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Land Patent Surnames ~ I

submitted by Samantha Miley
(by Patentee Last Name)
from The Bureau of Land Management

To the left you will find the index to the Land Patents in Warrick County. I do not have additional information. If you want additional information, please click on the link above for the Bureau of Land Management.

These record have: Patentee Name, State, Issue, Date, Doc. Number, Accession or Serial Number.

IGLEHART, ASA IN 10/01/1840 24979 IN2320__.493  
IGLEHART, LEVI IN 11/07/1837 12491 IN2070__.394  
IGLEHEART, LEVI IN 09/01/1838 14354 IN2110__.264  
IGLEHEART, LEVI IN 12/02/1830 1611 IN0040__.094  
IGLEHEART, LEVI IN 10/28/1835 6127 IN0130__.078  
INGRAM, BARNEY IN 09/01/1838 17114 IN2170__.023  
INGRAM, HANSEL IN 10/01/1840 27210 IN2370__.222  
INGRAM, JAMES IN 09/01/1838 13600 IN2100__.015  
INGRAM, JAMES IN 09/01/1838 17115 IN2170__.024  
INGRAM, JAMES IN 08/01/1839 22687 IN2280__.083  
INGRAM, JONATHAN IN 08/01/1839 20304 IN2230__.159  
INGRAM, MILES A IN 10/01/1840 26974 IN2360__.486  
INGRAM, SAMUEL IN 02/01/1839 15239 IN2130__.145  
INGRAM, SAMUEL IN 09/01/1838 17116 IN2170__.025  
INGRAM, SAMUEL IN 08/01/1839 19811 IN2220__.171  
INGRAM, SAMUEL IN 10/01/1840 26973 IN2360__.485  
INGRAM, SAMUEL IN 05/01/1845 31861 IN2460__.368  
IRWIN, WILLIAM IN 09/05/1838 17077 IN2160__.464  
ISAACKS, JESSE IN 06/01/1845 32239 IN2470__.242  



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