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1880 Warrick County, IN Census Records: Pigeon Township 

This list was donated to the site by Tamara Kincaide.

Village of Taylorsville
PAGE 142 B
COX, EDWARD 45 painter oh oh nj
NANCY J 34 wife in oh oh
GOAD, CHARLES A 20 st son att school in in in
ROBERT S 13 st son att school in in in
COX, WILLIS 7 son in
EDA M 6 dau in
LULA 4 dau in
BERTHA E 10/12 mths born aug in
NANEY, EDWARD M 49 in ky nc can't read occupation possible DRY GOODS
ELIZABETH 43 wife ill tn ?
GEORGIA 13 dau in
CHARLES 9 son in
HOMER 5 son in
TEMPLE, WALTER or WATTER R 39 phys ky ky ky
MATILDA 24 wife oh bav pru
WOOD, WM M w m 31 druggist in in in
MARTHA wife 29 in in in
LOUIS A 5 son in
CHARLES E 4 son in
BERTHA J 3 dau in
WM 1 son in
WEST, GEO 24 w m brother in law school teacher in in in
SPRADLIN, JAMES w m 85 va va va
ARENA wife 75 nc nc tn name hard to read
JAMES E 28 w m granson school teacher tn tn tn
SPRADLIN, GEO w m 44 school teacher tn ? tn
MARTHA J 39 wife tn va va
L J 15 dau in
WM 13 son in
MARY 11 dau in
DON E 9 son in name hard to read
GEO M 7 son in
CORDELIA 6 dau in
ROBT E 3 mths born Feb in
ATWELL, JULIA A 65 mother in law va va va
MCVEY, WM w m 37 physician va va va
MARTHA J 37 wife ky ky ky
LENEER, HENRY w m 30 physician boarder in in in hard to read name
BLACK, JOHN A w m 26 general merchant in scot ire
EURENA F 20 wife in ? in name hard to read
JEMIA W 8 mths born oct in hard to read
JAMES S 21 brother in scot ire
TAYLOR, HENRY C or L w m 32 blacksmith in ky oh
CLARA W 29 wife in in in
LOUISA J 11 dau in
WM S 9 son in
BLACK, HUGH R 23 w m dry goods in scot scot
LORA or CORA J 20 wife in tn in
MARTHA 2 dau in
LYDA 1 dau in
PAGE 143 A
MCENTIRE,MARY w f 14 servant in in in
She may be included with the HUGH BLACK household Her name appears at the page break and its not clear which household she is living in
YORK, G T or G F w m 30 no occ in ky in
PERNIAH 29 wife name hard to read in ky in
ELVIRA 8 dau in
ELLEN M 7 dau in
RODA M 5 dau in
RESOR or RESON , JOHN 59 w m wagon maker ky ky ky
SARAH M 52 wife ky ? va
MARY 29 dau in
BENJAMIN 28 son in
MARGARET 26 dau in
SUSAN R 23 dau in
ABRAHAM L 16 son in
MASVUN 13 dau in hard to read
TAYLOR , BARNEY M w m 26 school teacher in in in
REBECCA 24 wife in ky in
TAYLOR, JOHN A 27 w m blacksmith in in in
SARAH 21 wife in in in
CHARLES C 2 son in
WM H 8 mths born sept in
TAYLOR, JAMES 46 w m tobacco in ky in
MARY 46 wife in ky tn
W or N J 19 dau in
E B 13 dau in
JAMES D 10 son in
TONAS or JONAS A 8 son in
MARY A 5 dau in
DOUGAN, MARY A 47 w f in ky oh
ISAAC M 19 son in
SHERMAN 13 son in
MARIAH 12 dau in
GEO 9 son in
CUTTER, CHARLES H 27 w m coopering oh oh ?
JEMINA 27 wife can't read name scot scot scot
CHARLES B 8 son in
JOHN 5 son in
ALONZO R 3 son in
STELLA B 6 mths born June in
TILMAN, JAMES w m 52 blacksmith ky va nc
EDNA 47 wife in ky in
MATILDA E 28 dau in
CHARLES 18 son in
T P or L P 16 son in
WILEM, GEORGE 43 w m school teacher in last name hard to read
LUISA 23 wife in
ARMSTRONG, MARTHA 42 w f tn tn tn
JOHN B 21 son tn
MARY J 19 dau in
J H son 18 in
MARTHA F 14 dau in
ROBERT 10 son in
PAGE 143 B
KATTERJOHN , JOHN 36 w m miller oh pa pa
ELCIE 37 wife in ky in
CHARLES 14 son in
? F 9 son can't read first name in
H B 3 dau in
CONE,ELLEN F 28 w f servant in
KATTERJOHN, BEN A w m 26 works flour mill in pa pa
SOPHIA 24 wife in oh tn
JENNIE M 4 dau in
ELI E 1 son in
KATTERJOHN, WM 64 w m pru pru pru
CHRESTENA 61 wife pru france france
THIERY, JOHN A 58 w m coopering fra fra fra
NANCY A 40 wife in ky in
DAVID 2 son in
JOHN W 13 son in
WILSON G 13 son in
SIDONE 7 dau in
RESON or RESOR , JOHN A 34 w m farmimg in ky in
MARY B 24 wife in ky in
L C 4 son in
IRA J 2 son in
GRAY, EFFA 9 st dau in in in
YORK, WM W 33 w m farming in ky in
SUSAN J 33 wife in ky in
JOHN 12 son in
MARGARET 10 dau in
NANCY 7 dau in
Son age 3 name hard to read looks like GENERAL
Dau age 8 mths name hard to read looks like PINANCE A
WILLIAMS, MORGAN 53 coal mining tn tn va
J wife 42 tn tn tn
LINSEY 18 son ill 
JOSEPH R 14 son ill
CORA 10 dau ky
SAMUEL 8 son in
ROBERT 3 mths born Apr in
CLARK, JAMES 67 w m nc nc nc consumption
MARY E 12 dau in
HARLISS, MARTHA 25 or 35 dau in
M J dau 5 in both MARTHA and M J last name hard to read
MCKENTRY, JOHN 17 gr son in also hard to read last name
JENKINS,BEN A 44 w m ministry in nc ky
LUCY A 44 wife oh
HENRY 19 son shoe making in
IRA A 16 son shoe making in
SARAH 13 dau in
MATILDA 9 dau in
CORA A 6 dau in
JOHN H 2 son in
PAGE 144 A

