25, 20
Nichols, James: Abraham/ --- McHenry, MC22, 4/7/1896, H-26, 6
Nicholsen, Charles M.: John/ Sarah Fowler, MW21, 8/31/1890, H-24, 131
Nicholson, Annie M.: John/ S. E. Fowler, FW19, 9/28/1890
Nicholson,Arumus: Joseph/ Alphat F. Barnett, MW21, 5/16/1897, H-26, 11
Nicholson, Charles M.: John/ Sarah E. Fowler, MW27, 8/13/1896, H-26, 6
Nicholson, George W.: Joseph/ Matilda Haywood, MW24, 11/8/1896, H-26, 13
Nicholson, Hannah: Joseph/ --- Barnett, FW19, 1/6/1893, H-25, 18
Nicholson, Martin: John/ Sarah Fowler, MW27, 9/9/1894, H-25, 29
Nicholson, Samuel B.: George/ --- Broox, MW34, 11/10/1889, H-24, 119
Nickelson, Fannie: Jim/ ---, FW27, 11/26/1883, H-24, 25
Nickelson, William: Joseph/ Mary Hemelton, MW39, ---, H-24, 57
Nickens, A. B.: David/ Mary King, MW25, 3/12/1896, H-26, 4
Nickens, Amanda: William/ Lucy Hunt, FW20, 10/28/1894, H-25, 30
Nickens, Anna: Davis/ Mary King, FW25, 5/6/1899, H-26, 30
Nickens, Charles Nelson: William/ Lucy Hunt, MW22, 11/4/1897, H-26, 20
Nickens, Effie: David/ --- King, FW22, 3/30/1893, H-25, 16
Nickens, Lillie: Elijah/ --- Carey, FW19, 9/4/1896, H-26, 7
Nickens, Lora Liversal: William/ Lucy Hunt, FW17, 12/9/1897, H-26, 20
Nickens, William: Joseph/ Mary Rect, MW53, 4/11/1895, H-25, 37
Nickols, George F.: Thomas/ Clarise ---, MW31, 7/24/1890, H-24, 130
Niederham, Annie: Christian/ Caroline Koch, FW21, 10/26/1900, H-26, 43
Niederhaus, Heenrich: Fred/ Louisa B. Schlenk, MW23, 4/16/1893, H-25, 19
Niederhaus, J.: F./ --- Ikleniker, MW24, 1/24/1892, H-25, 6
Nichaus, George J.: Fred/ E. Joeman, MW-, 12/20/1893, H-25, 23
Nix, Charles: I. J./ Mary Gatley, MW26, 10/9/1898, H-26, 27
Nix, George M.: Isac/ Mary J. Coatsley, MW32, 4/7/1887, H-24, 87
Nix, Thomas J.: Isaac/ Mary Goddly, MW26, 4/12/1896, H-26, 2
Nixson, W. S.: James/ E. Christinson, MW46, 2/24/1882, H-24, 6
Nixson, William S.: James/ Eliz Christoson, MW46, 2/24/1882, H-24, 1
Nole, Eliza: Blueford/ Amelia Darwin, FW28, ---, H-24, 58
Nolybrayal, Catherine: ---/---, FW25, 8/23/1898, H-26, 25
Nonweiler, Charles: Carl/ Jacobina Diedrich, MW63, 4/9/1896, H-26, 2
Nonweiler, Charles M.: Louis/ Louise Brender, MW25, 4/13/1890, H-24, 126
Nonweiler, Charles M.: Lowise/ --- Brice, MW27, 4/27/1892, H-25, 8
Nonweiler, Phillip: P./ Cath Graulich, MW22, 2/14/1884, H-24, 33
Norris, Enez: John/ Sarah Rice, FW19, 3/11/1894, H-25, 26
Norris, Flora: John S./ --- Rice, FW30, 7/18/1897, H-26, 15
Norris, John T.: John/ Sarah Nice, MW31, 5/5/1895, H-25, 35
Norton, Annie: W./ Mary Croyton, FW24, 10/27/1894, H-25, 31
Norton, Charles M.: William A./ Hester Carter, MW22, ---, H-24, 56
Norton, Elizabeth M.: Miles J./ Nancy Hackills, FW49, 10/7/1898, H-26, 26
Norton, Moses H.: George/ Martha Roberts, MW29, 3/10/1889, H-24, 111
Norton, William: Thomas/ Tabitha Davis, MW74, 10/7/1898, H-26, 26
Norton, William: Thomas/ T. Davis, MW55, 5/21/1885, H-24, 52
Norwood, Jennie: N. R./ Lon Darby, FW33, 5/22/1893, H-25, 17
Norwood, Thomas M.: James M./ Mary Wakelin, MW25, 8/3/1884, H-24, 41
Norwood, William F.: James M./ Mary Wakeland, MW21, 9/29/1887, H-24, 95
Notgrass, John: John/ --- Gant, MW26, 12/26/1895, H-25, 1
Nunn, Nettie: William/ Ana Palmer, FW23, 6/8/1898, H-26, 3
Nunn, William: William/ Sarah Contolhan, MW50, ---, H-24, 53
Nunn, William: William/ Sarah Couth, MW49, 4/26/1882, H-24, 1
Nunwiler, Bena: Charles/ Mary Gemlich, FW21, 2/15/1883, H-24, 21
Nyhouse, John: Aaron/ --- Vowlies, MW27, 9/24/1889, H-24, 116



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