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Submitted Birth Records - Prior to 1910, A~C

If you have ancestors that were born in Warrick County, you may submit them to me for inclusion on this page. (If you have more than 10 names, if possible, please submit them in the format below.) As always, this information is submitted by contributors, use this information ONLY as a beginning for your research. 
Name, Date of Birth, Parent's names (mother's maiden if known), Email

Baker, Gola Edith   Oct 3, 1888, Wm. Thomas Baker & Martha Melinda Moore, Craig Hayes

Bell, Alexander A   Mar 11, 1853, James Bell & Sarah Hardesty, Wendy

Bell, Andrew Porter   Mar 7, 1881, Alexander Bell & Helen Husk, Wendy

Bell, Charles William    Nov 22, 1886, Alexander A Bell & Helen Husk, Wendy

Bell, Mary Elizabeth    Aug 25, 1883, Alexander A Bell & Helen Husk, Wendy

Bell, Mary Frances   Oct 8, 1891, Alexander A Bell & Helen Husk, Wendy

Bilderback, George S.    Sep 1847, Jesse Lowe Bilderback & Julia Ann Wilkinson, Russell R Jukes

Bilderback, Phoebe A.    22 Feb 1851, Jesse Lowe Bilderback & Julia Ann Wilinson, Russell R Jukes

Burns, Benjamin Franklin   Jul 1849, Janet Aunan

Burns, Edward Boone   Jul 22, 1837, Janet Aunan

Burns, Elizabeth Ann   1843, Janet Aunan

Burns, Minerva Rhoda   Nov 7, 1844, Janet Aunan

Burns, Sarah Ellen   Jan 30, 1846, Janet Aunan

Comstock, Mamie   Nov 21, 1897, Louis & Polly Comstock, John Powell



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