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1930 Census Records, Every Name Index

Name, Township Location, Dwelling & Family #

To the left are the links to the name index for the 1930 Warrick County Census. If you have corrections, please send them to me.

The abbreviations at the end of the name are the township where the person is located, the numbers are the dwelling and family numbers. 

Example: Abbott Hattie, BV-4 , 207-215; Hattie Abbott is listed in Boonville, Ward 4, House 207, Family 215. 

Anderson =An
Boonville, Ward 1 =BV-1
Boonville, Ward 2 =BV-2
Boonville, Ward 3 =BV-3  
Boonville, Ward 4 =BV-4 
Boon Twp. Pt. 1 = BT-1
Boon Twp. Pt. 2 = BT-2 
Boon Twp. Pt. 3 = BT-3
Campbell =CA
Chandler =CH
Elberfield =EL
Greer =GR
Hart =HA
Lane =LA
Lynnville =LY
Newburgh =NB
Ohio Twp. Pt 1 = OH-1
Ohio Twp. Pt. 2 =OH-2
Owen =OW
Skelton = SK
Tennyson =TY



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