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1880 Warrick County, IN Census Records: Poorhouses, June 29, 1880 

This information was donated to the site by Tamara Kincaide.
Information on Poorhouses is available at this link: Poorhouses

Ferguson, David m w 45, self, keeper of poor, IN SCOT IN
Howard m w 21, son farmer IN IN IN
Bernard m w 16, son farmer IN IN IN
Pratt m w 13 son none IN IN IN
Birad, Emeline w f 70 aunt house keeper KY VA MA
Doss, Mary w f 25 cousin house keeper MO SC IN
Doss, Emeline w f 22 cousin house keeper ARK SC IN 
Doss, Henry w m 17 cousin none MO SC IN
Doss, Killit /Hillit w m 10 cousin none MO SC IN
Name Sex, race, age, Reason, Occupation, Birth: self, father, mother
Wiscardt, Joseph w m 49 pauper BELGUIM BEL BEL
Burke, Micheal w m 67 pauper IRE IRE IRE
Baker, Mattie w f 25 leg amputation pauper ARK OH OH
Butler/ Butter Marian Wm. w m 5, pauper, IN MO MO
Bacon, Mary w f 28, scarfola, pauper, IN KY KY 
Jones, Judy w f 81, pauper, WVA UNK UNK
Barnett, Chas w m 12, pauper, IN KY KY 
Holder, Wm. w m 55, crippled, pauper, MD MA MA 
Sanders, Provy w f 69, pauper, KY SC SC
Hadley, Tempey w f 70, pauper, KY KY KY
Hoskins, James w m 4, Ills -Chills, pauper, IN ILL ILL
Small, Henry w m 41, pauper, KY KY KY
Borden, Jesse w m 25, leg, pauper, KY KY KY
Borden, Susan w f 25, consumption, pauper, MASS MASS MASS
Borden, Chas w m 6, pauper, IN KY MASS
Borden, Ollie w m 3, pauper, IN KY MASS 
Borden, Saffrina w f 6/12 b. Jan., pauper, IN KY MASS
Lovejoy, Thankful w f 66, blind, pauper, IN UNK UNK
Baker, Amelia w f 55, consumption, pauper, KY KY KY 
Wata??, George w m 25, pauper, KY KY KY 
Wata??, Gabriel w m 22, pauper, KY KY KY
Mitchel, Jane w f 38, falling womb, pauper, IN SC SC
Mitchel, E. w m 6, pauper, IN TN IN
Mitchel, Lucy w f 3, pauper, IN TN IN
Mitchel, Julian w m 8/12, IN KY IN 



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