VANDIVER, JOHN 42 w m farming in ky tn
ELIZABETH 39 wife in tn tn
SPRADLIN, ALPHENCE w m 30 first name hard to read farming tn tn tn
MARY 23 wife in ky in
AMERICA 5 dau in
WM 3 son in
ALONZO 6 mths born oct in
ALLEN, DAVID W 48 w m landlord tn ? ?
AMERICA 42 wife in in tn
WM 21 son in
HELEN M 14 dau in
ERDINE 12 dau in
SHIRLEY 9 dau in
HILBERT S 4 son in
VANWINKLE, H 26 w m farm labor in in in
CATHERINE 36 wife in
GEO 5 son in
WM 2 son in
MOSURRI 1 dau in
HARGRAVES, CHARLES 32 w m denistry in nc nc
LOUISA 29 wife in
SOPHIA 3 mths in
TAYLOR , WM 37 w m blacksmith in ky oh
MARTHA A 34 wife in ky in
E J 14 dau in
HUGH B 12 son in
MORIS E 10 son in
HARVE 8 son in
G H 6 son in
J S 4 son in
RICHEY 1 son in
BOYER, SOLOMAN 36 w m general mger in md ?
ISABELLE 35 wife in in in
ARTHER L 12 son in
WESLEY A 9 son in
BURTHA 7 dau in
E 7 mths born june in 
STEPHENS,CAROLINE 25 w f servant in in in
JONNY 4 son in
SHOULDER, S 57 w f servant sc sc sc
WM A 23 works with mother in ky sc
SAMUEL T or S F 20 son in ky sc
STENE, G B 72 farming oh tn ? hard to read last name
AGNES 71 wife tn va va
BROWN, SARAH 16 w f servant in
LAUDERDALE, JOHN S 65 w m farming tn va ?
CAROLINE 53 wife tn tn tn
BARR, MARY L 15 w f st dau in
FORSTON or FOSTOR, SAMUEL 64 w m farming ky ky va
MISELLA 59 wife in nc ky
WITHERS, WM J 25 w m farm labor in ky in
SUREILDA 23 wife in ky in
S W 2 son in
GARRISON, WM 49 w m farming in oh tn
MARTHA J 42 wife in ky in
LUCINDA J 13 neice in
WHITTINGHILL, DAVID 46 w m farming in in tn
LOUISA M 39 wife tn nc nc
ANNA E 19 dau in
ADA 17 dau in
ALICE 14 dau in
JAMES D 10 son in
MANUNDA 7 dau in can't read first name
SAMUEL A 1 son in
SPENCER, KRAWFORD or RAWFURD 72 w m suoerentendent ?? ny ny ny
MARY 70 wife ny ny ny
BURTTON,CHARLES 35 w m son in law laborer eng eng eng
MARY S 35 dau in
ED B 2 gr son in

GRIFFIN, JOHN 40 head m w farmer OH OH OH
PHEBE 19 dau IN
ELVINA 16 dau IN
GEO W 14 son IN
JOHN W 12 son IN
EMMA A 8 dau IN
MARY 6 dau IN
WM A 4 son IN
Below are just heads of house and their age. If you need the complete info on any of these families let Tamara know.




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