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Newspaper Death Records ~ A-M

Abbott, L D printed Feb 9 1889 Enquirer  -Resolution
Abbott, S D  printed Feb 8 1889 Standard   -Resolution
Abell, John printed Sep 18 1875 Enquirer -Dubois County
Abshier, Mrs. Wife of John printed Jul 3 1886 Enquirer, Barnett Cemetery
Abshier, Silas printed Sep 3 1870 Enquirer, Rockport, Spencer County
Abshier, Wm  printed Feb 4 1882 Enquirer, Adm. Notice
Abshier, Infant of John printed Nov 26 1887 Enquirer, Barnett Cemetery
Achor, Abraham printed Jan 22 1876 Enquirer, Daviess County
Adair, Wife of John printed Sep 8 1883 Enquirer, Mt. Vernon, IN -Nee Mackey
Adams, Brother of Bell printed Apr 12 1879 Enquirer, Ellis Cemetery
Adams, Howard B., Age 27 yrs, died Chicago, Oct 1893
Adams, Howard found dead, Petersburgh, Oct 1893, d. Jul 25 1853, aged 23 yrs printed Aug 6 1853 no paper listed, Wife of Isaac -Nee McKinney name listed in husbands Obituary
Adams, Cornielus printed Apr 29 1876 Enquirer -d. 1853
Adams, Emma  printed Jul 10 1880 Enquirer, aged 17 yrs Daughter of Thomas
Adams, G F  printed  Feb 26 1880 Standard -Bakers Cemetery
Adams, Gilbert  printed Sep 27 1873 Enquirer, Knox County
Adams, Homer  printed Jun 16 1877 Enquirer
Adams, Homer A  printed Oct 2 1879 Standard, Admin. Notice
Adams, Howard printed Oct 13 1893 Standard  -Found dead From Petersburg
Adams, Howard B  printed Oct 7 1893 Enquirer, aged 27 yrs 6 mths Obituary, d. Chicago
Adams, Isacc W  printed Apr 29 1876 Enquirer, Obituary Ellis Cemetery
Adams, James  printed Jan 30 1875 Enquirer -Admin.  Notice
Adams, James  printed Sep 23 1898 Enquirer
Adams, John  printed Jun 14 1859  no paper listed -Aged 3 yrs Son of Isaac W d. last Monday
Adams, Joseph  printed Jun 18 1868 Enquirer-d. 37 yrs ago husband of Nancy
Adams, Mina  printed Jan 14 1888 Enquirer-Newburgh widow of Isaac W
Adams, Mrs.  printed Jun 1 1894 Standard -Gentryville
Adams, Nancy  printed Jun 18 1868 Enquirer-Aged 77 yrs d. Jun 10
Adams, Thomas S  printed FEB 3 1899 Enquirer-Aged 86 yrs Center Cemetery
Adams, W E  printed Sep 17 1897 Standard -Dr Aged 49 yrs murdered Son of TS
Adams, Wife of Edwin  printed Oct 26 1872 Enquirer-Baker Cemetery
Adams, Zelpha A  printed Mar 2 1900 Enquirer- Final Settlement
Adams, Zilphia  printed Sep 23 1898 Enquirer-Obituary, Baker Cemetery
Addington, Cassie  printed Mar 28 189? Enquirer-Aged 1 yr 4 mo., infant of Harold, Mt. Gilead
Addington, Eliza  printed Apr 14 1894 Enquirer-Funeral preached
Addington, Eliza  Cain  printed Dec 9 1893 Enquirer-Mt. Gilead
Addington, Minnie  printed May 9 1896 Enquirer-Wife of Harold, Mt. Gilead
Addington, Mrs. Herbert August 28, 1925 Boonville Standard "Mrs. Herbert Addington died Saturday at her home, 2 miles south of Boonville, after a long illness. Funeral services were held at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon at Mt. Gilead church, with Rev. Charles Campbell officiating. Burial was at Maple Grove cemetery.
Addington, Wife of Davis  printed Dec 8 1893 Standard-Mt. Gilead Aged 50 yrs
Addington, Wife of E printed Jan 6 1894 Enquirer
Adkins, Wm.  printed Feb 14 1860  no paper -Adm. Notice
Agan, Dan printed May 22 1875 Enquirer-Daviess Co.
