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Books for Sale

If you know of any books currently available for sale about Warrick County, please let me know. Listed below are a few of the known titles of books available for sale. Wherever possible, I have given a brief description of the work, as well as price and availability if known. This is in no way a recommendation or endorsement by this writer of any work listed, but rather a listing of known resources for those researching the area and looking for clues of missing ancestors.

"Index to Warrick Map" 

Now Available
An index for the Warrick Map that comes with the Warrick Cemetery List is now available and can be ordered by those who have the map and wish to have the index. The index separate is $2.50 postage included. The index will be included with all map orders received reflecting the new price. Use the address below for the Warrick map to order index.

The History of Warrick, Spencer, and Perry Counties, Indiana 1885

This publication contains the earliest history of schools, townships, first settlers, towns & villages, courthouses, military, newspapers, businesses, portraits, biographies, and many more historical facts. 
The price is $60.00 with a $5.00 shipping charge.
Please contact:
Becky Middleton at the Spencer County
Public Library by phone, fax, or e-mail. 
Phone: 812-649-4866 (Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00)
Fax: 812-649-4018 (Attention Becky)
E-mail: middletonb@rockport-spco.lib.in.us

Books available for sale by Sharon Patmore:

Please write for address.
I now have both Perry Co Newspaper Abstract books available. Vol I 1852-1930 $50.00 Vol 2 1931-1940 $28.00 or the set at $75.00
Checks or money orders only.

-Marsha's Note: Perry County books are listed because of Perry's close proximity to Warrick.
I have recently discovered two books that we can offer for sale. One is a Hard copy of the 1900 Warrick Co Census Index and the other is Vol 2 Cemetery book consisting of Greer and Hart twps. We are also considering a re-print of Cemetery Books but must have 10-12 buyers committed before the printing. The price will depend on response but if you post it, let them know we will be responding to their questions and conducting a pre-publication sale prior to the actual re-printing. Please post these notices or e-mail any questions you may have about this note.
Thanks, Sharon Patmore

Circa 1880 Atlas of Warrick County, Indiana

The content comes from a book my mother has. It was probably made about 1880 based on some of my family history. The front pages were missing, so I am not really sure of the name. Each page was scanned and the pictures were as clear as I could get them. Since a few pages are not as clear, I have made duplicate pages of them to try and get a better picture. It is not indexed. The price is $5.00 with shipping and handling included. The names of the Townships included are: Anderson, Boon, Campbell, Lane, Greer, Ohio, Owen, Pigeon, and Skelton.

This is the atlas that May sent for us to place online.
Contact: May Kercheval 

Inventory of Available Records by Virginia Aldridge

Each file is a compilation of the actual images of the listed records. They are exact replicas of the original records. All records were digitally enhanced where needed, and converted to .pdf images to provide ease of viewing. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the ideal viewer for this medium. If you do not already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader in your computer, you will need to download it to use the files. All files you purchase will be placed on a USB flash drive. Insert the USB flash drive in your computer's USB port. Open my computer and choose the flash drive. When you open the file the first page will be an introductory page with directions for that file.

Warrick Co., IN Records:
Will Book 1 1831 - 1859 $15.00

Contains the actual images of Will Book 1 and copies of the original wills, that were recorded in Will Book 1, from the files in the Clerk's Office. Includes testator name index linked to the actual page in Will Book 1. This compilation, of Will Book 1 and wills from the files, is an exact replica of the original book and files.

Naturalization Records 1839 - 1920: $15.00

more than 800 images
See Warrick Co., IN Naturalization indexes at the Resources Online page.

Supplemental Marriage Records 1884 - 1885: $5.00

more than 250 images
These are not the Supplemental Marriage Record books. These are images of the surviving applications filled out when the couple applied for their marriage license.
Includes both Grooms and Brides Indexes
Groom's name is linked to the image of the record for that couple

Barnett Funeral Home $10.00

Burial-Transit Permits 1938 - 1965: more than 1700 images
Burial-Transit Permits contain varying information, including date and place of death, cause of death and place of internment.

Shafer Brother's Funeral Home $10.00 per file.

January 1885 - December 1886
January 1887 - July 1889
January 1890 - December 1891
January 1892 - December 1893
January 1894 - November 1896
November 1896 - November 1900
November 1900 - December 1906
January 1907 - February 1914
February 1914 - July 1919

Shafer Brothers Funeral Home records are contained in nine books that cover the years January 1885 through July 1919. Each book has been scanned front to back and placed in it's own file.

The first eight books are recorded in a funeral home ledger. The ninth book is recorded in a type of business ledger. Some of the books contain inserts, paper that was glued into the original book, to lengthen the book. There is an original index in the front of each book. There are times when a page is missing and there are times when the funeral sequence for each year has been numbered incorrectly. The books are very old and in fragile condition. It took a great deal of time to scan each book carefully and not damage the original record. Therefore, some of the pages are not as straight as I would have preferred, but the information is clearly visible. These compilations of Shafer Funeral Home books are exact replicas of the original books.

Cumberland Presbyterian Church Records Newburgh, Warrick Co., IN 1840 - 1921: free these images are online

1010 images

Shipping and handling $10.00 per USB flash drive.

Virginia L. Aldridge
7602 Pendleton Avenue
Evansville IN 47715

Contact: Virginia L. Aldridge

Bland Book Store

by Doris Bland
Doris has done 11 books of all the cemeteries in Wayne Co., IL. and has also done some family books that may have Warrick ancestors. Click on the Order form to view specific information.

Also, she has completed a book, "Perigo's of Warrick County, Indiana, Their Ancestors and Descendants. " The book is 242 pages with 25 pages of color photos, and has a hard library cover. It was interesting to research because the name started as Peregois to Peregoy, Pedigo to Perigo. From 1865 in France to Maryland through VA, Ky to In. The price is $35.00 plus shipping and handling ($3.00). Contact Doris for ordering details.



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