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Will Book Index,  Book 4 - Heirs

Adams, Thomas S. : Martha A., wife; William Edgar, son of Hot Springs, SD; Vandalia Robbins, dau, w/o Dr. Nathan B.Robbins of Fremont Co., Iowa

Baker, Jane : Emma Rhoads, sister; Jacob J. Rhoads, hus of Emma

Beardsley, John : John T. Beardsley, son; James M. Beardsley, son; Edward J., son; Samuel W., son; Elizabeth Medcalf, dau, w/o James A. Medcalf; Anna Beardley, dau-in-law, w/o William S. Beardsley, deceased; Francis M. Beardsley's sons (my grandsons) Charles C. & John D. Beardsley; grdau Mary Hammock, d/o my dau Eliza Hammock

Benke, John F L : Anna, wife (Johann Friedrick Ludwig Benke) full name signed

Bennett, Alfred : Albina, wife; Mary I. Stone, dau; Jacob U. Bennett, son; William A. Bennett, son; wanted to buried next to former wife, Ann W. Bennett in Wesley Cemetery

Bethe, Wilhelmine : Wilhelm Bethe, son; Louise, dau; Augusta, dau, Wilhelmine, dau, Caroline, dau, Ferdinand, son, Leontine, dau, Amelie, dau

Boner, James W. : Rachel, wife; Charles W, Boner & David W. Boner property in Champaign Co., Illinois; Lon R. Boner; If Lon dies his share goes to Mamie Lockhart, Cornie D. Bates, Betsey Boner and Ollie Myrtle Baker; no relationships given

David, Jeremiah : John Pinkston of Spencer Co., IN receives worldly goods after Jeremiah's death, and John will care for Jeremiah when he can't take care of himself no longer.

Eble, Rupert : Caroline, sister-proceeds from purchase by me from Ira P. Phillips known as the Schellenbacher; Roman Eble, father

Edwards, John V. : Louisa C., wife (land in Spencer Co., Tennison); Anna Chase, step-dau, who shall not interfere in anyway with absolute right of my wife to said property

Edwards, Luella : Maria J. Banks & Ardella Edwards, sisters; Harrison Edwards, bro

Gardner, Royal : Mary F. Williams, dau; John F. Gardner, son; Charles H. Gardner, son; Ethel Astra Lett and Royal Asa Lett, grch who are ch/oEva J. Lett deceased; Rachel Crawford, dau.

Hassie, Christian : Florentine, wife; Mary Hassie, w/Frank N. Hassie; daughters-not named

Hebner, Peter : Mary, wife; Kate Gordner, dau, w/o Gus Gordner; Christina Pierce, dau, w/o George Pierce; Charles Hebner, son

Herr, George : Catherine, wife, George, son

Hulvershorn, Louis : of Newburgh; Children from first marriage: Mrs. Herman Wiesenthall, Hutchinson Ark, Edward, Lillie Norma and Anna; Lizzie Hulvershorn; Lizzie & Edward get the business L. Hulvershorn & Son; four of our children: Edward, Lilie, Norma & Anna 

Kampe, Frederick : Louise Fisher, dau; Frederick Kampe, son

Kirsch, Frank : John, Jacob, George, Henry A. Kirsch, sons; Catherine, wife

Klippel, Philip : Gertrude, wife; only son Henry H. Klippel

Kuehnle, George : Ellen Leinenback, Mary Leinenbach, George Leinenbach, ch/oJohn Leinenbach; John & Agnes Leinenbach; Pastor of St. John the Baptish Church Catholic Church in Newburgh (whoever that is at the time of death)

Langford, Richard : of Hart Twp; Mary R., wife; Sarah McMurtie, dau, w/o William G. McMurtie; Richard S. Langford, son; James Elihu Langford, Sarah Ann Wood, Clermont Philips, William David Langford, Hiram Langford, Elmor Langford, sons and daughters of my deceased son, William L. Langford

Lillich, Matthias : Mary Lillich, w/o Matthias Lillich Junior; John Gehring, Sarah Lutz & Lena Fuller; Edward Lillich, son

John A. McReynolds: Nancy J. McReynolds, mother; Hiram McReynolds, father 

Lutz, Philip A. : William A. Lutz, son; Barbara, wife; William is to pay to the following children viz. Mary Kitchen, dau, Sarah Snyder, dau, Maggie Pelt, dau and Melcer Lutz; Frank Lutz, son; Jacob & John Lutz, sons; Gerta Luz, grdau

