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Microfiche Birth Records ~ Help Me!

Having trouble? Here's help!

The most confusing thing about these records are all of the names and commas running together. The first 2 commas mark the last and first name of the child (MACER, BURLUS,). The father's name follows (HENRY,). Mother's first name and/or initial is next (, CLARA,). Finally, the mother's maiden name (, WELTY,). The mother's first and maiden name are separated by a comma. Sex/Race/Date of Birth/ Book, Pg. # are last. If you are still having difficulties, copy and paste the information in an email to me and I'll get back to you. 

This is a complete record:

MACER, BURLUS, HENRY, CLARA, WELTY, MW Apr 29, 1919, H-13, 17
The child's name is Macer, Burlus
The father is Henry
The mother is Clara, Welty
He is male/white
Birthdate is Apr 29, 1919
Book: H-13 Page: 17

This record is missing the child's first name:

FAASS, ---, T S, D M, FORSTON, FW Jun 20, 1907, H-9, 25
The child's name is Faas, ---
The father is TS
The mother is DM, Forston
She is female/white

This record is missing the child's first name and the mother's first name.

CLARK, ---, ESTEL, ---, TUCKET, FW Aug 1, 1899, H-17, 1
The child's name is Clark, ---
The father is Estel
The mother is ---, Tucket
She is female/white

This record is missing the parent's names.

SMITH, MARGARIT M, ---, ---, ---, FW Oct 15, 1894, H-5, 22
The child's name is Smith, Margarit M
No father
No mother's first name
No mother's maiden name

This record is missing a bunch!

HEATH, ---, O, ---, ---, FW ---, --, , H-2, 16
The child's name is Heath, ---
The father's initial is "O"
The mother's name is ---, --- 
She is a female/white
There is no birthdate
Book: H-2, Pg. 16

I started to fix the pages so it would be easier to read, but it took me over two hours a page to do the following, so I stopped:




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