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History of Warrick County, pages 71-81

History of Warrick County
by Edwin Adams, 1868
Donated to the site by John Key
Transcribed by Marsha Bryant
Page 71 

W. White, James Nicholson, James Hale, James W. Clark, and Perry T. Moore.
The following named members of the Company died while in the service: Geo. W. Biers, Isom Blankenship, solomon Cox, James Donaldson, Abraham Eby, James Fickis, Samuel Goodwin, Alexander H. Jordan, Joseph Lowrance, James F. Turpin, Nicholas Taylor, William Wallace and Joseph C. Wood.
Company H, 25th Indiana Volunteers
Was principally enlisted at Newburgh, in the county of Warrick, and organized on the first day of August 1861, by Col. Wood, mustering Officer.
Captain - John H. Darby
Lieutenants - 1st, Darus Fellows; 2nd Charles Lucas
Sergeants - 1st, Spencer Webster; 2d, Wm. J. Keith; 3d, Joshua P. Davis; 4th, Vermillion L. Chapman; 5th, Edward L. Williams
Corporals - 1st, Henry W. Knowles; 2d, Samuel Alexander; 3d, Wm. L. Haynie, 4th, Albert Cox; 5th, Daniel W. Merrit; 6th, George L. Robertson; 7th, John Hawley; 8th, Jesse Hickman
Musicians - Isaac D. Hall, James A. McGill
Wagoner - Horace Walters

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Capt. Darby resigned, August 20, 1861, and Lieut. Dorus Fellows was appointed to fill the vacancy; and the other promotions in their usual order, were made. The Company did it's share of fighting, and underwent all the trials, and suffered all the injuries usual to a warm and active campaign. It veteronized and remained in the service till July 6, 1865, when it was mustered out.
There were other Companies and squads of men recruited in Warrick county, of which we are totally unable to collect any data. The number of volunteers furnished by the county was about ---
Names of Sheriffs of Warrick County from 1813
until 1868, Inclusive, in the Order below.
S. R. Mars, Wm. Briscoe, Gallilmas Wiggins, Minor Lewright, Ephraim Broshears (yet living), Wm. Briscoe (died during this term), Thos. Hudspeth, James G. Graham, A. B. Hudson (two terms), Wm. M. Hudson (two terms), Wm. Scales, Calvin M. Williams, Nicholas Taylor, Isaac W. Adams, Benoni S. Fuller, Wm. P. Hudson, John B. Hudspeth, Wm. P. Hudson, Wm. A. Williams, present incumbent.
Treasurers of Warrick County
Ratcliffe Boon, Joseph Adams, Ephraim Broshears, Thos. Hudspeth, John McConnell, Edwin Adams, Wm. Scales, N. C. Foster, Edwin Adams, Calvin M. Williams, Simon P. Lowe, Alvah Johnson, Dr. Josiah Brown, James H. Masters, Lewis J. Miller, present incumbent.

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The three first Treasurers were appointed, under the old system, by the Commissioners, and served as follows: R. Bonn, from 1813 to 1820 or 21; J. Adams, from that time to 1831, the year of his death; E. Broshears, from 1831 to 1841, when Thos. Hudspeth was elected under the present law.
Clerks of Warrick County
--Mars, Wm. G. Buckler, Nat. Hart, John a. Graham, J. W. B. Moore, Joseph Masters, W. I. Hargrave, Robert Taylor, present incumbent.
There may be some errors in the above, as to the early history of the county, the records were often left in a confused and inexplicable shape. The balance of the county officers cannot be given without any certainty.
Newspapers Published
The first paper published in the County was the Chronicle, at Newburgh, established in 848, just previous to the Presidential election, by R. S. Terry, Editor and Publisher. It was Whig in politics and advocated Taylor's election. It was only published one or two years when it was succeeded by the Warrick Democrat, whose Editor and Publisher was Calvin O. Frary. The Democrat was published in Newburgh until 1857, when it was removed to Boonville- published there a few months, and brought back to Newburgh, where its publication was discontinued in the early part of 1862. It was Breckinridge-Democrat in politics. 
In the meantime the Newburgh Tribune, a

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Know-Knothing paper, was established in Newburgh, in 1854, by Isaac Falls, editor and proprietor. The Tribune only flourished about one year, and was discontinued.
In 1857, the Boonville Democrat, (Douglas Democrat,) was established in Boonville by --Dalrymple, editor and proprietor. Mr Dalrymple was succeeded in the publication of the Democrat by John Fleming, and he was succeed by J. W. B. Moore. In the meantime the Democrat underwent some changes in politics, but was finally changed to the Enquirer, it present name, and is now published by Messrs. Crawford & Martin, Mr. Moore having retired from its publication less than a year ago.
The Warrick Herald, a Republican paper, edited by Captain J. V. Admire, was established in Newburgh, May 9, 1867. It has a good patronage, large circulation in the county and bids fair to continue one of Warrick County's permanent institutions.
During the year 1867, 2,824 hogsheads of tobacco were shipped from this county. This tobacco worth on an average, at least of $120 per bld. , amounts in the snug sum of $338,880.
The same year 139,100 bushels of corn were shipped from this county, which at the average price of 66 cents, amounted to $91,806. The same year 2,000 tons of hay were shipped from the county, which, at the average of $12 per ton, amounted to $2,400.
The above articles were shipped from Newburgh and one or two other points on the river, while the pork, &c., for which there was no market in the County, was hauled to Evansville and other markets.

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Mr. B. B. Root, the original projector and prosecutor of this work, died Sunday, August 23, 1868, suddenly of congestive chill, while the manuscript, &c., of this work was in a very imperfect condition. The work is now in the best shape in which it could be made under the circumstances, though many very important things are omitted, and many are irregular and imperfect.

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