Masters, George D. : James P. Masters, bro & mothers grave-erect headstones; Bessie Masters & Hazel B. Masters of Evansville

Metzger, Frank : May, dau; states he was indentured

Miller, Lewis J. : Elizabeth A., wife; David B., son; Cassie Taylor, dau of my dec dau Ida Taylor; Eva Katterjohn, dau; Lora McCool, dau; Maude Kelly, dau; Clyde Miller, son; Alberta Clark, dau. Elizabeth Pine of County of New York; Charlotte Pine, sister

Mitchem, Joseph : Ann, wife; sons Joseph, John W., William Isaac; Martha Harrison, dau, w/o Frank Harrison; Mary Ann West, dau, w/o Luther West; Reba Elizabeth Schick, dau, w/o of Wandle Schick; Sarah Ann Edwards, dau, w/o Samuel Edwards

Oskins, John : E. W. Oskins, son; Cinda, wife; Tallie Brown, dau; Retta Wallace, niece

Paul, George : Jane Paul, wife; William S. Paul, son; Gracie Work, grdau(no parentage given); George Paul, son

Plossmeier, Ernst : Charlotte, wife

Powers, Mary : Margaret E. Campbell, dau, w/o Philitus Campbell; Sarilda Emaline Dodd,dau, w/o John Dodd; Rosa Ann Miles, dau, w/o Enos Miles; sons not named

Reynolds, John A : greatgrandchildren: Ralph Malias, Silly Marshall, Lizzie Marshall and Otto Roth; 4 children of Isabell Mabrias by her present hus William Mabria and also to her dau Pina Dora; three children of Wallace Reynolds; three children of Rachael Whitmore; two children of my dau Susan Sankford, deceased to witPerry Sankford & Arthur; three children of my son, John J. Reynolds, deceased, to wit: Ina, Flora Zell and Robert I Reynolds. His three children Isabella Mabrias, Wallace Reynolds and Rachel Whitmore

Richardson, Frank : Bena, wife; Robert, son; Adaline, dau; Frankie, son

Roettger, August : Caroline, wife; children not named

Roth, Jacob : Mary, wife; Elizabeth Hochmeister, dau; Lena Bamberger, dau

Roth, Philipp : Caroline, wife; Catherine, Anna Elizabeth Roth, daus; Andrew Daniel Roth, Henry Albert Roth; Fred E & Wesley P Roth, sons not of 21yrs; children listed: Andrew Daniel, Catherine, Barbara, Anna Elizabeth, John P., William C, Henry A., Fred E. and Wesley P. Roth

Schiff, Minnie : Philip, hus; Jacob Rickrick executor

Schultz, Henriettie : Carrie Schultz, dau as long as she remains single; if not children divide share and share alike:Carrie, Charles, William, John, Kattie, Frank; Lula. Charles, Otto Elzer grch

Smith, Sarah : wants to be buried in Powers graveyard alongside of mother and other relatives; Rosetta Smith, niece, Francis M. Smith, nephew

Steinmetz, Elizabeth : George Steinmetz, son; AW Heim executor

Strunk, Louisa : Charles, son; Henry, William, Frank Strunk, sons; Wilhelmina Fisher, Hanna Melcher, Mary Schwerdfes, daus

Strunk, William : Ella, wife; three children by a former marriage=Charles L., Matilda Collmeier, w/o Gilbert Collmeier; William Strunk, son

Taylor, Margaret J. : Mary J. Johnson to have power to sell land; Sarah E. Scales, dau

Thene, Fred : Actual will is written in German; transcribed on p 93: Caroline, wife; Anna Gluck; 4 kids: Luise Blesch; Wilhelmine Daffel, Karoline Fulling, Marie Holtz

Tilford Jennings: Sarah, wife

Tormohlen, John G. : Anna Mary, wife; Samuel, son; Anna Mary Kamman, dau; Frank & George Tormohlen, sons; Daniel, Henry, Frederick, sons

Trautvetter, Charles E. : Herman, son; Rosina Zehner, dau; Katherine Krusenklaus, dau; Gustav Trautvetter, son; Henry, son

Work, Almarinda: William, son; Judith, dau



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