Agee, Alfred  printed Mar 24 1870 Enquirer-Pike Co., IN mo. ago
Agee, Cicero  printed Aug 3 1894 Standard-Dr killed 1886 Scalesville
Agee, Cicero died, aged 50 yrs was Doctor and murdered June 1886, Scalesville Inquest held, Jun 19
Aiken, John P. age 68 yrs suicide Evansville Sep 1913
Alexander, Albert Marion died Sep 4, 1859, son of Lucy, aged 10 yrs
Alexander, Phoebe 82, widow of Randolph Alexander, died at the home of her son, Robert Gardner, near Chandler, last Saturday. Funeral services were conducted Monday morning from the Cumberland Presbyterian church at Chandler. She is survived by one son Robert, and one daughter, Mrs. Fanny Withers, of Evansville.May 25, 1928 Boonville Standard
Alexander, Warren died Jun 12, 1851, son of Alex  
Allen, Samuel  Lynnville
Allen, Samuel P 2 Mar 1906 R. Standard, 9 Mar 1906 Enquirer 66y 3m 29d, Lynnville Cemetery
Armer, Robert died Jan 21, 1858, aged 74 yrs, War of 1812
Arnett, Richard murdered in Spencer County Oct 1883
Artman, William Died in penitentiary Jul 1895
Artman, Wife & son of William Artman murdered by William, Feb 1894 Tell City
Ashley, Jane died Jun 2, 1856, wife of John
Ashley, John died 2 yrs ago mentioned in obit of wife Rachel P Oct 1912 aged 92 yrs Ashley Cemetery-Feb 1910
Ashley, Luther died in TX burial at Wesley Cemetery listed Jul 17 1914 Enquirer
Ashley, Orra E. wife of Jacob B. and daughter of Joel
aged 58 yrs 10 mths 24 days burial at Maple Grove Cemetery listed Jan 21 1910 Enquirer
Ashley, Rachel Paulina aged 79 yrs 28 days burial at Ebenezer widow of John listed Oct 4 1912 Standard
Atkinson, George & daughter drowned Jan 1898, Evansville


Bacon, Child, Son of Daniel Bacon appears Jul 14 1889 Enquirer-age 3 ? yrs Stark Cemetery Spencer County
Bacon, John appears Jan 6 1877 Enquirer Newspaper -age 60 yrs
Bacon, Lillie appears Feb 14 1885 Enquirer Newspaper-age 11 mo. Yankeetown
Bacon, Theophilus appears Apr 5 1859 no paper listed -Adminis. Notice
Bacon, Thomas J. appears Mar 21 1867 Enquirer-Guardian Sale
Baker, Malinda died Dec 22, 1854, wife of Edw. J., aged 29 yrs
Baker, Simon accidentally shot dead Nov 1894, aged 57 yrs
Ballenger, Orlando died May 23, 1876
Barnes, J  also killed his wife Martha Oct 1898, J = Jesse
Barnes, Martha killed by her husband Jesse Oct 1898
Barton, Albert 1st husband of Martha Kelley d. bef 1894 listed Dec 9 1910 Standard Newspaper
Barton, Bessie aged 2 mths 22 days Coroner Inq listed Jul 9 1909 Enquirer
Barton, Child of John -daughter Little Zion Cemetery listed Jul 7 1911 Enquirer
Barton, Child of Ollie -son age 6 mths listed Aug 26 1904 Enquirer
Barton, Child of Willard -daughter, Barnett Cemetery listed Jul 10 1908 Enquirer
Barton, Child of Willard -daughter Barnett Cemetery listed Dec 2 1902 Enquirer
Barton, Daisy aged 2 yrs daughter of Albert G -Maple Grove Cem listed Jan 22 1915 Standard
Barton, Elijah aged 72 yrs also listed as Elijah, Sr aged 72 yrs Barton and Barnett Cemetery listed Nov 26 in both Enquirer and Standard Newspapers
Barton, Frank aged 21 yrs accident Coroner Inquest Folsomville Funeral listed Oct 6 1911 Enquirer
Barton, Geo aged 51 yrs Moore's station news listed Oct 23 1908 Enquirer
Barton, Gilbert aged 44 yrs Skelton Cemetery listed Apr 15 1904 Enquirer
Barton, Isaac Homer aged 54 yr 9 mths 6 days Maple Grove Cemetery listed Feb 17 1905 Enquirer
Barton, Jessie E aged 40 yrs 3 mths 5 days Barnett Cemetery listed Oct 21 1910 Enquirer
Barton, John died Apr 14, 1876
Barton, Louisa widow of James at Barnett Cemetery listed Aug 25 1911 Standard
Barton, Luther Ray aged 9 mths son of Henry -Barnett Cemetery listed Dec 9 1904 Enquirer
Barton, Mae daughter of Wm. aged 19 yrs 9 mths Stanley News listed Jan 10 1913 Standard
Barton, Wife of Wm. Barton died Sep 1, 1878
Barkwell, Pernella S. Apr 1, 1858. wife of H G, aged 35 yrs
Barnett, Father The father of Cicero Barnett was murdered by his son Nov 1899, Owensboro
Bartley, Patrick age 49 yrs mine accident Apr 1909
Bass, Geo. was shot and killed in Feb 1888 in Dexter, Mo. 
