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Love, David R & John D.

Submitted by Linda Cooper

Article of Agreement made between C.F. Hopkins, R. C. Phelphs, and M. J. Parsons, of the first part; John D Love and David R Love of the second part witnesseth
That the parties of the first part, hereby lease to the parties of the second part, the item Coal Mine on the Ohio River above Newburg, for the term of five years or as long as they pay the rents promptly, on the first of every month which is a royalty of one-half cent per bushel for all the lump coal mined by them. The account to be made up monthly by the Miners Bulletin commencing Feb 1st 1880.
Parties of the second part, are to have the use of the four houses around the said mine and the engine now in ----.
All of which they are to keep in good repair and to work said mine in a president mirror ?like manner and any of the permanent improvements they make to said mine, shall at the expiration of the lease, be paid for by the parties of the first part; whatever they are then worth; They are to have use of the River Landing in front of them.
In witness where of we hereunto set our s--------and seals this 20th day of January 1880
Charles F Hopkins
R C Phelps
M J Parsons
John D Love
David R Love
State of Indiana
Warrick County Before me ====Jrutholpe notary Public in and for the said court
This 20 day January 1880 personally appear CF Hopkins.RC Phelps, John Love and David R Love
Witness my hand JR-----Notary public
Filed for record July 13,1880 at 3 pm
R Watson or willson



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