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Hudson, Issac

submitted by DeJean Melton

Transcript of Will:

In the name of God Amen!

I Isaac Hudson of the County of Warrick in the state of Indiana being of sound mind but considering the uncertainty of life especially to one of my advanced Age do make and publish this as my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all others in the first place I leave my Dearly beloved Wife Nancy personal property such as she may select being household and kitchen furniture and one horse beast of the value of fifty Dollars provided the whole does not amount to more than one hundred Dollars as also so long as She remains a widow she is to be paid twenty five Dollars each year during her Natural life out of the proceeds of all and every part and parcel of my Estate whether Real or personal and to the payment of which all of my Estate is hereby bound
in the second place I will and bequeath to my son Enoch Hudson the South half of the plantation on which I now live being eighty acres and/ad ? resess? off to him and Isaac in the third place I will and bequeath that the North half of said Tract of land together with all my personal property which shall remain after my wife's selection of $100 worth as is before willed her be old at public sale on the best terms that can be had by my Executors hereinafter named to the highest bidders and the money or proceeds arising therefrom to be disposed of in the manner following that is to say to William McMartin my Grandson I will and bequeath one horse saddle and bridle with sixty Dollars and a suit of clothes worth twenty Dollars should he remain with me until my death. The Rest and Residue of said proceeds arising from the sale of said real and personal property to be Equally Divided between my children towit to My sons Isaac Daniel & Enoch I will and bequeath the one seventh part thereof to each of them and to each of my Daughters Sally Hinman, Matilda Patterson Polly Hudson and Betsey Wilder I will & bequeath the one seventh part of said proceeds. Said proceeds to be divided equally among said seven children provided each of them shall secure ??0 Dollar annually to my said Executors to be paid to their Mother for her support and maintenance and the said Enoch will and he is hereby required to pay annually Eighteen Dollars annually on the first of each succeeding Year to his mother as the condition [annexed] to my Devise of said Eighty Acres of Land to him and should he neglect fail or refuse to secure the payment of said Sum to his said Mother during her life time my Executors are required and directed to sell the same and dispose of the proceeds to the support of my said Wife during her widowhood.

Item My Executors are directed and required to pay the first sum of twenty five Dollars hereby annually bequeathed to my wife out of the first monies coming into their hands from the sale of said personal property to be deducted from the shares of the said seven in the above proportion towit one Dollar from each except Enoch Hudson his share nineteen Dollars should he choose to take the land but should Enoch's share not be enough to pay it then he must pay the same.

I hereby constitute and appoint Isaac [N?] Hudson and James Hinman Executors of this my last Will & Testament and to my daughter Amelia Fuller I leave my Blessing and one Dollar in cash to be paid out of any debt that may be collected by my Executors and no more.

Signed sealed & Published before us
John A. Brackenridge
Mark Taylor

In Testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand & seal this 14th day of February.
Isaac Hudson (Seal)

State of Indiana
Warrick County
I John A. Graham, clerk of the Warrick Circuit Court as also clerk of the Probate Court of Said County certify that on this 25th June 1836 Mark Taylor come personally before me and proved the foregoing Will, he the Said Taylor being one of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto --
Given under My hand they 25th day of June 1834
John A. Graham Clk.



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