Bass, Geo. shot and killed Dexter, MO was listed in Enquirer Newspaper on Mar 3 1888 and in Standard Newspaper on Mar 2 1888
Bates, Bela N. appears Jan 7 1882 Enquirer Newspaper-OLD Cemetery
Bates, Col. appears Jan 6 1877 Enquirer-Obit Newburgh
Bates, Dailey died in SC buried in Gentry Cemetery appears Enquirer Feb 5 1897
Bates, Daniel appears Standard Newspaper Sep 30 1898- Yankeetown
Bates, Daniel F. appears Feb 10 1877 Standard Newspaper
Bates, Emma age 24 yrs wife of Brady -Perigo Cemetery appears Oct 2 Enquirer & Oct 9 1896 Standard Newspapers
Bates, Emma body moved to Bethany Cemetery from Perigo appears Dec 9, 1898 Enquirer
Bates, Fannie daughter of Thomas -Petersburg appears Feb 23 1895 Enquirer
Bates, Geo. W. Insolvency appears Nov 9 1878 Enquirer
Bates, Jessie aged 31 yrs Bethany Cemetery appears May 5 1899 Enquirer
Bates, Marion drowned Yankeetown appears Jun 26 1875 Enquirer
Bates, McEwing aged 38 yrs Mt Gilead Cemetery appears Oct 5 1888 Enquirer
Bates, Nelly infant death from Feb appears Mar 14 1885 Enquirer Boon Twp
Bates, Salvin C. aged 70 yrs Maple Grove Cemetery appears May 26 1899 Standard
Bates, Sarah aged 61 yrs Old Cemetery Boon Twp appears Nov 21 1885 Enquirer -Wife of Bela
Bates, Sarah died Sat burial at Hebron Church appears Nov 25 1880 Enquirer
Beck, Grant killed Petersburg appears Oct. 18 1889 Standard Newspaper
Beck, Son of Simon Beck aged 5 yrs appears Jan. 12 1895 burial at Old Boonville
Becker, Christine listed Oct 1 1915 aged 68 yrs 8 mths 14 days Maple Grove
Becker, Caroline wife of Jacob who died 1853 Germany is listed Feb 21 1902 aged 82 yrs 2 mths 19 days Enquirer says Maple Grove Cemetery but Standard lists St John Cemetery
Becker, William Mr. Becker was listed in son William Becker's obit Aug 2 1901 Enquirer, Mr, Becker died in Germany 1853 husband of Caroline, Wm Becker aged 53 yrs 2 mths 27 days Maple Grove Cemetery husband of Christine
Bennett, Horace listed on Indiana's obit on Oct 23 1908-died in July 1905 in MO
Bennett, Indiana -Enquirer Oct 23 1908 -aged 78 yrs 9 mths 18 days died in MO
Bennett, Mrs. -Enquirer Mar 5 1915-w/o Charles died in MO
Betz, C. was killed in tree Nov 1881 in Cannelton
Brown, Henry H died of a paper cut, Jul 1899
Bodkins, Everett mine accident Pike Co. Oct 1904
Bogan - Other 5 buried in Lonely Mound under Cedars years ago
Bogan, Elijah age 20 Aug 1885 Henman Cem.
Bogan, Father of W. L. Bogan, died 1834 Old Bogan Homestead
Boner, Sally Taylor on the 31st day of Jan 1865 in the 50th year of her life, in the 34th year of our very very happy union. William Boner. McConnell Cemetery 1815-1865
Bowles, Joel S. aged 48 shot self Apr 1912 Maple Grove
Bracken, Elijah age 29 yrs mine accident Apr 1901 buried KY age 32?
Brammer, Thomas aged 48 yrs suicide Aug 1915 Barnett Cem.
Bristow, F L son of Larkin, of Campbell Twp. June 29 1858
Bristow, Larkin Enquirer Newspaper on Jan 19 1900 obit burial Mt. Gilead Cem.
Bristow, Susie  Enquirer Newspaper on Oct 21 1871 wife of Larkin, in Millersburgh
Bristow, William aged 30 yrs son of Larkin, July 6 1858 Campbell Twp
Bristow, Wm. suicide Evansville May 1904
Brizuis, Carl husband of Maria died Mar 28 1895 -Carl listed Sep 6 1912 Enquirer in Maria A. Brizuis obit she is buried Rose Hill Cemetery
Broshears, Vadie age 25/29 yrs suicide Jul 1914
Byers, John age 34 yrs mine accident Sep 1910 Chandler
Bullitt, Ann Mariah died Dec 5, 1853 aged 2 yrs 11 mo 25 days
Bullitt, Geo. F died Mar 4, 1860, son of Robt. & Matilda, aged 5 yrs 5 mo 1 day
Bullitt, R T May 19, 1822 to Sep 23, 1855 aged 33 yrs 6 mo 4 days at Fuller Cem.
Bushrod, Raymond was hanged in KY, Sep 1897
Berry, Matt appears Aug 30 1873 Enquirer-Knox Co IN
Burns, David Ewing aged 48 yrs Rev. died in Memphis appears Jan 14 1871 Enquirer
Burns, Elizabeth widow of Edward aged 77 yrs obit appears Apr 17 1860 Enquirer died Apr 9 1860
Burns, Franklin aged 9 yrs died Aug 13 1858 appears Aug 17 1858, Enquirer son of Jesse L.
