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Death Records, Book H

Book H-22 page 14
Indiana Allen
Died April 2, 1911
Female White
Place of death: Warrick Co., IN
Birth: Nov. 5, 1853
Age: 57 y 4 m 29 d
Spouses: (1st) Richard Wood (2nd) Samuel Allen
Born: Indiana
Father: Isaac McSwain of Tennessee
Mother: Elizabeth Hopkins of Indiana
Cause: Chronic Gastro Enteritis
Contributory: Acute Double Lobar Pneumonia
Burial: Mt. Olive Cemetery, Warrick Co., IN

Book H-20 page 57
Allen, Nancy
Female, White
Age: 88
Date of Death: Aug 21, 1903
Spouse: O. Allen
Father: Samuel Ingraham

Book H-17 page 39 (your page has the age at 4, was actually 44)
William Allen
Date of Return: May 27, 1885
Male White
Age: 44 years
Occupation: Farmer
Date of Death: May 15, 1885
Nationality: American
Place of Death: America (Siblings born in Tennessee)
Duration: 54 days
Place of Death: Warrick, Indiana
Cause: Pneumonia
Father: V.R. Allen (Vincent Allen, mother is Nancy Robertson both of Tenn)
Attendant: I.J. Baldwin, Lynnville, Indiana

Frank Duffy (Barnett Chapel Cemetery)
Place of Death: Warrick/Greer Twsp.
Male White Married
Spouse: Jane (Brammer) Duffy
Born: Apr. 15, 1856
Age 72y 8m 26d
Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace: Newburgh, Indiana
Father: Joseph Duffy, IN (Pennsylvania)
Mother: Mary Hay, IN
Informant: Jane Duffy, Rt 2, Elberfeld, IN
Date of Death: Jan. 11, 1929
Cause: Influenza
Duration: 10 days
Date of Burial: Jan. 13, 1929
Undertaker: L.S. Taylor, Boonville, IN

Book H-17 page 37
?? Jenkins
Date of Death: Apr 25, 1885
Cause: Cerebral Meningitis
Father: L. Jenkins (Lawrence?)

Book H-20 page 34
Charley Jenkins
Male, White
Age: 8
Date of Death: Sep. 4, 1901
Place of Death: Warrick County/Stanley, Indiana
Cause: Tuberculosis
Duration: 12 months
Father: Lawrence Jenkins
Mother: Eliza J. Butcher

Book H-22 page 105
Hersal D. Jenkins
Male, White
Age: 6 y 6d (6d incorrect)
Date of Death: Nov 18, 1918
Date of Birth: Dec. 12, 1912
Cause: Acute Perthonistis
Father: David Jenkins
Mother: Minnie Auskin
Burial: Wesley Chapel

Book H-22 page 104 and H-23 page 3
Infants Jenkins
Date of Birth: Oct. 26, 1918
Date of Death: Oct. 26, 1918
Age: 6 hours
Birthplace: Indiana
Father: Curran Jenkins, Indiana
Mother: Hattie Koewig, Indiana
Informant: Henry Koewig, Elberfeld, Indiana
Cause: Premature birth
Burial: Nobles Chapel
Date of Burial: Oct. 27, 1918
Undertaker: C.L. Heldt

Book H-18 page 25
Margaret Jenkins
Female, White
Age: 8
Date of Death: Aug. 12, 1890
Cause: Congestion of Brain
Mother: Rachel Jenkins

Book H-22 page 64
Raymond Ray Jenkins
Male, White
Age: 2 months
Date of Death: Jan. 29, 1915
Place of Death: Warrick county
Cause: Bronch Pneumonia
Father: James Jenkins of Virginia
Mother: Gertrude Purssyl of Indiana.



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