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Phillips, Joseph

Submitted by Richard Phillips

Old Joseph Phillips bible was printed 1751 in England, according to this it would have not been used by the family until then. In any case the old bible has Joseph Phillips name imprinted on it with gold print. The whereabouts of this bible has been lost. It is said to be in the hands of Mrs. Roger Lee Bodenhamer of Taccoville, North Carolina, I ran a Social Security in North Carolina and found one Roger L. Bodenhamer he was born in 1908. This maybe the reason why the bible has not shown up in a few years.

I have found on the internet two version of the family bible.
Kiger Version of the Joseph Phillips Bible
The Joseph Phillips Bible, survives and lists the following information ( originally transcribed from the original bible by Wenzola Robinson Kiger). I have a photocopy with transcription found in my grandfather's notes on his Phillips ancestors:

Page 1
Calvin Pettitt was born May the 13, 1842 and departed this life August the 18, 1843
Joseph Phillips was born July the 6, 1790
William Phillips was born December the 5, 1740

Page 2
William Phillips was born May the 28 day 1800
Melindy was born July then 9 1816
Salley was born August the 17 1817
Lezebeth was born February the 17 1818
Abraham was born May the 30 1820
Mary was born February 5 1822
Rachel was born August the 24 1823
William was born January the 8, 1825
Frankey was born May the 7 1827
Lewis was born August the 19 1830
Joseph Phillips and Cathren was married April the 23 1815
Perlina Jackson was born May the 12 1840
William Jackson was born the 24 October 1841

Page 3
Joseph Phillips and Mary Phillips was maryed December the 1st 1733
Present: James Pendelten

This is that this BOOK shall never be sold or go out of the name
Joseph Phillips, Senr
The ages of the children of Joseph Phillips and Mary Phillips, his wife:
Benet Phillips was born September the 8 1734
Jane Phillips was born February 12, 1736
Joseph Phillips was born May 9, 1738
William Phillips was born December 5 1740
John Phillips was born May 28 1742
Mary Ann Phillips was born February 2 1748
Elizabeth Phillips was born November 9 1751
Abram Phillips was born September 13 1754

Page 4
Benet Phillips - Elizabeth Phillips was maryed the 9 of September 1756
Joseph Phillips was born twentieth sixth day of June 1757
February 15 176(3?) - John Phillips and Avery Phillips was maryed
January the 16 1764 - Elizabeth Phillips was born. Daughter of John and Avery Phillips
Joseph Phillips and Phildelphia Phillips maryed March the 4 1762
Arswell Phillips was born March the 4 1763 to Joseph Phillips and Philadelphia Phillips his wife
Henry Tilley and Jane Tilley was maryed 12 of April 1751 ( or 1757?)
Lewis Tilley son to Henry Tilley and Jane Tilley was born the 18 of June 1758
William Phillips was born December twentieth 3 1793
Edmon Phillips was born the 12 day of June 1781
Nichols Version of the Joseph Phillips Bible

Luther Byrd got a copy of the bible's information in 1948 from Mrs. Mary Ann Nichols of Yadkin County. He never saw the bible itself. His information agrees with the above but adds several more generations. Either his information comes from a different bible or additional information was added to the transcript he copied.

Here is what he adds:
Same list as above for the children of Joseph and Mary Phillips ( with following additional information )
Joseph Phillips was born about 1710 and family legend says his wife Mary, was Dutch
Bennett died during the Revolutionary War, his will being probated in Surry County in August 1777.
Joseph Phillips was appointed captain from Surry County during then Revolutionary War on 3 May 1776
Abram Phillips md. Sarah Elizabeth Ridings in 1780 ( a date which Mr. Byrd disputes)
and had the following children:
Fannie Married William Shore ( Surry marriage bond dated 23 Oct 1819 )
Aggie married Willaim Shore
William ( twin )
John ( twin ) born 4 FEB 1804 ( date from Mrs. Nichols )
Lewis, died young
Edward, died young
Dice, died young
Santford, born 15 JAN 1816, died Thanksgiving Day, 1905
Nancy, born 1805, married Lakey
William Phillips born 4 FEB 1804 married in 1824 to Sallie Glenn, she being born 16 May 1799 and died 16 APR 1855. He was then married second in 1858 to Millie Spillman, who lived only a short while, and he then married third in 1862 to Jane Hunter. There were children by the first and third marriages, and Mrs. Nichols records ( taken from that old Bible) shows them as follows:
By first marriage:
Abram Phillips, born 8 SEP 1825
Jeremiah Phillips, born 24 May 1827

By second marriage:
William Green Phillips, born 7 SEP 1825
Elizabeth Jane Phillips, born 7 JUL 1865
Santford Phillips, born 25 DEC 1866
Sallie Panelia Phillips, born 1 OCT 1869
Joseph Phillips, twin born 30 AUG 1871
Josiah Phillips, twin born 30 AUG 1871
Mary Ann Phillips, born 6 DEC 1873 md. Willaim Edmund Nichols on 7 Mar 1897 Also, as above entry for William Phillips born 28 May 1800 ( with no further explanation )

Mrs. Nichols told Mr. Byrd that her father, William Phillips, had two cousins named Richard, but knew little else. Her father was the son of Abram who was the son of Old Joseph Phillips.

That means that Richard the husband of Juliana Strub would've been the son of one of Old Joseph other sons: Benet, Captain Joseph, Willaim or John. It also means we can rule out Abram as Richard's father.

Foster Phillips had an uncle named Richard who left him some land when he died in 1816. If Foster was also a grandson of Joseph Phillips, perhaps the son of John as some records show, why dosen't either of these bibles list Richard as one of Joseph's sons?

Source http://genealogy.ourphillipsfamily.net/Phillips.htm




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