Burns, Jesse L.  aged 49 yrs died Nov 2 1858 appears Dec 12 1858 Enquirer-Newburgh
Burns, Mr. died snake  bite appears Feb 12 1892 Standard
Burns, Oliver P. died Apr 10 1856 Aspinwall- Bound for CA appears Jun 24 1856 No paper listed
Burns, Ratliff Boon aged 5 yrs died Aug 11 1858 son of Jesse L. appears Aug 17 1858 Enquirer
Burns, William Henry aged 10 mths 7 days son of Jesse L. died Aug 18 1858 appears Aug 24 1858 Enquirer
Butterworth, Infant of John Butterworth appears Aug 3 1888 Enquirer-Maple Grove
Butterworth, Mary appears Apr 6 1900 Enquirer -age 74 yrs Rose Hill


Cain, Carrie age 28 yrs wife of Charles buried Evansville, Feb 1897
Cain, Daughter of Eli burial at Twin Cemetery, Feb 1900
Cain, Ellen age 63 yrs wife of Harold buried Mt. Gilead, Aug 1897
Cain, Ezekial  Dec 1891 Twin Cemetery
Cain, Hannah age 63 yrs 8 mths 20 days Mt. Gilead, Aug 1897
Cain, John Apr 15, 1882 Adminis. Notice
Cain, Son of Mary Cain Helman Cem. Feb 1900
Cain, Wife of John Cain Mar 1873 MT Gilead Cem.
Cain, Willis B. 23 yrs Maple Grove Cem. Jun 1885
Carlisle, Plesant P Jr -murder Nov 2 1893 appears Nov 10 1893 Enquirer-Folsomvile News-aged 56 yrs
Carlisle, Thomas F aged 24 yrs appears Feb 5 1897 Enquirer
Carlisle, Wife of P. P. appears Apr 29 1882 Enquirer
Carnahan, Albert aged 17 yrs appears Aug 6 1892 Enquirer
Carnahan, Ewen -Sale appears Apr 28 1870 Enquirer
Carnahan, Finis E -Folsomville appears Dec 13 1873 Enquirer
Carnahan, John E aged 48 yrs died Mar 14 1885 obit appears Mar 21 1885 Enquirer Gar News
Carnahan, Mrs -grandmother of John E -Lynnville appears Feb 19 1876 aged 102 yrs
Casey, Geo. was murdered Dec 1884 Newburgh
Casey, James L. was murdered Nov 1875
Casey, Mccoy was killed south of Boonville Jan 1874
Chandler, Bernard age 23 yrs 5 mths 7 days suicide by drowning son of J.M. Maple Grove Feb 1911
Chapman, Freddie age 8 yrs Suicide Folsomville, coroner inquest to be held Aug 1898
Cherry, Bessie  appears Aug 20 1897 Enquirer-age 10 yrs Frisbie Cem.
Cherry, Infant of Ark Cherry appears Oct 8 1887 Enquirer-Lynnville
Cherry, John appears Aug 24 1872 Enquirer-Admins. Hart Twp
Cherry, John  appears Mar 4 1876 Enquirer-2 yrs ago horse disease
Cherry, Nancy appears May 23 1885 Enquirer-age 65 yrs Lynnville
Cherry, Will F.  appears Jan 15 1892 Standard Newspaper-age 28 yrs son of Geo., Maple Grove Cem
Chew, John aged 83 yrs Pike Co-Enquirer Jan 22 1904
Chinn, Mary aged 90 yrs died in KS-Enquirer Feb 23 1906
Christmas, Lorinda aged 84 yrs 7 mths 18 days died in KS -Enquirer Apr 12 1912
Christmas, Rosette listed as wife of WM J who died in 1865
Christmas, Sally listed as 2nd wife of WM J who died in 1906 
Christmas, William J. aged 78 yrs 27 days obit Morrison Cemetery- Standard Oct 30 1908, Enquirer Nov 13 1909, Standard Dec 17 1909 -final settlement
Clark, Elizabeth of Taylorsville wife of J. T. May 11 1878 in Enquirer
Clark, Elizabeth aged 74 yrs 10 mo 12 days listed Feb 19 1897 Enquirer
Clark, Howard was killed in shootout, Sep 1898
Clark, age 71 yrs listed Enquirer on Aug 5 1892 
Clark, Enquirer newspaper Jul 14, 1894 Fransico, IN
Clark, wife aged 55 yrs 11 mths 22 days wife of Elijah in the Enquirer newspaper Mar 27 1914
Coffee, Annice appears Sep 3 1897 Enquirer -Garrison Cem
