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Marriage Records, 1813-1900 ~ N

These marriage records came from many different sources: "Warrick County Marriages 1813-1859" by Kay Lant & Kathryn Freels (used by permission), the court records index, the WPA Supplemental Marriage Index and others. Page numbers were used when the date was not shown. These records will not be corrected. 

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Groom/Bride/Date or Page Number

Nally, Aaron
Taylor, Patsy
Jul 24, 1852

Nally, Aaron
Emery, Amanda
Jan 17, 1858

Nally, John
Evans, Geneva
May 7, 1848

Nally, Thomas
Pearce, Libby Ellen
Jul 12, 1853

Nally, William
Pearce, Sally Jane
Jul 16, 1853 no return

Nanney, Hiram C.
Miller, Hester Ann
Sep 30, 1847

Nanney, Spencer
Harral, Martha
May 22, 1816

Nealy, Greenleaf
Lawrence, Nancy
Oct 17, 1830

Neely, Horace
King, Martha
Mar 10, 1837

Nester, William
Besing, Anna 
Nov 9, 1899 

New, John
Martin, Marthina
Feb 2, 1814

Nicholson, Joseph
Mayward, Matilda J.
Apr 4, 1872

Nicholson, Amos/Ammos
Parke, Madie
May 16, 1897

Niederhaus, Heinrich E. 
Koch, Caroline W. 
Jun 11 1879

Nix, Thomas J.
Lenn, Urzula
Apr 12, 1896

Nobel, James
Atkins, Carmild
Dec 21, 1814

Noble, Moses
Carlisle, Mina
Aug 19, 1845

Noel, Bluford
Corwin, Elizabeth America
Dec 1, 1853

Nolan, Timothy
Stooky, Elizabeth
Feb 22, 1844

Nonweiler, Charles
Gemlich, Anna Maria
Mar 11, 1854

Nonweiler, Phillipe
Gemlich, Katharine
Feb 9, 1853

Norton, John
Parker, Sarah Isabella
Sep 26, 1858

Norwood, James
Wakeland, Mary
Feb 2, 1853

Norwood, Matthew
Alexander, Elizabeth
Feb 19, 1829

Norwood, Matthew
Osborne, Elizabeth
Jul 13, 1856

Norwood, Phillip
Hathaway, Jane
Jun 29, 1828

Norwood, W. P.
Darby, Louisana
Apr 1, 1855

Norton, George  
Roberts, Martha A. 
Jul 6, 1860 



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