Coe, Caroline wife of James burial at Union Cemetery obit appears May 19 1883 Enquirer Newspaper
Coe, James aged 55 yrs leaves 8 orphan children burial at Union Cemetery appears May 8 1886 Enquirer
Coe, Thomas death notice appears Jan. 7 1888 Enquirer
Coleman, James died in railroad accident, his brother John died when told of this, June 1899
Condit, Asenith listed Mar 12 1912 Standard husband of Byran who died Nov 10 1911, burial at Garrison, aged 79 yrs
Cook, Mrs. died 1876  poisoned aged 30 yrs, Ditney (Elizabeth)
Cook, Charley son of Peter died Aug 1888
Cooper, Henry was killed in Spencer County Asylum Jan 1896
Cox, Hannah Louise aged 68 yrs wife of Stephen listed Jun 21 1907 Standard-South Fork Cemetery
Cox, Levi 1st husband of Cath Shrodes listed Aug 21 1914 Enquirer
Cox, Newton died 15 yrs ago mentioned in obit of wife Jul 9 1909
Cox, Printha aged 55 yrs widow of Newton listed Jul 9 1909 Standard-Folsomville
Cox, Roa aged 44 yrs died in MO listed Apr 10 1914 Standard


Davis, Benjamin aged 73 died Apr 1877 appear a suicide
Davis, Nancy age 100 nee Mason -Enquirer Jan 24 1896 -Oakland
Davis, Nancy 100 Yrs Old  died near Oakland, maiden name Mason Jan 1896
Dawson, Benjamin aged 35 yrs 9 mths 7 days, Lynnville appears Mar 5 1887 Enquirer
Dawson, Harrison died Sep 25 1890 appears Apr 11 1891 Enquirer aged 60 yrs also obit appears Oct 11 1890 Enquirer also appears Oct 3 1890 accidental death aged 54 yrs Standard
Dawson, Katie 10 yrs daughter of Harrison appears Mar 27 1886 Enquirer
Dawson, Nellire aged 8 yrs daughter of Harrison appears Jun 15 1889 Enquirer
Dawson, Sarah E. nee Mackall obit Lynnville Cemetery appears Oct 8 1897 Enquirer
Day, John killed by John Shyrock no date
Dorsey, Ben F. age 55 yrs shot by son- in- law Oct 1912
Downey, Gertie was shot & murdered in Princeton, Sep 1888
Downey, Wm. H. was murdered in Wadesville, Nov 1870
Duffy, Amy Jenkins 19 May 1905 Standard, Enquirer, w/o Flack Barnett Cem
Duffy, Child 30 June 1905 Standard, Enquirer  d/o Flack Duffy Barnett Cem
Duffy, Flack 6 Apr 1928 52 y Barnett Cem
Duffy Joseph 19 Oct. 1889 Enquirer Barnett Cemetery
Duffy, Rebecca w/o Joseph 18 June 1887 Enquirer Greer Twp. (Rebecca)


Eastham, Amanda burned to death with her mother, Feb 15, 1906, see newspaper article.
Eastham, Edna burned to death with her mother, Feb 15, 1906, see newspaper article.
Eskew, Bernice aged 11 yr 10 mths listed Nov 12 1909 Enquirer
Eskew, Elbert age 36 yrs listed Jan 14 1910 Enquirer -Wesley Cemetery
Eskew, Sarah born 1825 KY listed Jun 29 1906 Standard


Finnell, Mary widow died leaves orphaned children Taylorsville, husband died several years ago she is the daughter of V. J. Shyrock appears July 1 1880 Enquirer
Fish, Mrs. appears Apr 17 1886 Enquirer-Newburgh news
Fisher, Robert $60,000 are missing, Mar 1890
Flack, Bunton 29 Aug 1896 Enquirer 1 yr s/o GW Barnett Cem
Flack, Charles 17 Aug 1895 Enquirer 22y 10m 5d Obit Barnett
Flack, James 1 Apr 1892 Standard sale of estate
Flack, James 15 Nov 1890 Enquirer Obit, Stanley
Folsom, Wm. age 53 suicide in jail May 1914
Foox, Phillip 6 miles east of Boonville appears July 26 1890 Enquirer 
Forks, Frederick aged 25 yrs appears Feb 17 1871- Dubois Co.
Foster, Brilla Turpin wife of Wm. appears SEPT 25 1896 Standard Newspaper
Foster, Carlton son of Robert appears Sep 7 1899 Standard 
Foster, Clinton aged 14 yrs son of Robert appears Jan 5 1900 railroad accident Enquirer 
Foster, Elonzo C. son of Robert aged 21 yrs died 5 days ago appears Sep 14 1889 Enquirer 
Foster, Joseph, an inmate of County Jail, age 35, Jan  1887
Folsom, Mrs. Lizzie murdered by husband Wm. Aug 1910 Mt. Gilead


Gardner, Ella  Funeral services for Mrs. Ella Gardner, age 76 years, whose death occurred at the home of her niece, Mrs. W. T. Rudy, at Evansville Sunday evening, were held Monday at Evansville. The body was taken to Newburgh for burial.- May 9, 1930 Boonville Standard
Gardner, J. Matthew  43, of Newburgh, who died Monday, were held at 2 o'clock yesterday (Thursday) afternoon at the Meyer Funeral Home in Newburgh, the Rev. S.F. Stitt officiating. Burial was in Rose Hill cemetery with the Newburgh Masonic Lodge in charge of services at the grave. - October 12, 1945 Boonville Enquirer
Gardner, Mary J. age 74, died Monday morning at her home near Chandler. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, with interment at Chandler cemetery - March 4, 1922 Boonville Standard
Gentry, Chole aged 9 yrs dau of George burial at Friendship appears Jan. 12, 1900 Enquirer
Gentry, George death reported appears Apr. 8 1876 Enquirer
Gentry, George aged 94 yrs obit appears Aug 21 1875 Enquirer
Gentry, Giles aged 75 Rockport appears Dec. 14 1894 Enquirer
Gentry, John son of Wm. aged 22 yrs died appears Aug 29 1885 Enquirer
Gentry, John aged 73 yrs burial at Lynnville Cemetery appears May 9 1891 Enquirer
Gentry, John T. aged 38 yrs appears Aug 2 1890 burial at Shiloh -Enquirer, also in Standard Newspaper aged 33 yrs on Aug 8 1890
Gentry, Mathias dies coal mine accident appears Aug 10 1872 Enquirer
Gentry, Sally widow of John appears Dec. 3 1897 Enquirer
Gentry, Sarah administration appears July 7 1899 Enquirer
Gentry, Sarah A. wife of Hardin died burial at Shiloh Cemetery appears Jun 6 1896
Gentry, Washington aged 69 yrs appears Nov 22 1895 Standard Newspaper
Goetlich, Charolette mother of Charles aged 76 yrs died in Germany appears Sep 2 1871 Enquirer 
Goetlitz, Helena Agnes aged 6 mths 7 days dau of Charles died obit appears July 23 1873 Enquirer 
Goetlitz, Jacob obit appears Jan 13 1899 Enquirer died OH
Good, Jim hanged Oct 11 1878 Mt Vernon negro
Gough, Elizabeth obituary appears Apr 7 1894 Enquirer Newspaper burial Maple Grove
Gough, Elizabeth wife of Robert she died 1894 is again mentioned Oct. 6 1899 Enquirer Newspaper in her husbands obit her maiden name Brown
Gough, George Gordon died Feb. 15 1879 aged 7 weeks son of Edward & Ida appears Feb. 20 1879 Standard Newspaper
Gough, Ned obit appears Dec. 23 1886 Standard Newspaper
Gough, Robert Gough age 76 yrs burial at Maple Grove obit appears Oct. 6 1899 Enquirer Newspaper
Gough, Wife of Edward Gough died appears Dec. 25 1886 Enquirer Newspaper-was from England
Gough, Wife of Robert Gough died appears Apr. 6 1894 Standard Newspaper burial Maple Grove
Graham, Hon. C. C. died in MN recently May 1891
Graham, Geo. was murdered Aug 1871
Graham, Geo. age 23 killed in mine accident Aug 1891
Graham, Wm. Smith died in MN recently Dec 1879


Hammond, Triplet Children of Alvah Hammond May 1915
Harden, Madelin murdered by husband age 40 yrs Jun 1906
Harden, Wm. suicide age 60 Jun 1906
Hart, James 26 Feb 1904  aged 22 yrs appears Mar 30 1900 Enquirer 
Hedges, Sallie age 17 yrs dau of John T. died obit appears Feb. 15 1890 Enquirer 
Hedges, Sarah  wife of Richard nee Archewr aged 25 yrs appears Feb 2 1858 no paper listed
Hurt, Wesley cut to pieces Pike Co., IN appears Mar. 24 1899 Enquirer 
Hinman, Lincoln Oct 31, 1867 aged 3 yrs son of Sam P.
Hodgins, wife & child of John Hodgins died Jul 11 1885 drowned suicide
Hoffman, Mr. G. B. died Dec 25, 1879 of near Townsend
Hoffman,  Mrs. G. B. Jan 22, 1880 of near Townsend
Hollis, Thomas Nov 11, 1858 son of J & C aged 4 mths
Honeycutt, Mrs. died May 1875 aged 108 yrs old
Hood, Kitty  listed in Enquirer Newspaper on Jan 28 1869 age 104
Hood, Milton listed in Standard Newspaper on Oct 26 1888 burial at Old Boonville Cem., age 67 yrs 3 days
Hood, Minerva listed in Standard on Sep 22 1893 burial at Maple Grove Cem., aged 66 yrs 1 mth 4 days
Hooten, Grandmother of Robert aged 116 yrs died Dec 30 1868 -Enquirer Feb 4 1869
Hopkins, Jefferson hanged Oct 11 1878 Mt. Vernon, negro
Houghland, Elizabeth M. Dec 29, 1891 age 55 yrs Maple Grove
Houghland, Charles A. Sep 5, 1867 aged 11 mths 4 days son of George
Hubbs, Jane Mar 6, 1876 aged 70 yrs of Troy, Perry Co.
Hudspeth, Joseph M. aged 59 yrs 1 mth 14 days-Standard Feb 4 1910 Maple Grove Cemetery
Hunsaker, Bob Feb 25 1898 Enquirer
Hunsaker, Cecil Feb 1 1896 Enquirer aged 6 yrs son of Tom -Mt Zion
Hunsaker, Child of Robert  Enquirer July 23 1887 Mt Zion
Hunsaker, Joseph Aug 27 1863 Boonville Democrat Newspaper Admin
Hunsaker, Joseph June 15 1900 Enquirer died Mar 25 1863
Hunsaker, Joseph June 15 1900 Standard died Mar 25 1863
Hunsaker, Nancy June 15 1900 Enquirer nee Boyd Mt Zion
Hunsaker, Nancy June 15 1900 Standard obit born 1803
Hunsaker, Robert D Mar 25 1898 Enquirer Admin
Hunsaker, Robert Feb 25 1898 Standard obit Mt Zion
Hunsaker, Verdie Sept 25 1896 Enquirer aged 20 yrs Freedom Cemetery
Hunsaker, Verdie Sept 25 1896 Standard aged 20 yrs Munday Cemetery


Igleheart, Asa judge of Evansville appears Feb. 10 1887 Enquirer


Jay, Eliza listed Apr 3 1908 Enquirer wife of John obit died in NJ
Jeffries, Elmer T listed Feb 20 1914 Enquirer aged 60 yrs 
Jeffries,  Anie listed Jul 16 1915 Enquirer aged 57 yrs Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Jeffries, Josiah listed Mar 27 1908 Standard aged 80 yrs Baker Cemetery
Jeffries, Robert listed Aug 20 1909 Standard, Pleasant Hill Cem
Jones, Tyman Jan 19 1884 Enquirer Coroner Inquest
Jones, Tillman A. Jan 12 1894 Standard aged 65 yrs Selvin Cemetery
Jones, Talbott May 16 1891 Enquirer Final settlement
Jones, Sarah Feb 4 1869 Enquirer wife of DD died Jan 23 -Grandview
Jones, Royal S Aug 13 1887 Enquirer son of Calvin
Jones, Mrs. M. E. Aug 14 1879 Standard Taylorsville
Jones, Minerva Feb 21 1880 Enquirer Pike County wife of John
Jones, Wife of Samuel Dec 31 1897 Enquirer & Standard Yankeetown -Frisbie Cemetery
Jones, Wife of S. M. Aug 31 1895 Enquirer Garrison Chapel
Jones, Wife of Paris Aug 15 1896 Enquirer Stark Cemetery
Jones, Wife of John R. Aug 11 1893 Standard -Pikeville
Jones, Wm. Jan 26 1889 Enquirer Yankeetown


Kelley, Mar died abortion death, Dec 1899
Kelley, Mrs. wife of R. F. died in CO but buried in Warrick Co IN listed Apr 5 1912 Enquirer
Kelley, Nancy E widow of Andrew aged 52 yrs listed Jul 14 1911 Enquirer
Kelley, Rosa E aged 29 yrs 6 days wife of John H listed Jan 18 1907 Enquirer
Kelley, Rueben C aged 75 yrs 5 mths 20 days Maple Grove Cemetery listed Dec 29 1911 Enquirer
Kelley, Ruth age 10 days daughter of Wm. listed Feb 20 1914 Enquirer
Kelley, Sarah listed Nov 8 1907 Enquirer 1st wife of Geo W died 1864
Kelley, Truitt also as TRUE T listed as Thank You and Local News item on Oct 15 & 22 1909 Standard and Enquirer
Kellums, G R CO -Gentryville,  with wife in same grave listed Jan 24 1902 Enquirer 
Kelly, John B -Standard Newspaper May 9 1913 died in OK
Kelly, John B -Enquirer May 23 died in TX
Kelly, Louise wife of John aged 39 yrs-Enquirer Sep 10 1915 Maple Grove Cemetery
Kelly, Reuben C.aged 75 yrs 5 mths 20 days -Standard Dec 29 1911 Maple Grove Cemetery
Keys, David Oct 1904 Pike Co. mine accident
Korb, Christ appears Sep 17 1885 Standard burial at Louisville
Korb, J. B. died 3-10-1863 Dr. and husband of Mag Brenner appears Nov 2 1895 Enquirer 


Lee, Clarence murdered Aug 1911 age 16 yrs killed by brother Wm. burial at Sharon Cem.
Lee, Emma Blancett murdered by son Wm. Aug 1911 age 50 yrs burial Sharon Cem.
Lee, Infant of Wm. died Aug 1911
Lee, Richard murdered by son Wm. in Aug 1911 burial in Sharon Cem. age 50 yrs
Lee, Wm. died Michigan City Prison Sep 1914 body unclaimed
Leyer, Edward  is reported to have died in jail Apr 1877 he murdered Mrs. Cook by poison
Lowrance, Lucinda  March 1, 1935 Boonville Standard (Paradise News) Several from here attended the funeral of Mrs. Lucinda Lowrance at the Chandler C.P. church Friday afternoon. Mrs. Lowrance was a life-long resident of Warrick county, having spent the early years of her married life in this community where she was very active at the Townsend church. Her home for the past several years was at Chandler.
Luck, John -Enquirer Nov 26 1909 -Aged 50 yr Newburgh


MaGee, Tom killed by electricity age 50 yrs Rockport  Jun 1903
Mahre, Mrs. killed by lightning Jun 1907 wife of Will age 21 yrs
Martin, Wm. age 40 yrs mine accident Jan 1915
Mason, Boy died in explosion at Newburg appears May 6 1882 Enquirer
Mason, C. J. aged 84 yrs Spencer Co IN appears Oct. 9 1896 Standard
Mason, Charles H. appears Jun 23 1894 buried Indiana Territory but moved to IN later
Mason, Child aged 5 yrs child of Henry appears Aug 3 1894 Standard burial at Barnett
Mason, Clara aged 8 yrs dau of Henry obit appears Dec. 14 1900 Standard
Mason, Clarence age 50 mine accident Buckskin Mar 1913
Massie, Child of Burke -Enquirer Newspaper Sep 23 1876 Hart Twp
Massie, Elijah A. aged 49 yrs -Enquirer Jan 28 1893 Massie Cemetery
Massie, Eliza widow of Thomas -Enquirer Sep 10 1887 Hart Twp
Massie, Elizabeth widow of Christy nee Smith -Enquirer Feb 26 1876
Massie, Frances aged 18 yrs daughter of Burke -Enquirer Aug 7 1880
Masters, Mary aged 18 yrs daughter of Joseph -Enquirer July 26 1859 -Died July 25 1859
McClintock, Geo. was murdered by Minos Johnson Nov 1857
McKinney, Wife Explosion of Boiler killed wife of Samuel McKinney in Nov 1885
Miller, Lewis Nov 10 1899 Enquirer Newspaper aged 65 yrs 2 mths 17 days Maple Grove Cemetery
Miller, Lewis Sept 21 1900 Standard Newspaper Asbury Cemetery
Miller, Leslie Apr 13 1889 Enquirer Infant of Soloman -Barnett Cemetery
Miller, Joseph Apr 6 1872 Enquirer -Troy,Perry Co IN
Miller, John Nov 21 1854 -Heirs Sale
Miller, Joda Oct 27 1893 Standard -Died MO
Miller, Jesse Mar 29 1884 Enquirer aged 83 yrs 11 mths 8 days 4 miles NE Boonville
Miller, James L Jan 1 1880 Standard-Admin Notice
Miller, James C Dec 3 1892 Enquirer aged 29 yrs Lynnville
Miller, James Dec 6 1879 Enquirer Greer Twp
Miller, Jacob H Aug 20 1887 Enquirer aged 64 yrs
Miller, Jacob May 3 1879 Enquirer Spencer Co IN
Miller, Jackie June 7 1895 Standard son of Henry -Asbury Cemetery
Miller, Hiram Apr 22 1856 Admin Sale
Miller, Hiram May 24 1889 Standard Killed May 9 Skelton Twp
Miller, Grandma Aug 27 1897 Enquirer aged 80 yrs St John Cemetery
Miller, Grandma July 17 1886 Enquirer aged 87 yrs Stephensport
Miller, Georgie Jan 27 1899 Enquirer aged 5 yrs son of James
Miller, George E May 14 1892 Enquirer aged 22 yrs son of L. J. -Maple Grove Cemetery
Miller, Geo. Evansville Police killed George Miller age 22 yrs Apr 1900 son of S.B.
Miller, Geo. E May 13 1892 Standard obit
Miller, George Apr 27 1900 Enquirer aged 19 yrs son of S. B. -Barnett Cemetery
Miller, George Jan 20 1899 Standard son of Jim aged 4 yrs
Miller, Fritz  June 17 1871 aged 12 yrs Cannelton
Miller, Frances E June 17 1871 Enquirer wife of David R  aged 34 yrs obit
Miller, Frances July 2 1897 Enquirer wife of Lane -Center Cemetery
Miller, Fielding Apr 30 1881 Enquirer Campbell Twp
Miller, Father of Jesse B Mar 29 1884 Enquirer died 1816 Shakerstown
Miller, Wife of  Jesse B Mar 29 1884 Enquirer died Feb 1843
Miller, Wife of Jesse Sept 19 1874 Enquirer
Miller, Wife of Jesse Mar 29 1884 Enquirer 2nd wife died in Sept 1875
Moody, Cyrus age 34 mine accident Jul 1906
Morris, J. was hanged to death in Hawesville, KY, Aug 1900
Montoggua, Finton nephew of Sitting Bull died Jan 1886 St Meinrad
Murphy, David Police killed Murphy, David Oct 1882 Mt Vernon
Myers, Dennis died Jul 18 1850 Scuffletown, KY, Revolutionary War
Myrick, Ann died Friday Age 20 yrs Apr 1856
Myrick, Mary died June 8 1856 aged 45 wife of James E.
Myrick, Mrs. mother of Mrs. Martin Rice died Aug 1895 Lynnville



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